Monday, April 5, 2010

He just hasnt met ME yet...

My bestie Tracy and I treated ourselves for our bdays, along with her brother Chris, to the best concert ever! Yes...even better than NKOTB(still their biggest fan though..). Michael Buble' baby!!!!! was so awesome! We had so much fun!! He puts on a great, fun show! Hes so entertainging and hes a funny guy! We didnt have the greatest seats, but it was still good! Dumb thing is, when we were checking in they said no cameras were allowed. What the...? Dumb!! So Chris ran them back to the car(nice guy). We waited for Chris and as we were going in again, they announced you could take cameras in as long as it didnt have a detachable lens. What the again! Frick!! We didnt want to run back to the car, so we just settled for our camers on our cell phones. We got kinda friendly with the ladies in front of us and we could see the pics she was taking with her camera, so after the show, I asked her if she could email us the pics she had taken. She was more than happy to. So most of these are her pics. So nice of her and now we all have a new friend! Good times! Anyhoo.....concert was amazing! I was screaming and singing so much I was hoarse for a few days. Totally worth it!!!

Messin around before the show.. me and Trace!
Me and Chris..
Michaels opening act was this amazing 7 man group called Naturally 7. This is me making their sign.... If anyone hasnt heard their stuff I recommend you give them a listen! They are gooders!!
Show starting!!! Ahhhhh!!! Om my gosh!!!


Finale!! He came out and did 3 encores! SWEET!!!! Ended up being over a 2 hour show! Loved it! Hes coming back in 2 years and we are there again(with Stef and Nettie) and we are saving up our money for front row seats!!!
After the concert. It got really hot in there. Im sure my dancing and screaming didnt help..
Tickling the old ivories....

There used to be like 7 cousins that took piano from the same teacher, now its just JC and E. So glad E loves it and wants to keep going(her teacher wants her to too) cause shes good at it, and JC, well you can see he is just super good!! This is after he had been really sick and hadnt been able to practice for awhile....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Who doesnt love free??

The kids get free tickets to the U of U gymnastics season at school. All their home meets. So we picked a night and went. My friend Kieffer came along with us. Always good times with Kieffer! It was the meet against BYU. AT is a BYU fan and a trash talker so we had to hear it from him all night. No idea why he is a BYU fan. Has a bunch of Aunts and Uncles and cousins that are so I guess thats why. Anyhoo, we left early but I think U of U took the meet. your eye AT!!!!

AT giving the U a loser sign and E giving it a thumbs up. What a couple of goof balls...Me, Kieffer and E.

U of U on the vault.

Had to get a pic of BYU for AT.

AT made a friend. My kids seem to make friends everywhere they go. He and this kid bonded over being BYU fans, and at the same time annoying the little girls in front of them who were U of U fans.
ES made some friends too! They were dancing friends!
BYU fans...
U of U fans!!
Vball time!!

So volleyball has started for E, and she is so happy and excited! Its only her 2nd season playing, plus a summer camp last year, but she is in love with this sport. She will be in Jr High next school year and is excited because she can try out for vball. They said 7th graders usually dont make the team, but they are welcome to try out. You so know E will!!! Good choice! Vballs my second fav sport!

She likes the #2, so she has decided her vball number is going to be 2.
Shes so fun to watch! I love watching my kids do things they love! She says she wants to play this forever!
Team name...the Hitters!
Her and #4 there are the real go getters on the team!
Shes gonna be a soccer playa...

I finally have my soccer player! Only took til our 3rd child. Tried with the older 2 but no go. Didnt need much convincing with my ES! She was/is all over it! I missed the first registration in the fall and she was so sad, but I remembered for spring and she was soooo happy! Signed her up a few weeks before her first practice and she could hardly even stand it. She was so excited when we went and bought all her gear and for her first practice. She thought it was pretty cool when I told her I started playing soccer when I was 7 like her!

First practice.

Oh man she was so excited! She is too cute!
ES and this adorable little girl totally hit it off. She told her mom that her and ES were "true" friends. Awww.... Her mom and I hit ot off too. Does that mean we are true friends too?
Love my little soccer playa! She was so excited to wear her uniform she wore it everyday til her first game which was 3 days later.
Me and my soccer player.
First soccer game! She could not sleep the night before she was so excited! Was a perfect dat for soccer. I was so nervous for her. Had no idea how she was gonna do, and to our surprise, she made the first goal of the game and ended up making 5 of the 9 goals for her team. They won 9 to 3. Wow! What a great first game! Now Im not saying this because shes my child, but the girl has some serious skills. She is fast, and when she dribbles that ball she is still fast just flies and has pretty good control too. She was even putting a little spin on the ball. Had other people commenting on how impressed they were on how good she was. After her 5th goal, her coach put her on D. Good idea I thought. Asked her which she liked better defense or offense. She said offense. She is really good at it too! I love watching her play. Can so tell she loves it already. She asked if she could keep playing every!!!

They only had 4 players show up, so no subs. The girls still did so great! Were pretty tired by the end though... Team name is the Flying Suns.
Goal kick..
Tried to get her with the ball, but was to slow.