Monday, April 30, 2007

Do you like??????? anyone who knows me, knows that I get bored with my hair and like to do crazy things with it. I can thank my mom for that. She was always experimenting on my hair. Anywho.....I needed a change, so this is what I did. Kirks sister Angelle always does my hair and she always does a great job. I went all out this time. Cut about 5 inches off and colored it 2 different colors. I really like it, it's fun and as long as Kirk likes's all good. I 'll keep it like this for a while and then........who knows what I will be in the mood for.

Kirk took this pic when I wasn't ready so I'm not smiling, but it shows the front view good!

What do you think?????????

Friday, April 27, 2007

Red Butte Garden!!!!!

Today is Arbor Day???? and all the 3rd grade classes at E's school went on a field trip to the Red Butte Gardens. E asked me to go and it was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day and the kids learned about all sorts of things. Trees, plants, roots, and even got their own tress to take home and plant. The last time I had been to Red Butte was on mine and Kirks first date over 10 years ago. We went to an out door concert. It was Clover. They are or were a local band here. The place had totally changed. It was a great first date! Good times!!!!

Me and my group......The cool group!!
E jsut chillin with some friends. the boy on the left is a very nice, quite handsome boy. He and E liked eachother in K-garten and 1st grade. Not sure about now, but they like hanging out.

E learning how you tell how old trees are. It was really cool and I even learned something new!

A took this picture of us by this really pretty waterfall......what you can see of it, but A did a good job!

They had these cool huge lizards at the park there. This is the Gela(sp?) monster. E with her best friend Rebecca.

My turn on the Gela monster. Thats my nephew behind me!

E and A's teacher......Ms. Wilkinson. She is really great. I reall ylike her. Her name is Angela too!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Wicked" surprise!!!!!!!!!

It was a huge success and she said it was the best birthday ever!!! The pix speak for themselves!!!!

Opening Bek and her family's gift. They got her a really cool Diary with stamps and a cool pen, and it even locks. Bek said she can write all her fun adventures in the Wicked road trip! Thanks G and R fam!
Opening Nettie's present.....little Alphba! She loves it!!! Thanks Nettie!!!

Opening her T-shirt and the Wicked music and song book. I'm holding the T-shirt.

Opening the tickets. It took her a minute to read them and figure out what they were. This is her when she figured it out. Her reaction was so choice. She screamed and jumped up and ran to me and gave me this huge hug and was saying, I cant't believe it over and over. Bek, Stef and I were all totally teary eyed. She was totally surprised! Look at IB........his face is funny. Hes all.......whats the big deal. ES started crying cause she said she wanted to see Wicked. We told her when she is older she can do stuff like this and that we would take pictures for her. That made it better. I love surprises!!!!!

We have the tickets in hand! You can tell by the look on her face that she is still in shock. I love it!!! A few minutes later in the kitchen she asked me "Mom, is this for real or is it a joke?" I said it was a joke.......JKJK!!!! All night we heard.....I still can't believe I'm going to see Wicked! Believe it baby!!!!!

Heres all she got! She wore the T-shirt to school today(of course) so I will take a pic of her in it later. Now I can play and she can sing the songs to Wicked! She loves her little Alphba! She says she is so cute. She said this was the best birthday ever! that made me happy!
After the presents, Kirk and I took her out to dinner for some one-on-one time. It was really fun. She is so great. Then she wanted to go rent Night at the Museum, then we went and got some Woodies icecream and went home and watched the movie all together as a fam. It was a really great night.
Thanks again for watching the kiddies Stef.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Birthday E!!!!!!!

Well today at exactly 11:09 am my baby girl will be 9 years old! I can't believe it! I remember the day she was born perfectly. She made me a mommy and I love it. She is such a wonderful daughter. She is a great helper, very obedient and considerate, a very picky eater(that would be my fault) a good dancer, artist and singer. Good at Math and reading(good at everything in school really) gets good grades. Takes piano lessons and her teacher says she is a natural. Has lots of friends and is very social, hum.....I wonder who she got that from. She is NOT shy(she didn't get that from me) loves to bear her testimony in church, remembers to pray and tries to be like Jesus. She likes to stay up late reading and get up early. She is very funny and she likes to sing and dance to musicals with me and be silly. She is very kind and loving to her brother and sisters and her mom and dad. I could go on and on, but I won't. I am thankful everyday Heavenly Father allowed Kirk and I to be her parents. She is very special and we love her very much!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tooth pullin time!!!!!!

