Sunday, December 30, 2012

Its show time!!

 E auditioned and made the school play. Mulan. She was so excited because she got one of the big main parts. She was an ancestor. She was mostly excited because she got to wear a body mic. :) This girl loves theater. She loves being on stage and performing. She is so her Oma and her Aunt Stef. I love t hat she has found something she loves. Waiting for the show to start and who is the one with the first lines to open the show.....E! We had no idea. She didnt even tell us. She really is talented and can sing!! She/the play were great!


Flowers for the bestest Ancestor!!

Kirk likes to take candid pics. Stef sassin R I think.

Ready for our close up Mr Devile.

E talking shop with the pro!

Proud to be an American!!

6th graders do a Veterans concert every fall on or close to Veterans Day. E did it and now AT has done it. They do a nice dinner and a program. It is always a very nice evening. The subject is something close to my heart, so I of course, always cry. They are supposed to find and interview a veteran. E did my Gpa Omer and AT did my dad.  I think that is such a good idea. Such a  good thing for kids to know and learn about. 

Last girl standing

Our baby girl turned 8! Shes not really our baby anymore. Was kind of a bitter sweet day. Loved her being baptized, but sad she is our last one. Time really does go by too fast. She was so excited! I loved how our other kids were so excited for her too! AT says, "oh I remember when I was baptized." Like it was so long ago. Hes 12. :) 

Felt like...wheres R?