Friday, January 4, 2013

Leavin on a jet plane....

Family trip to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see Nat! Yay! Up bright and early to head to the airport. Kids first time flying so they were pretty pumped. Everything went smooth as butta. 

Waiting to board. Was a good test of patience for everyone. Some did better than others. KIRK! HA! jk!

One of the "others." :)

Waiting for take off! Kids did great. Were a little nervous. Looked over as we were going and little ESs chest was pumping so fast. Adorable!!! 

Made it safe and sound. Kids helping Kirk get the rental.

The rental. 

Went and got Nat from work. We were all starving so we went to a yummy pizza place for lunch, then headed to Nats to chill out. Traveling with 4 kids in tow is exhausting!

Us trying to be creative with the "review see behind you mirror" thingy. Im sure that the technical name :)

First stop on day one(Thanksgiving day) was the Seattle Temple. We had the run of the place. 

A bench on the temp grounds R had to pose on. Of course!!

Then took kiddies to Pike Place Market. You have to go there every time you visit  Seattle. I do!! 

Pike Place Pig. 

Nat took us down this cool alley to see the gum wall. Sounds gross. Kind of is/cool. Its exactly as it sounds. A wall with chewed gum all over it. Was actually pretty cool. Just no touchy!

Had gum CTR on it. For "Chews" the Right. Ha! I just made that up! ;)

Looking for food. 

Next stop.....the Space Needle. Another must see. All went to the top but ES. She does not like heights. I hear that!!!

AT soaking it in.

Totes adorb!

Cool artsie thing next to Needle
Didnt do the traditional Tday dinner.Was actually really nice. After dinner we went and got some pie. Have to have pie on Tday! Nats great boyfriend Matt is with us.

So we didnt all fit in Nats place, so Kirk and I split up and he went to hotel with half of the kids and I stayed with Nat with the other half. Hotel was only 10 mins from Nats so kids switched off each night. This is what dad lets kids do when moms not around. Im still the more fun parent!!!!

Love this one!
2nd day, since we were so close, we drove up to Vancouver Canada. Why not right? Was a 3 hour roadtrip. 

Made it over the border! They let us in! ;) Drove to our hotel in downtown Vancouver. Walked around downtown. Got dinner then hit the beach.

Walking on the rocks, we found a coconut! Of all the places to find a coconut!

Destroying the coconut!!
Probably looking at something gross. 

I like oyster shells.

Of course ES and I had to drop kick shells into the water. Was fun. She says "Mom, Im like Nick Ramando!" Nick is my homeboy!!

Trying to get a nice pic and this girl kept photo bombing! Why was I surprised. 

Me getting serious about no more photo bombing. E was not supposed to keep taking pics. :) 
(no Im not going to throw camera case at anyone I promise;) 

Some of DT(downtown) Vancouver

Day 3, we got up early again(too much getting up early on this trip. was killing me) to catch a ferry to Victoria Island. Nat and Matt(aka Mattalie) took a float plane and met us there. So cool man!

Rs first ferry ride. First one ES will actually remember. 
Kirk reminding me whos boss. Haha! Not! As if! ;) 

It was mucho windy!

Just messin around. Phone almost went into the ocean after this pic! I saved it! Snatched it right out of the air. I got skills! 

With Mattalie now. The Empress is a very huge/pretty hotel. We went inside.

ES found a Lego tree.She loves Legos!

AT found a tough Rugby tree!

Nat and I found a.....tractor?

Victoria was a quick trip.We didnt get to see all we wanted :( Found this cool old church though .

Got to this bridge right as they were lifting it. Was pretty cool!

leaving Victoria. Was fun to be Canadian for a day eh!

Waiting for the ferry back, I zonked right out! Mama was tired! Woke up to an empty van. They had gone out to watch the ferry come in. 
Aww...sibling love! Brothers!

heading back to the land of the free. Home of the Brave. Yay!
Look how happy they are about that!

Me and my mini me!
Too cold and windy out. Fam enjoying the ride. Actually ES and I werent. We were getting sea sick. The seas were rough that day my friends! Yack!

AT took me out to the bow of the ship. He was sure to hold my hand to make sure I didnt go flying off. Thats my boy!

Made it back to Seattle. Was late by that time. Were leaving the next evening. Stopped by Pike Place one more time on way to airport. R just had to buy something. After walking around FOREVER, she found and had this made and paid for it with her own money. ;)

Saying goodbye to Seattle. Was a great/fun trip!!!