Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lucky #7....

Happy birthday to our ES! Turned the big ol 7 today! Cant believe our kids are growing up so fast! Love, love, love this girl! Had to get a pic of her and her most favorite person in the world!! She sooooo loves her Daddy!! 7 things that make ES so great....

1- She is super sweet!
2- She is a good sharer!
3- The girl can sleep, and sleep through anything!
4- She loves her brother and sisters so much!
5- She is a good helper!
6- She is way smart!
7- She is funny!

We love ES!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Surprise in Seattle.....

And it was the best surprise ever!!! Stef and I kept it a secret for a whole MONTH!! And our hubbys didnt think it possible!! Haha!! Nat so didnt see it coming! Even took her a minute to realize it was me when I got out of the taxi! Mission accomplished!! Would have gotten it all on camera, but Stef failed me! JK Stef! There was something missing from the whole trip, and that was Bek! Sad to not have her there:(

Lunch on the water! Sooooo nice!
First night...
Stefy all silly!
Ohhh look...we are so small! Like midgets huh Stef!?
The ladies at the bar!! Brought down the house with a little Pat Benitar(sp?) trio!
Lots of self portraits..
Cant remeber what Stef sang, but she owned it!
Ahhh....kissy face with Julie! She totally did the 'turn the cheek' thing to me! Jk Julie, but you know you wanted too....haha!
Bustin a move...
Woke up at 5 IN THE MORNIG on Sat to get Nat to her race! She ran the Half MArathon and did a great job. Stef, Andy and I hung out at the finish line and waited for her. Pretty Seattle in the back ground! They had their coffee, I had chocolate! Yum!!
Still waiting...
Lookin pretty good for just running 13.1 mlies!
Minus one...
Fun times with the mit!
Been up since 5, havent eaten since the night before....trying to wait patiently for our name to be called....
After eating the yummiest breakfast ever! I think I gained 10 pounds from that one meal! Looks like we all got the wear your hat today memo....
Last night....more Karaoke! Thats pronounced Care-e-o-kay....
Can you see me in all that hair! Odd man out....story of my life!
Nats turn...
Serious face...guess I get serious when I drink...I mean dance...haha!!!
We sarenated Andy with Youve lost that Lovin Feeling! Well....Nat did, we were back up!
Last day!! So sad:( It was Nats Bday and the 10 year anniverary of our moms death. It was really nice to be together for those! Really missed Bek being there with us! Had such a good time! It was really great meeting all of Nats friends too! They were fun! Always hard to leave, but Nat will be here in a few weeks and we will all be together! Woo Hoo!!!!
Love my Sisters!!! My BFF's!!!
She is a Dancing Queen.....

Young and sweet...thinks shes 17!! R's last dance recital before summer break! What fun she had in dance class this year with her BFF cousin! Good times! It was so much fun watching her watching her dance! I had to remind her when I would drop her off to dance, that she was not in I have to do everywhere we go! Loved these little costumes they wore too! Adorable! Her teacher was great too! Thanks for the hook up Amber Lynn!! AT was sick that night, so he and Kirk stayed home...:( Had my girlfriend Tracys daughter Ry with us, so she filled in...

I know she has garage doors, but they said to put on alot!!!
R's BFF cousin!
Ohhh...just about to go on! Such a cute little class!
My E! Getting so big! Love how Ry popped in the pic!
BFF's! Just like their moms! Need to work on ES's smiling....
Ahhhh...typical R thing to do ina pic!
Love the hair and the crossed foot!
Im so glad I wore my pretty dress!
One last pose!!
R is the one with the black bear. Third from the right I think...