Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aye, Aye Captain.....

Ahoy....I sail, or should I say...I canoe? We had a ward adult party a few weeks ago. It was a pirate themed party, so Kirk and I got a little dressed up.....from the neck up that is(I borrowed A's skull pirate hat). It was at a house on a lake in our neighborhood, so after dinner, Kirk and I went for a little canoe ride. I love canoing! Once I get past the getting in part(dont like the rocking and feeling like you are going under) and as long as my kids arent in it. I panic when they are on the water, but it was just me and Kirk and very nice! Kirk wanted to do all the rowing... really.....look at those arms(Ooo la la)....he can so handle it! Looks like I was miming rowing a canoe....or something.

Check out our matching tat's......ahh......how sweet!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My own little Violist....

In grade 5, they start orchestra and band at school. Well E has been wanting to play the Violin for a few years now(like her Grandpa), and now she can. Well, Violin was her first choice, but they didnt have any available at the school, so we went with her 2nd choice...the Viola. Good choice!! I love the Viola. I played for a while when I was in grade 6. Such a beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound. Shes been playing the piano for 3 years, so picking it up has been pretty easy for her. After grade 6, and she really wants to stick with it(violin or viola) for like EVER, we will buy her her very own!! She can sing and play piano, now she can add Viola to the list!!! Yeah for loving Music!!!

First day of School.....

First day of school has arrived! Our kids love school, so they were pretty excited! E started grade 5...what the....do I really have a fifth grader....crazy!!! A started grade 2, and for my ES, a big year of the all day school.....grade 1!!! Time really does go by fast. We cant keep up with how fast they are growing up(shed a tear). Just me and R at home. Nice to have some one on one time with her. Not much quite time though yet. Someday!

Thats my little niece with the kids. She was staying with us while her mom was in Japan getting her brother from his mission. I got to send her off on her first day of school!
At school! A and IB think they are totally cool doing the "Live long and prosper" sign. They do it all the time, any occasion. Hilarious!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little Summer Hiking....

Took the kids on this really nice short hike called Rocky Mouth. Its a fun little hike with a really nice waterfall at the end. Theres some really cool caves on the hike too! Kids loved it!!!

Love cool little caves. R....not so much!
On our way to conquer Mt. Timpanogus. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Kirk stayed with the kids and hike as far as they could go, which they did really well, and Angelle and I went on to the peak. We made it to the peak and down in just over 7 hours. We ran all the way down, so that made it go pretty quick. Man was that some climb!!!
One of the many beautiful waterfalls on the climb.

At the Lake. Still have to get to the peak, which is behind me. Thats the glacier we were going to slide down....good times!!!
Resting atop Mt. Timpanogus....I owned that mountain that day my friends.....
Me and Angelle at the peak....finally!! What a climb!!! Had to have a bandanna tight around my left calf cause about half way up I pulled something in my calf, even felt it pop, and this was the only thing that helped it. No way I wasnt going all the way to the peak. Push through the pain right....so glad to be up top!!!!
At the peak of Timpanogus, just before I put on my snow pants and slid down the glacier. Oh man was that one of the craziest/ funnest things I have ever done!!!
Kirks cousin came to town with her family, so we got whoever wanted to go and hiked up to Donut Falls. It was a really great, easy hike for the kids. E took this picture for some contest entry thing at school. This is one of the many pictures she took.

Taken a break....
Es with her 2 best buddies and cousins! She loves them so much. Nice to have cousins the same age and so close!
Happy Birthday Daddy-O!!!

Even though you are far away in Afghanistan, and we couldnt celebrate your B-day with you, we had a birthday party dinner and celebration in your honor. It was a great time! Wished you were there.

75...wait....that cant be right....?
Jk....we know youre really 57! Arent we so funny.....hahahaha!
Blowin out the candles for you! Hope you had a good day!!!Yes....that dessert was delicious!!!
Got the grandkiddies to help us with a message for you Dad! We miss you!!
Love R and B is this one. They thought it was so funny. JC's not thinking so much....

Exclamation point!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Six....pick up sticks...

My ES turned 6! She was so excited to turn 6. 6 and in the 1st grade. I cant believe it! 6 years ago, she came into this world weighing in at 10 pounds 2 ounces! She was my fastest and easiest birth(2 and a half hours) done el natural of course....yah...it hurt. She loves to tell people how big she was. I sure loved my little fat baby...actually there was nothing little about her. Loved it!!!!
She asked for a guitar. Rock on!!!
Yeah for the Barbie doll!
Rockin out with her new guitar!!!
I love this girl and her new pet pig named Peacharina(Peach for short) I was pushing for Petunia....no go!! She is so cute , and so sweet, and funny and very very affectionate.
Baptism Day!!!

2 down, 2 to go!! What a great day!!! We are so proud of our boy for being baptized. What a wonderful blessing it is. And what a blessing that he has a dad and I have a husband who is a worthy priesthood holder to baptize him. Way to go AT!!!
Oh how I love my boy, and he loves me!!! I hope he hugs me like this even when hes 18. He says he will...I believe him!!!
This is Garricks beautiful daughter Aurora(hope I spelled that right). Its always nice to see her when she visits.
Love my sisters. Arent they so pretty!!!
One of these kids is not like the other.....Ok...story of my life. I am the odd ball out. Always have been. The 4 of us sang at the baptism and all I heard after that was...are you sure youre related to them? You look nothing alike. Yah I know...its the hair. So they thought it would be funny to take this picture. Hahaha!!!
Mmmm....cheesecake! Looks like Nats excited about that!
Me and my G-pa Omer. I dont like seeing my G-parents get older. Makes me sad. Sure love listening to his war stories. Pretty amazing! Oh and by the way Stef.....Im his favorite....hahaha!!!