Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! May we all remember why we celebrate this special day and its importance. We love you all!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Annual(well almost annual) Temple Square Lights Excursion!!!

Could we have picked a colder night to!!! It was so freakin cold. I hate being cold. We sure didnt last long. The kiddies werent the ones was us wimpy adults. We are all getting old. We made one round and then we were done. Usually we hang around for a bit, but not this year. After, we all went to Stef and G's house to get toasty warm with some hot coco in our bellies and treats. It was so fun having everyone over to their house. Thanks again Stef and G!!! I love being with everyone. We always have a great time. We missed you Nat and Steve.....always!!! Love you!

Aunt so crazy!!!
Love Nettie and M!Not sure what happened with this pic. I was moving I think.
Daddy with his daddy's girl. of them.
The Three Amigos!!! The were too cute! Love M and her fur and tiger spots!
Kinda blurry, but had to get one of the fam.
Didnt get a picture of me and my girls when when did our family pictures, so got one at the lights. Love my girls. They are so great!!!
I know this is blurry, but its so great of Stef and R. They even have the same expression.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sisters, Sisters....there were never such devoted sisters!!

We need a new sister pic while we were all here. So before our fun night out, G took some for us. One of these kids is not like the other....hum.....who could that be. Im the brother again. I so dont look like them at all. Hair and everything. Where did I come from? Maybe I really was adopted. HAHA!!!

Nat surprised us with a fun sister date last night to the Jazz game. It was SMF!!! We had great seats. With Nats job at the Hyatt in Seattle, she has some conections with Football and Basketball people , and she arranged with her contact with the Jazz to get us some tickets, and after the game we had pass to go where the families of the players go and wait for them. It was so cool. These guys are so freakin tall when they are up close. It was a great game. The Jazz won 99 to 68. We killed the Hornets! The Jazz are actually doing pretty good right now. I love going to games. Thanks Nat for a gret night!! Love you!
We saw Boozer here, number 5 after the game by the locker room walking down the hall, and let me just say....he is huge! These guys are soooo tall when you get close to them. He was a really nice guy though. He came up to us and said hi and shook our hands. So nice:)

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble....

Yeah for Turkey Day!!! We had everyone here, minus Tim and Sarah and Timmy. Good times!! Lots of prep work and food cooking, but hey thats what its all about. I love eating on Thanksgiving. Good food man!

Heres us women slaving away in the kitchen. Gavin too, but he had the manly job of helping with Tom the Turkey. Yes.....we gave him a name. Poor Tom:(
R singing with G-pa. This girl is so silly!
Kirk taking a picture of us taking a picture of ourselves. Tricky!
Yeah!!! We love Uncle Steve:)
G and his daughter Aurora.
The kiddies love it when Uncle G strings them up. They say more, more. Uncle G is pretty strong.
The adult table. Ah....remember when you longed to be at the adult table, only to realize its not that cool. JC is movin on up. Hes cool!
Kirk and his bros and dad singing at the Barrowes family party.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

