Monday, February 20, 2012

January(One month down....)

January started out with our weekly girls night with Tracy and Ryleigh. Our girls love hanging out(so do Trace and I), so we try to get together at least once a week. Yay! This week was ice skating. Fun, but hurts my ankles after a while.
ES is actually pretty good at skating. We dont go often, and Im no great skater myself, but I was impressed with her. She really enjoys it.
Taking a rest...
Steady Ry...:)

I get a twofer every week....get to be with Trace and Ry AND two of my favorite daughters! Yay for me!!
Leave it to R to find the easy way to do it....
Not so easy for Trace and I.
After, we took the girls for some hot coco. Yum! These girls are sooooooo silly!
Totally different personalities, but love each other and get along so well. Just like their Mama's.
One of a kind right here....

ES is still going strong with indoor. She loves it! She gets so excited when she has practice or a game.
Like mother like daughter and then, like daughter like mother? I love soccer too, and was asked if I wanted play on a coed indoor team that needed more girls. Of course!! I was nervous. Had been since grade 12 since playing indoor and like 8 years since playing outdoor. Wasnt really worried about my endurance, as much as my skills. Didnt do too bad it turns out. ;) SMF(so much fun) So missed playing this sport. Makes me happy!

We finally bought a second car(Mazda 3). Has been very nice/a relief to have it.
Mine and Kiefs things(well one of them) is going to hockey games together. As always we have so much fun!! Lots of laughing and yelling fight and yelling out all the official hockey terms like high sticking, glassing and icing. Even when they dont apply and we have no idea what they mean. :)
Birthaversary time. Our 15th anniversary and Kirks 40th bday. For his bday we just did presents and dinner with the kiddies.Went to our fam fav....Noodles and Co. So good! I tried to get some pics and R kept, well....being herself. Crazy girl. I was getting frustrated at the time, but when I look at them now, I lol. Love her!
This one of R actually doesnt make me lol. It scares me. She looks scary. (still lol a little)
I surprised Kirk with tickets to go see Bryan Regan. We love him. So funny! I really think Kirk figured out we were going to see him, so no surprise really, but he was excited! Did dinner before. D and D(dad and Denise) gave us 2 $25 gift cards to Red Lobster so we hit that before. Yum!

Sp(self portrait) waiting for show to start. He put on a great show. We laughed so hard. Brought us to tears a few times. Love laughing like that.
Concert was at Symphony Hall downtown. They have this really beautiful/awesome blown glass sculpture in the lobby. So cool! Trying to get it in another sp.
Guess someone saw us struggling and offered to assist us.
Every year, the grade 4s go skiing. ES was sooooo excited about this. Would not let us forget to go get her skis. Made that part of Kirks bday celebration. This guy that helped us was funny. Said he was getting a real kick out of us.

R saw this sign and thought is was so cool and had to have a pic of her with it as it is her first name.
If something gets in your way....turn. Off to a day on the slopes. She could hardly wait. Of course, she loved it. Picked her up after school and she was ready to do it again. She loved the instructor she had. Said he was super funny!

AT had his first official Boy Scout overnighter. I think it was for the Klondike Derby? He was really excited and looking forward to this. So was Kirk. Its really great to have a son to do all that with. I love it when Kirk and AT get to do manly things and spend time together.

Cooling off his dinner??
They said it was reeeeeaaaaalllly cold that night. Good thing we have some awesome super duper warm sleeping bags. thanks!
Kirks oldest bro Thadd and the boys. His third son, Beks third and AT are all the same age and the best buds ever!!!

Chow time!
Kirk with the buds.

Found out after the fact(and Im glad) that AT got run over by a sled. Some kid was on it and lost control(right onto my son). Took AT down, ran over his back. Was told that that didnt stop AT. He jumped up and ran up the hill ready for his turn. He was okay. Just a few scrapes and bumps. Tough guy he is.

AT finally got his brown belt! Yay!!!! He worked so hard for this and made a sacrifice last month on getting it then and was so happy to finally get it. They have to take a written test and do physical testing as well, so it is quite an achievement to get it. He is on his way to his black belt! Yah!
E made the Jr High vball team! Woo hoo! When she made it, I could actually tell for the first time that she was excited about something. She is like her father and does not show excitement. Exact opposite of me. We were so happy/excited for her. Her first real experience on a team. She really liked it! Yes, I am the loudest parent there. :) E loves it(not)! We are having her and she wants to go to a vball camp at BYU this summer. Should be a great learning experience for her and SMF!!!
She says her fav position is setter. Shes good at it too.

E was excited to get her sweatshirt with her name on it.