Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday fun....Dinosaur Museum!

Thought we'd take the kiddies to the Dinosaur Museum. What a good time we had! The kids loved it!! Heck...Tracy and I loved it!
Both love these kids!
Cavin it!
Our turn!
Fun just isnt for kids!!
Kids were saying they got pooed out....haha! Silly kids!
Look everywhere but the camera...there you go!!

Get real big kid! You are to tall for this ride...
Love the T-Rex! So scary!!
They look very calm for just about to be eaten by a shark!!
Oh and so do we....
Movie time! Saw this cool 3d movie about the Dinosaurs and how they are believed to have become extinct. Very informative...
RP wasnt too impressed...
Neither was R I guess. Mouth open and everything...
She was folded in half....looks comfy!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The girls got skills.....

I think this is pretty cool! I sure cant do it! This girl has no fear! She laughs in the face of fear...hahaha!!
This is how she gets off the scooter. She doesnt stop she just jumps off and throws the scooter down. This time it just happened to keep going....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big day....#9! Birthday Boy!!!

Yesterday was this guys Bday!! This is what he is totally into right now! He is Mr. Serious about it too!!! He loves going every week! Monday and Wednesday....he never lets me forget! Wakes up in the morning and says Mom I have karate today...and about 100 more times through out the day:) He DOES NOT....repeat does not like to be asked however, to show his karate moves ever...at all!! I have tried....no go!!! Love him!!!He got to choose what we would do! He chose Wendys for dinner(always a good choice) and....
go and see Race to Witch Mountain! Not sure whats up with the peace signs all the time? Poor AT...always and forever girl trapped!!!
Love my boy!! So handsome...
These two are always all over Kirk!! They have to be by him or touching him at all times!! He loves it...most of the time;)
These 2 love each other!
Trying to be tough and failing!! Maybe they get doing the peace sign from me.....?
Ahhhhh.....just being silly!