Friday, August 28, 2009

The Mode....

My girlfriend Shan and I got to go have some fun at the Mode concert, as Joey likes to call them! We met up with Nette and Joe before and had dinner then went our separate ways for the concert. We had great seats! I love people watching at concerts! You get to see all it! These pics are from mobile, so not the greatest...

Shan and I messin around before the concert!
Getting into the concert spirit...or something...hehe! Got a third party back there... Love you expression Shan...LOL!!!
Still messin...
Depeche Mode...
This astronaut thing was cool!
Just kinda a cool pic. Thats all our hands in the air on the screen.
I think thats my fingure in the pic...
After 2 encores...the end!
Whoa whoa...I gotta go back to school!!

First day of school! Last year of Elementary for E!! Thats just did that happen? Grade 3 for AT and grade 2 for ES! My oh my....they do grow up fast! Still have the crazy one at home with me for one more year, but I am so going to enjoy her!!

My great kids!!
Some cousins...they are great too! They all walk together. This is only some of the group...
The rest of the walking to school group! More cousins(great too) and some friends...who are great as well!! Good times!!!
Little girls....

I love my girls! E's taking the pic so she was there too!!
I love to see the temple....

Took the family to the Oquirrh Temple Open House! It was so great! The kids really loved it and E just had so many questions for us...a lot of which we couldnt answer of course, but it was awesome she was so interested!! The pics didnt turn out the way I Angel Moroni, but what do you do when someone is nice and takes the pic for you? Its better than nothing!Just a fun one on the way to the car!
Cecret Lake(its not a secret anymore...haha!)

Hiked for the first time to Cecret Lake up Little Cottonwood Canyon. No I didnt spell it wrong. Its supposed to be spelled that way. Thats how the illiterate miners spelled it and theyve never changed it. At least thats what we were told...Its a great hike for kids! A mile to and from and not hard at all! Its so pretty too! The hike and the lake. So glad Aunt Angelle and Uncle Matt came with us!! They are soooo much fun and we love them so much!!Made it to the lake and ready to eat!!
So much for some guy time....little poser!!
Never know what youre going to get when E has the camera?
As you can see from the pics....I so didnt care what I looked like that day...yikes!!!
How can you not love this girl?! All I said was smile. I think she said BAM as I took this!
Oh so tempting...haha! JK!! Dont you throw me down Clark!(movie?) She had to be like her Daddy!
Silly Uncle Matt! Such a big kid!
No E is really not that tall yet...but shes getting there!!
Another one of E's. Look at Kirks second pair of hands....I mean feet! Haha!!
Hes moved on from the live long and prosper hand sign....
So pretty!
Need I say more....Matt!!
See a rock, and you have to climb it right....On top of the world!
Taking a rest after the hike...
Uncle Matt throwing water on them taking a rest after the hike...
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Field trips....

Did do as many field trips as I wanted to this summer, but we got some in. Went to Liberty Park with Tracy and Ry and Justice to play in the water. Totally forgot they had these few rides for the kiddies. Of course they had to ride them!

Wheeler Farm with Gma and Gpa Omer and Timmy! Love How AJ is clothes lining E! Man shes tall! Love IB in this pic..haha!!

Poor Trey...wanted to stand by sad! She makes up for it in the next picture...
All better! They love each other!
Feeding the geese...we had the goods!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting together.....

Got invited to go up in the mountains with the Laubers for Sunday dinner. Always a good time! First thing there we saw a Moose(didnt have the camera of course)! I love Moose...or is it Meese....haha JK!!! It went across the golf course that we were by, so we all followed it and ran across the golf course too. Probably shouldnt have and probably made some golfers mad running back and forth, but we got so close to the Moose. Anyhoo....had a lot of fun! Always a lot of laughs!Thanks for inviting us again! Love you guys!!!

Me and the Lauber sisters(minus Amiee). Lovely ladies!!
One with all the ladies....oh wait...sorry Chris! Haha!
Gotta get Papa Lauber in there! Yes...we made the old man kneel.
E was being a punk, so I tackled her and made her take a pic with me!
Always gotta get one of me and Kirkums!!
There is a reason and a story to why we are making these really horrible faces, but it escapes me at the moment....
Ahhh....thats much better!!
Kirks not to big on the whole picture taking thing. More of a candid guy. I like this one!
AT hanging with the big guys!!

Most of the group waiting to chow down...
E took a pic of the sunset on the way home.