Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CRT(post #2)

First post will have all the details and explanations. This post just mostly Kriss's pics.

Kieffer started out the trip with an awesome hair do. I think when we crossed into Montana she stuck her head out the window and yelled.
The beginnings of Glacier National Park. This place is H-U-G-E!! Still US side

Lots of beautiful waterfalls(Mels fav) and even though it was August, there was still lots of snow.
Our cute B&B in Cardston Alberta Canada
The owners

Cardston Temple

Kriss was born in Cardston so this was special to her

Waterton National Park. So beautiful and one of the funniest times ever!

The pretty lake where we ate lunch
Cute little Waterton house
Canadian for Restroom. :)
Where we rented the funnest bike ever!
Here it is. Was only a two seater, but Keiffer is little so she fit nicely
Fancy foot work. There were two sets of pedals and steering wheels. Only one steering wheel was functional and had the brake.

Right after we almost killed someone. Had picked up some speed and hadnt figured out the brakes yet. In all the commotion, Kriss heard a plop. We had lost my wallet! SO glad she heard that. Me fetching it....

Got it all. Phew!
Deer all over the place wandering
Pretty hotel there(forget the name)
I guess they have a lot of speeders on those bikes. 18 out!

Enjoying our ride. I have the functioning wheel and obviously not watching the road
There we go
That was a close one...
Kriss had jumped in the basket on the front of the bike. Classic no hands

Fun ride! Laughed so hard I had to head straight to the washroom(that was canadian) if you know what I mean ;)

On our way out of Waterton, we saw a brown bear
Calgary tower

Me not looking down
Still not looking down. Trying to put on my brave face
Oh man! Looked down! Looking down was a bad choice!
Building up the courage to look over
Is a cool view
Ahhh....thats much better
Pretty Calgary
So as we were walking around, we saw this hurricane machine. Umm....had to go in it of course!
Boring with camera on the outside
Camera on the inside!! So fun! Couldnt stop laughing


Kriss had always wanted to kiss a Canadian Mounty(sp?) (I think she really did kiss that bear...ew)

I did NOT really kiss the bear.
Prefer being on the ground looking up
Were told we had to go here.

One in my right hand was full of french fries and I did eat them all. Why??!!??
Walking around Calgary, found these cool stairs. Ran up them to work off those fries. Kriss still at the top and me back at the bottom
Thats where we were
On our way to Banff, we stopped to get a map. Apparently, they have this show you can go see called oh Canada. Well Keif saw it last time she was there and hated it. It made her so mad! It was hilarious how strong her feelings were about it. Here she is showing it

Took the scenic way to Banff/Lake Louise and saw a black bear

Ran into some other EFY teachers at the lake and they took our pics. Told us to work it. Keiffer is workin it good!

On our way to canoe

Avoided a collision with my canoeing skills

When we got on the canoe Misty turns to me and asked if she looked good on a canoe. Hilarious!
The many different faces of Keif....


Had to go find the temple that is going up in Calgary. It was great to see it! So cool! Thinking we might want to go back next August for the dedication.

Calgary at night. Love this view!!!
On way home. Somewhere in Montana. Kriss is always ready for a pic :) Such a yummy place to eat. Next time Im in Montana want to try to find it. Got most of the name....
Del Montana(almsot to Idaho). Keif found this cute little cafe called the Calf-A. Had dinner there. Fun!