IB had a tooth that needed to come out cause the new tooth was all the way through, but hadn't pushed the old tooth out so it was still there and being very stubborn. Bek and Gav and fam were over for dinner on Sunday and heard that I was the official tooth puller in our family and could even get the stubborn ones out. So we talked to IB and asked if he was ok with me trying to get his out......he said I could try.........

This is me tying. Bek held his hands and I worked. The kids were all over it and A was very concerned about IB. He kept telling him I did it to him too and to be brave. I like pulling teeth, the part I don't like is causing the pain.
It's out!!!! Here we are examining it in my hand. It only took about 5 minutes of twisting, pulling, tearing(my favorite...gross I know) and bleeding, but I got it out. All I have to say is IB is one tough kid. Yes, yes....I am the official family tooth puller! After all that.......IB still loves me. I made sure to reasure him I still loved him even though I was causing him pain. It's all good!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th!!!!!!

Happy Friday the 13th to all you surperstitious people out there. scary!!!! I used to be one of them. Still am actually about some things. Thanks to my Grandma B. She is the most surperstitious of us all. My mom loved Friday the 13th.....figures. She would have a scary movie marathon every year. Even if she was by herself. Crazy lady! Anywho.....

Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Family pics and The Hunt!!!!!!

Had to get a pic of us all in our Easter outfits after church. In church, the primary president asked why we celebrate Easter and ES raised her hand and said,"so we can wear our pretty new clothes." After she said that, she stood up and twirled around and showed everyone her pretty new dress. It was so funny! Everyone loved it. That sure made Kirk and I look good. Our kids totally know the reason we celebrate Easter, my girls just like new clothes!

Me and my girls. How sweet! R would only pose if she had that egg. Whatever gets her to hold still.

The men in my life. I let them pose however they wanted to, and this is what A wanted to do. Not what I would have chosen, but it is very manly.
Helping R find her eggs. She found the much covetted Darth Vadar egg. I should have got a close up of that egg. It was hilarious. Stef and G's were all Star Wars eggs. Darth Vadar even had the helmet and everything.
E and A helping eachother out.

ES was excited that she found the first egg. Isn't she beautiful. I can't get enough of her.

Bucket time!!!!!!

This year we tortured our kids and made them wait till after church to find their buckets. When church starts at 9 a.m you just don't have time before. They were dying. Kirk did a good job at getting their first reactions when they found their buckets. Good times!

E finding her bucket. She took the longest finding hers. We had to do hot and cold. She found it eventually.
A finding his bucket. Nice lawn mower in the background.
ES finding her bucket!
R finding her bucket. She needed a little help.

Still love my kiddies Easter buckets. Thanks to Lynette!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Dog park w/ Stef and G!!!!!

Stef and G invited us to go to the dog park on Friday. Kirk wasn't home yet, so we piled in the car and headed out. It was a lot of fun. That park is really cool and you see all kinds of dogs, and they are all nice. My kids did really good with all those dogs too. I was impressed. Toby sure thinks he's a tough dog. He totally is. He even tries to break up fights if he sees other dogs might be callin eachother on. He is fearless. I wasn't prepared for how dirty my kids got with all the dirt, but we will be prepared next time. After the dog park, Stef and G treated us to some yummy icecream.....the kids favorite part of course!! Thanks Stef and G!!!! You guys are awesome! We love hangin out with you and Toby!

I love this shot of A. He was cruising down this hill and he had such good control of himself. He totally gets that from Kirk. Kirk has excellent balance and control. I totally got him jumping in the air!!
ES's turn to run down the hill. She didn't even fall. I was for sure she would.
Singing with Uncle G. Garrick was holding R for a while and the whole time she was singing. It was too cute!
Stef and ES are kindred spirits. They are a lot alike. I love it!!!!!
Thanks again Stef and G!!!!!!