Thursday, March 26, 2009

Piano and one last flip.....

Excelllent job kiddies!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cant beat free!!!

What could be better...a beautiful day, a soccer game...and its free!! Ok, ok....Im sure theres better things, but not for us on Saturday!! Real Salt Lake hosted a free soccer game at their new stadium! So we took the whole fam out and had a great time! It was so much fun!! We had great seats and they won 3-1!! Sweet!!!

Got there a bit early, so just hung out!! Even though it wasnt cold, R had to have her scarf! Said she couldnt go without it(its my industrial strength hair dryer and I cant live without it...hahaha!!) Of course..I had my RSL scarf too!!
Of course....there were Star Wars nerds....I mean characters there...and of course Kirk had to go nerd out...I mean...take pictures with them! The girls wanted to too, but not the boy...These pics are for you G and Joe!!!
Um....Jedi's dont wear sunglasses do they!!? R's not fooled!!

Kirk nerding out..I nerding out!! Kirk said you could tell these guys were total nerds!! To each their own...
Love my kids!!
My fav...Kyle Beckerman...the one with the crazy hair!!
Shes gonna be my soccer playa!!!
Had to get a pic of R just chillin by herself! Still got the scarf.....
After the game they had a meet the players hour!! Oh yah!!! So had to go find my fav(with the crazy hair) and get my pic with him, and E ends up sitting by him...oh well! Didnt realize I was so close and cozy with the other player....hope he didnt mind! Very friendly guys!
We missed everyone who couldnt make it!!