Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first 26.2......

So after many years of my brother in law Ruston and Kirks Uncle trying to get me to run a marathon, I finally gave in and said yes! With only a month to go til the marathon too...yikes!! The Logan Top of Utah on Sept 19 2009 was the marathon of choice. Its one of Rustons top favs and he said its a good first timmer marathon. So I put the running into over drive and tried to run as much as I could for a month. I did a half marathon(13.1) with Lynette as part of my training. Then ran a 15 and 20 miler(at seperate times of course..haha) by myself to get my body used to running for so long. To my pleasant surprise, both werent that bad! Plus I run to work 2 or 3 times a week. I was as prepared as I was going to be! I had no idea how I was going to do! Ran my 20 in 3 hours 9 mins, so was estimating to run the marathon in 4 hours 30 mins. I ran it in 4 hours 20 mins...10 mins faster than I planned...woooooo hoooooo!!
Can I just say....next to natural child birth, that was one of the hardest things I have ever done! It was awesome/fun/ hard/ painful! First 18 were great! Was feeling good! I was expecting to hit my wall around mile 20 or 21...yah...lessson 1- you dont predict when you will hit your wall...its hits you!! It hit me at mile 18! My legs turned into lead...like dead weight and boy did they hurt something fierce! I saw Kirk for the first time at mile 18 and he asked how I was doing and all I could say was my legs are lead! How was I supposed to run 8 more miles like that? Got to mile 19 and thought I would walk a little...lesson 2- walking is NOT easier! It hurts and is way harder. So...I kept running. Had to slow my pace a little which I hate doing!
Pulled the strength and endurance outta somewhere(did A LOT of praying actually...constant prayer in my heart) and kept going telling myself my legs are light as feathers! The dumb thing is cardiovascularly(is that a word), I felt like I could go forever, but my body was so feeling it! It was a total inner battle the last 8 miles! Got to mile 24, saw Kirk again and started crying. Lesson 3- running and crying...not a good combo! You cant breathe! I couldnt help it though! Kirk looked worried, so I told him even though it was so hard, it was a good cry! He encouraged me saying only 2 more to go and meet you at the finish line where Stef and G and our kids were! That kept my going! Really struggled through the last 2! Rounded the last corner and....FINISH LINE BABY!! Never has anything looked so good! I stepped up my pace a little, but it seemed like the finish line kept getting further and further away! Lesson 4- by the end you are delusional! Really! I made it though! I was finished! I DID IT!!! I was out of it enough, I walked right past the lady handing out the metals. She had to call me back! SO glad she did! So wanted that!!! Saw Kirk my kids and Stef and G and cried again! This time I kept crying cause I could breathe! Also had my new found friend Melanie come and cheer me on. Saw and heard her at mile 15 and 23! She made me a poster and every thing! It was great! Had some there with me in spirit as well....Lynette(thanks for the awesome sticker....love it), Bek, Nat, my Dad and a few others! I know you wanted to be there, and you were! I felt you all!! Cant tell you how nice all that support was! Thank you everyone!!! So great to be loved!! Over all... two thumbs up! It was a great time and run! I didnt get any blisters and I didnt throw up...yay!!! Will I do it again....YES!!! Not for a while though...

We drove up to Logan the night before to sleep over so we didnt have to get up any earlier than we had to. 4 in the morning comes pretty early! Like we could sleep anyway though! Ruston and I getting our packets at the Expo! Being there with all the runners got me so excited and pumped!!
Showin off our new shirts! Love them!

In the packets, they gave out real pearls! Pretty sweet!

