Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good thing....

So went and volunteered for my first time at a Golf Tourney the Utah Special Olympics did. I was soooo excited! It was so much fun! I had my own golf cart(so fun) and followed a group of 4 guys around the course and kept score for them as they did 9 holes. There were 2 who were not disabled and 2 that were. They were paired one of each together. They practice together all year for the different events so they know each other and how they play. These guys were so nice. Had a few nice chats with Chris(one of the disabled ones). He was very fun to talk to. When we were finish, I handed out the medals at the awards ceremony. My team(Team Aggies from Logan) won gold and silver! Yay!!! Golf is over, now on to Basketball. My team from golfing wants me to be their official volunteer for Bball too! Thanks to Kirk and my kids for supporting me in doing this! :)

So happy to be there and helping!
Score sheet. Took me a hole or two to get the scoring, but they were patient and helped me.
Tom and Chris(disabled).
Dave(disabled) and Ben
Ben hit it into the brush and Dave had to get it out. Dave was full of confidence reassuring Ben he could do it....he did! Yay!!!
Hole 9. Dave and Ben got a 70 and Tom and Chris got a 67. Records for both pairs! They were all pretty excited!!
Getting Gold and Silver!! Saweet!!!
Me and my team(left to right...Ben, Dave, me, Chris and Tom). So fun to make new friends! I heard Dave say to Ben as they were walking off , "thats a pretty lady." Aww....very sweet!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Antelope Island(aka...Tatonka Island by me)....

Last time we went to Antelope Island, we got rained out. We were poured on. We've wanted to take the kiddies back. So we made a day of it. Invited Kirks sister and her husband and some of their friends. Walked the like, million mile walk to the beach. Played in the water, had a picnic, went on a little Font sizehike and saw some Tatonka(Buffalo to the lay man) and Antelope. It was windy and chilly down by the water and we were swarmed by gross bryne shirmp flies, but it was still good times!Kids loved how warm and soft the sand was.
They beat me to the water. All ready to get wet.
Not wet for me please....too cold.
Love these guys!
Kirk took the kiddies out in the water and we stayed back and waded.
Fun pic!
Matt dug a sink while in the sand.
These crazies went pretty far out.
I told them they would get cold if they went in the water. Not one to say I told you so though...
Nice and warm...
She was so ready to head back and eat. So much salt in that water. This is what we al looked like.
Back in the warm soft sand..
A hiking we will go....

At the top.

I think these things are so cool looking.
We're getting mooned.
My girl...so pretty.
Crazy Matt getting too close.
Good thing that Tatonka didnt feel threatened.
Our turn to sit in the back on the way home. Its like your own little world back there. Cant hear whats going on up front. We had a good time!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is just what I became an official volunteer for! I am so excited! I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Now that we are done having kids and our kids are getting older, I am going to get more involved with this! Hopefully this will open up more opportunities for me to work in this field! :)
No pain no gain...

ES got her first soccer injury at practice on Friday. Not sure what happened really, but she said the ball bounced up and hit her finger. Poor girl. Coach said she was tough. It got purple and swollen so fast. Had it looked at and it was jammed pretty good. Got it unjammed(ouch) and had to splint it for a few days. She was sad. I was sad. Dont think she realized til then she could get hurt playing soccer. Shes fallen and rolled around and stuff, but never been hurt. I told her sorry she got hurt, but that it was cool and told her how many times I got hurt playing soccer and all my different injuries. I think that made her feel better! :) Says she still wants to play forever..YAY! Cute little fingers.
Our cool tough girl sporting the splint!
Fusball time!

First games of the season. Last season R said she wanted to play soccer. This girl is so fickle, but we said we would try a season out for her. She loved her uniform. Totally approved the color. So far so good! Went to get her cleats and stuff, and she had to have the red cleats. Of course she did.Being a good helper.

Break away...
Gooooaaaaal! So adorable!

Look at those throw in skills already.... Nice form.
My two little soccer playas!
Look at that concentration..Love her coach this year. She is actually learning skill and the rules and ways of the game, which she learned none of last season!
Team huddle and cheer. They are the Titans.
Here we go again...

Back to school. I love my kids, but I love to miss them more. Haha! First day of school. Kirk and I have been kinda wigging out all summer cause all our kids are in school now and our first baby girl is in Jr High(7th grade) and our last baby girl is in K-garten! What the??? When did that happen and am I really old enough to have a child in Jr High!? Sheesh! Anyhoo, on to a new phase in life that is exciting/scary!

So excited for her first day. First day outfit that she bought and picked out herself at the mall...just her and her cousin...without me....Watching her leave. So hard to let go...(shed a tear)
Elementary kids. AT is in 4th grade and ES is in 3rd. Love both their teachers!! R didnt start til the next week.
Rs turn to start K-garten. She was so excited. So ready to own that classroom. AT was the only one willing to stop and take a pic with her. Nice big brother. ES is in the background running away from the camera.
Needed to make sure she knew where to go, so I made her show me the way. Long walk all the way down that hall and then some for those little guys and gals. She was all over it!
Her little cousin BB! Love the peace out(hilarious) and love this kid!! She has 3 other cousins in her class.
Model students.
How can you not love that face!
Front row Joe ready to go!