Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Babies first shiner.....

It was the swing I swear!! At least thats the stroy we've told her to tell people when they ask. Haha!! Of course it was! R was playing with a swing and it came back and wracked her right in the eye! It was/is very sad:( Its all black and blue and yellow now. Taking her to the store has been fun. People look at her, see her eye and give me the eye! Whatev....they dont know! Anyone who has kids should totally understand how unpredictable and not very smart they are sometimes! Our girls seem to always get hurt on their beautiful faces...whats up with that?

Look at those big baby blues!! Yah...she does and will know how to work it!!
R just wanted to play around taking pics! I have really loved my one on one time with R this year! I am sad school is almost out and I am going to lose it. But its only for a few months, and Im looking forward to having time with my other kiddies. At least thats what I say now...haha..jk...sort of....:)
Love kisses.....MUUUUAH!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mothers Day was great!!! I am so blessed and rich to be the mother of these 4!! I am so not worthy!! They bring joy to my life 4 times over!!!! After having your first child, you can I love another child as much as I love this one? Then you have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and think how could I have thought that!! There is love there for all of them!!! Being a mother is the most rewarding thing I have ever done! Having each of them was the best day!!! Each of them brings something different to the table, and I love it!!! This Mothers Day also marked the 10th Mothers Day since my mom died. The kids asked me about her some and thinking about her made me sad and miss her, but Im glad they want to know about her! She would have loved all of them so much!!

Its so great to be a mother!!!!(my red face=sunburn)
My kids gave me great little presents! Loved them!!! I want to share what E wrote for me as part of my present. This girl loves to write and is so amazing....

Dear wonderful Mother of me,
Happy Mothers Day! You are the best mother to ever walk the earth. I have you and no one elses mom. I love you!
One of the best things about you is your smile. Every time Im feeling down and not really myself I look at you and your smile lifts my soul. It is the sun of my life, the key to my door, the light leading me out of the darkness.
I remember when you helped me with one of my problems. It was late at night, you were sitting on the couch and I was in bed. I got up and opened the door with tears in my eyes. You saw me and asked what was wrong. I told you that I had a problem at school and I told you the problem. You helped me understand what I felt and how to deal with it. It made me feel like you cared and loved me.
I really love you and hope you will stay with me as long as possible. You are more than any creature in the world could ask for!
Monkey, Evey, E! How do you not cry after reading something like that! She is so precious and with her, you know it is from the heart!! I will cherish this letter forever!!!

This is my ES being adorable and precious too!!!!

Kirk made the day great too! He did everything! I didnt have to lift a finger!! He didnt even think it was weird that what I wanted for my Mothers Day dinner was stuffed french toast! He knows I love me some bacon and made that too!!! Breakfast for dinner.....Yum Yum!!! Thanks Babe!!!!