So.....people are always telling us are girls are beautiful and we should get them into modeling and acting etc. Its true.....are girls are beautiful , but that is something Kirk and I were just not interested in doing to our girls. At least not until they said they wanted to. Well....about 2 or 3 weeks ago, Kirk saw an ad in the paper for this W Talent Company. He comes home and says he thinks we should take our kids and check it out. I was like...are you kidding me. He said I know, I know but felt good about doing it. After some praying about it, so did I. So Kirk calls and makes the appointment. We took all the kids, but we werent having R do. To little. We had no idea what to expect. We filled out all the paper work and the kids were given a number and they took their pictures...and then called for an "open audition". We had no idea it was going to be an audition. So we are sitting in the back with tons of other kids (so not as beautiful as ours....seriously) and parents waiting. Anyways...long story short, they give us the low down and then say they want all the kids to do a walk on the run way. Right then A 's all..."Im out, Im doing golf." Totally cool. Of course E was all over that. ES did it but was timid. E had no problem up there in front of all those people and man did she strut her stuff. I was hard not to laugh. So after the walk they(the agents) called the kids back one by one and did a little interview with them and said we will call you by Monday if you get a call back. This was a Thursday. E was dying. So Monday came and call. We were a little bummed, but oh well. So Tuesday morning, I turn on my cell phone and have 2 messages saying they loved E and ES and wanted a 2nd interview with me this time. We were so excited. I had to hold it in all day till they got home form was killing me. E was flipping out. Long story short again, they wanted E and Es to be 2 of the new faces of W Talent and be in their company and do their workshops. They were so impressed by E. Said they could tell she is very smart, very mature for her age, very confident and outgoing, and a total natural. All the things they look for. They said they usually dont see all that in one child very impressed. ES was more shy, but they LOVED her look.They told me the owner of the Company loved Es. He noticed her right away and what he noticed was when I was filling out the paper work, I wasnt paying attention to what was going on so when I was done I didnt know what to do, but ES did and she told me and led me where to go and he was very impressed with that and said they look for that too. Anywho...I told Sandra(the agent) that I would go home and discuss with the hubby and we set up another appointment. So we met with her again on Monday and said we were good to go with E, but we werent going to do Es yet. We dont feel like she could handle it right now, shes too shy and we feel shes to young. So she understood ,but was bummed, cause she loved ES. Anywho...we signed E up and she had her first workshop, were they teach them about photo shoots and then and acting workshop. She loved it. She will do that for 3 months and then when that is over, she starts the auditions, casting calls, photo shoots etc. It is crazy. So she is apart of W Talent now until she chooses to not be, which she says will "never happen" Its so weird, Kirk and I felt at first like we were feeding her to the wolves and using our daughter for her looks, but she has always wanted to do this, so we are getting to be ok with it. It is so right up her alley and she is all over it. Sorry this is so long. Just wanted to give everyone the low down. She will be on their web site soon, so start looking for her.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Its Halloween, Halloween!!!

Dont need to say much. Trick or treating was good. The weather was the best its been in years and the kiddies got WAY to much candy!

This is Kirks trick or treating attire. My handsome Elf!
I am the Queen. I bought this a couple of years ago to have something fun to wear. My girls love it of course. I walked down stairs and R said..."Oh mama, you look so beautiful." I got a lot of compliments on it this year. Its good to be the Queen(movie ladies....I replaced King with Queen of course)
Most of the kiddies. All the 9 and older were already out and about with their friends. The cute ladybug is my sister in law Tandea.
Rebekah as a withch. Not your normal ugly, mean Whitch. She was a beautiful, nice Witch. Every year Bek and I get bored and end up at one or the others house with our candy and pass it out. This year after Kirk left with the kiddies, I went over to her house and passed out my candy. It was so nice outside that we sat out in the front yard and talked and passed out our candy. It was fun....till we got cold. We are now going to alternate going to eachothers houses each year and making it a big have a big fun dinner and decorate the house etc. Beks good at that! Good times!!!
Queen again. Instead of calling me mom, R would call me Queen. She would say....Queen I need you or I want my Queen. Too funny. The next day she asked me if I was still a Queen....I said of course and she is still my Princess. She smiled:)
This is for you Nettie! Kendall wore his vampire teeth too!!! Love it!!
Pumpkin time!!!

Let me tell you....carving 5 pumpkins is a chore. Maybe because every year we end up doing it WITHOUT Kirk. He is always at work late. Unless Halloween falls on a Monday and we can carve on Sunday. Still....with the kiddies, its a fun chore. I usually end up doing most of the carving myself with the kids supervision and encouragement, so I made them do all the cleaning out. They thought it was gross. I told them to cowboy up and do it. In a nice way of course:)

R actually smiled and looked at the camera. WOW!!!!
She smiled again....yeah!!!!!!
Me and most my girls. R refused to join us. A took this pic. Glad he got most of my head.
R gave up on cleaning it out.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Its a dead mans party.....

Went to a Zombie Halloween party on Saturday night! This is me with my cousins husband Johnny. We're buds:) He throws this party every year.He is totally into the Zombie thing. He is so hilarious. Its was a fun party. Me....not lookin so hot. Im a dead runner. Kirk was a dead under cover cop. No pic of him though.
Me and my Uncle Brent. Hes a cool guy.
B was sad the Bek and gav were leaving so they brought him along. In the car on the way there, he kept asking me if I was funny. Bek and Gav told him they were being funny when they were getting ready. Love that kid!
Our ward trunk or treat was last Thursday. R fell asleep waiting for everyone to get ready. Her head kept bobbing up and down. It was too funny!

There is some drool there:)