Monday, March 22, 2010

Kids goings on.....

So for Black History month, the grade 3 classes always do a little wax museum for the school and parents. Each student chooses a famous African American from history and do a little report on them. They can be dead or alive. They stand frozen til someone comes up to them and then they can only talk if you ask them a question about their person. So AT came home saying he wanted to be Tiger Woods. Even though AT didnt know what was going on with Tiger in the news, Kirk and I werent sure if we wanted to let him do it, but we decided to go ahead and let him. So he and I wrote up the report. He came home the next day and told me he and his teacher talked about it and with all that was going on with Tiger, it would be a good idea to do someone else. Yay for Mrs Hannah! SO love her!! So together they found another golfer he could do. James Lacey Dent. It turned out great and he still got to use his golfing gear! I had to get in there....
Then de Janerio had to too!
E had her anual Piano Federation Competion. This is a big deal for these kids. I have never seen E so nervous. She made me so nervous! They play 2 songs and they have to be totally memorized. They work on these for months. When all is said and done, and with all the practcing she did, I swear I could play her songs by heart myself. :) Of course she got Superior ratings in every category on both songs. Every 3 years they get a gold trohpy. She got her first trophy last year, so has to wait 2 more for her next one. Love watching and listening to this girl play! How lovely to have been able to play on that beautiful piano too! Someday I will have my Grand. Even be happy with a Baby Grand...
ES had to do a book report. She did it on Amelia Earhart. Okay cool. No prob. We read it. We wrote everything about her that was required for the report, and as we are getting ready for bed, she says to me...Mama I have to dress up like the person tomorrow for school. What the?? Of course! Would have been nice to have known a few days before! So Im scrambling around the house trying to come up with something. I think we pulled it off okay. She was excited about it, so thats all I cared about. She was so stinkin cute too! Thought it was pretty cool I let her wear my jacket to school. And....she got an A!!! Woohoo!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blue and Gold....100 years old!

AT with his buddies! What studs! Cant wait to see these guys grow up!Okay, so this is ES's little boyfriend! Hes is so adorable! We live in the same neighborhood, share the same ward building, but they didnt find each other til Kindergarten I think...maybe 1st was love let me tell you! Look at her look at him...she is so happy! His family is always at these Scout things and he and ES ALWAYS find one another! Awww that first love! So precious!!
Blurry, but so cute! His dad is super nice, so she picked a good one!
My nephew. I love, love, love this kid! He is hilarious and chubby! Cant get enough of him or his kisses!
He looks like hes happy to be there....guess its embarrassing to sit on your moms lap and take a pic. Sheesh!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How lovely to be a Woman...

Do lots of "girly things" at our house. One of our favs is painting nails. So for Vday we wanted to paint our nails(fingers and toes) red and pink! Yay for being girls!! So fun!!!

First Janerio

Next ES. Tats and all....

This is what AT thinks of all our "girly things. " He looks a little scary here.. He must really hate nail polish!!
My wonderful #1...

I thought about having them do my nails.....but then I remembered last time and
All finished Ladies in red and so pretty in pink!
All you need is Love...

ES brought me home a book of Love Poems that she made for me at school. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting things from my kids that they make at school! Love to see what they come up with and how creative they are. She even dedicated the book to me! I was a little surprised that this was for me considering how IN LOVE this girl is with her Daddy, but Im not complaining!
Wanted to share the adorable/sweet poems she wrote for me. She made these up herself...

Poem 1- Cupid
Oh cute, wonderful Cupid with your sparkling blue eyes and your shiny baby toes.
Why do you shoot an arrow and bow?
Poem 2- I Love You
I love you more than blueberries and playing too.
I love you more than going home.
Thats how much I love you!
Poem 3- Love
Love it writing a note.
Love is getting a big hug.
Love is more than watching the snow.
I love you more than you'll ever know.
Love is more than a funny doll.
Love is more than a funny pone(thats how she spelled it) call :)
Love is kisses and candy.
I love you most of all!
Poem 4- More than Something
More than cookies love to be eaten.
More than kids love to play.
More than my Dad loves to cook, I love you more than anything.
More than my mom loves to sing.
More than me and my friends love to play.
More than I love to play the Wii, my love for you will never stop!

So precious! I HEART her!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Music, fun and Flat Stanley...

So my good friend Kieffer called me up and said she had an extra ticket to this music night the Church was putting on. They were having a big dinner at the JSMB(Joseph Smith Memorial Building) to the lay man and after a concert. Since I LOVE good FREE food and LOVE music and did I say free food...anyhoo....I was in! Flew down there and got there just as they were serving the salad...sweet! We had a very nice/yummy dinner and a little program after. See what it was, was members of the Church(maybe even non memebers. Cant really say..) submit music they write or compose and then they have a recognition dinner and a concert after with a choir that sings/performs in various ways their songs. Its actually pretty neat! And a pretty big deal. There were some pretty big/famous/prominent church music writters/composers there! It was a great/fun evening!!

Kieffer, Flat Stanley and I. Anyone who has little kids Kindergarten age should know who Flat Stanley is. I didnt, but he sure gets around. Kieffers little niece gave him to her to take him around on adventures for the weekend and it had to be documented. So here we are with FS....word!Concert was in the Assembly Hall.
Snuck a pic of Janice Kapp Perry. JKP if you will....
We always have to do a serious face...Kieffers good. Me...not so much. did that happen. FS on my chest...oops!
Kieffer sneakin in with JKP!
FS at the Temple.
AG at the temple.
K so the dinner and concert were great, but heres the best part...We we walking back to my car under the Conference Center and as we were walking we passed some windows and saw a party was gong on with yes....MORE food. We joked we should crash it...hahaha! Waiting for the elevator and Kieffer(since she works at the COB...Church Office Building) and having a badge thought she would try it on the locked door. It worked and we were in and crashing. SO funny! Walked around trying to blend. Got more food. Ticked off some workers who were trying to clean up, hung for a bit, then took off....trying to play it cool, but I think our laughing might have given us away...
Pic of being sneaky.