Also in the packets were these tats! Fun!!
At the buses that take you up the canyon! Thats the Logan Temple in the background! It wasnt cold down there, but when we got to the top.....brrrrrrr!! They had one fire going...just one and not a very big warming tent. That would be my only complaint....more fires and more/bigger warming tents!
Stef and the kids...minus ES! She wanted to sleep over at a friends house more than she wanted to come to my race...sniff, sniff! It was okay really, but I missed her being there!!
Toby filled in for ES...haha! Love Tobs!!
G took this pic of R! She looks so small from this view! G you must be a giant!!
Mile 18....we all know what happened there! What happens at mile 18, stays at mile 18...haha!!
Mile 24....here come the tears!!
Yay!!! So beautiful! Theres my time up top!!
The taking off of the chip! They dont mess around either! The second you are done running they are all over you....
More crying! My poor boy...his face is right in my pit! Dont worry...you know I smelled good!
Missin our ES!:(
Me and my medal...that I walked right by!
Doin okay...talkin and drinkin..
Still standing...
Sharing my icecream sandwich...and still standing..
Ahh...not standing anymore! Yay!! I have to take my running shoes off almost immediately right after I run every time! Cant stand to leave them on! E was nice and did it for me!
Kirk filming me crossing the finish line....good times!! Next....Ogden Marathon May 2010!! Who's runnin with???

Just want to say a special thank you to my hubby! Thanks Kirk for supproting your crazy wife and letting me do my thing and for being there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

State Fair!

Took the kiddies to the State Fair! They were pretty excited! Had a good time! Watched a little rodeo, rode some rides, saw some magic and sharks, and to top it off....just barely missed being thrown up on! Oh yes....you read that right! E and AT were on the Zipper and Kirk and I were waiting and watching...looking up, when Kirk says..was that throw up? Next thing we know throw up is flying out of the ride all over everyone down below. We backed up just in time for it not to hit us, but it got the people in front of us! So gross! We were praying it wasnt our kids...it wasnt...thank goodness! They stop the ride to let the kid off and this kid was soaked in it! All over his face and down the front of him! He stumbles off the ride, kinda shakes his head, composes himself and walks off into the crowd. Felt so bad for the kid, but Kirk and I couldnt help but laugh...hilarious! It was so Sandlot! So....good times at the Fair! Kirk wanted to try the Alligator, but we couldnt find it...bummer!Close up! R is such a poser!
Kirk and the kids liked watching this guy! We missed the real bear show so watched this one...haha!
Sharks terrify me, but I would love to go down in a shark cage someday!
The kiddies and I went down the cool big slide! It was fun and fast! R and I caught some air!
Talked Kirk into taking a turn and R had to go with him! Thats them coming down.

Its like 10 at night, but had to get a treat on the way home! Nothing like good old ice cream cones from McDonalds! Cant believe I let them eat those in the car...ahhh!
Kirk doesnt like the ice cream cones(crazy man) so got some yummy apples pies! Love those too!

A on the jumpy swing thing...?

Monday, September 7, 2009

WCQ(World Cup Qualifier) Game! Woo hoooo!!

Some friends in our ward, who share our love for soccer(best sport ever if you ask me) invited us to the World Cup Qualifier game against El Salvador! Um...yes please! Dont have to ask me twice! We were so excited! I have loved this sport starting when I was little playing on rec teams and such. I played all through highschool and even on the Utah Womens League for a season and some indoor teams...love it!! Anyhoo....was so glad when Kirk came around and saw the light and loves it now too! And actually likes, even looks forward to the games and screams and yells at the refs and jumps up and down...k...thats actually me, but he gets into it!! HAd a really good time! It was an intense game let me tell you! So many El Salvadorian fans there! Thought that was cool! Kirk speaks and understands spanish, so I learned a few choice words in spanish that night! Good times!! Cant have a USA team playing without some real Americans either...Captan America was there and so was Wonder Woman! LOL!! Thats the spirit! I was bummed I forgot my flag!

Us and the Christensens..Alan and his cute, cute wife Jenny! We had great seats too!
I love getting there early and watch them practice! Right after I took this pic, they kicked the ball right at us and Alan deflected it and it hit the guy behind us...hard! It was such a hard kick that it knocked Alans wedding ring off! He found it....no worries!
After they were done practicing, they turned on the sprinklers. I will never understand why they do this?

Singing of both National Anthems! I love our Anthem!! Fly over after too!!
And USA wins it 2-1!! Thats what Im talking about!! Thanks for inviting us Christensens!!