Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I survived.....
(I think this post is as long as the race...)

Rocky Mountain Thighs was our team name and just finishing the race was the name of our game!!!And that we did in a speedy 33 hours!!! But whos counting right? It was an awesome time indeed. I got to know some really great people and had a lot of good laughs....mostly at Greg (not really at him) with him of course!! 33 plus hours with the same people and no sleep= very interesting dialog and happenings. One "happening" came for me at about 1 am right before my 2nd leg. I was going on no sleep and had to go potty before my run. Im on the potty and all the sudden the door opens and what do you know...its Karen, and I realize I forgot to lock the door. Good thing it was dark and that it was Karen. The next day I had another similar "happening, " except it was in the morning daylight, I had to go potty before my run and I open a door that is green for go and what do I see....nope....not Karen. No...a total MALE stranger using the potty. Lets just say, it was a good thing he was sitting down, if you know what I mean...and thats only a few...All I have to say is, you cant be held responsible for what you do or say when you have been awake for 24 plus hours....

Waiting in the hot, hot sun to start my first leg!
Half way through my 1st leg. I so killed that guy behind me!!! A kill is when you pass someone on your run....oh yah!!!
My 1st leg ended in the cute little town of Eden, so I had to get a pic for my ES!!!
Me and Lilli! Lilli is Kirks cousin. I SO love her!!!!
Me and Karen!
Had a nice break between our 1st and 2nd legs, so we had some dinner. Had to take a pic of our wonderful, plentiful and delicious spread. We had a lot of was awesome.....yum....yum!!!
The awesome ladies of the Rocky Mountain Thighs!!!Left to right....Karen, Lilli(love her!!!), and Bridgette!
My wonderful hubby caught up with us in Huntsville before his volunteer shift started. He is such a great supportive hubby of me, and all the crazy things I want to ya babe!!!
Team name...Just some fun play on words to show our team spirit!!

Pep talkin more leg to go!!!
James handing the bracelet to me for my last leg. I was pumped and anxious to get it done baby!!! 4.1 miles to go....ended up being more like 4.3....liars!!! The sun was brutal that day my friends....brutal!!
Just dumped water all over me....feelin good!!! So hot!!!!
Almost there!!! The ends in sight. It was hot!!!
Whos that girl with the bright red face.....oh wait....thats me! My face gets very red when I run. I hate it! Anywho....yeah....Im done!!! Gladly handing off the bracelet to Karen!! If you cant tell, it was so FREAKIN HOT!!!!!!
My cool teammates Bridgette and Greg celebrating with me(red face) after my final leg!!! Greg just needs to calm that excitement right down. That was Greg for you....Mr.Cool!!!
Posin with my medal....yeah!!!!All in was a great time!! Thanks to all my great teammates for an awesome experience!!! Joey/Ragnar are the man for taking that one, and Bridgette/are you kidding me are the woman!!! You 2 are tough!!! Whos ready to do it again next year??? I am!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


This is me for the next 24 hours and 170 miles!!! Bring it on!!!! Good times....I hope:)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New SpringWidget

Get this widget!Countdown!!!!

I sooooo cannot wait for this to come out!!! I already have it pre-ordered and it will arrive on my door step somewhere on or around August 3rd!!! I know, I know.......nerd alert!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Right Stuff!!!

Oh yah....its the right stuff that N.K.O.T.B are coming to Utah!!! I was so hoping they would....and me and the sistas are going!! Stef and I went and saw them when we lived in Germany. Stef almost had to sacrifice her life to get in, but I was there and used my super human strength to save her, and we are going again!! What am I 13 again??? I dont care, they are back and Im lovin it!! Im older....they're older....we're all for me!!! I knew this day would come!!
Joey Joe....I heart him!!! He has always been my fav!!! Grrrrrr!!! HAHA!!!
Hey batter, batter, batter.....sssswwwwing batter!!!

For A's birthday, we surprised him and took the fam to a Bee's Baseball game. It was killing him the whole way there not knowing where we were going. When we got there and told him, he yells...NO WAY!! Yes....mission accomplished!!! We had a really fun time. I love going places with my family and spending good, fun quality time together. Even though its crazy and a lot of work looking after 4 kids....thats what makes it fun, that and Kirk and I doing it together!!! Our family sure has worked out GREAT!!!

This is how A spent most of his birthday. He went to bed not feeling good at all the night before,and was totally distraught that he was going to be sick on his birthday. He was with Bek and Stef and Angelle that night, and not even they could help him feel better. Thanks for trying ladies. He just needed his mama. When he woke up the next morning, he was doing ok, but as the day wore on, he got worse. He had huge swollen glads(you could see how huge they were) such a sore throat, that is was making it had for him to talk. He said he still wanted to go out for his b-day, so we pumped him full of the good old childrens motrin and he was good as new. I would ask him every now and then while at the game how he was doing and he would say..."I feel great mom." Man I love this boy!!!
Getting settled in for the game!!!
E took some pix of the game. I thought she did a pretty good job. Batter up!!!!
We actually got a run!!!
This is the view from where we were sitting. The Bess hit a home run and it landed right in front of E and me. She wanted to go grab it, but 5 huge guys were running for it, so she stayed back so she wouldnt get trampled bad....still pretty cool!!!
I love this pic. The 2 men in my life. A is so Kirk, its almost comical. Hes Kirk now, not when Kirk was a kid.
Train ride!
Kirk took the younger 3 on the train ride(boring) so E and I had some time to hang out. She is so great. She was totally into the game though. She would call the ball before they would, and I would say 95% of the time, she was right. I was pretty impressed, and we were even sitting out on the grass.
You know what they say.....a family that shares an ice cream cone together, stays together. Bumble Ripple it was called, and it was ginormous and delicious!!! It sure didnt last long. Sad thing is....I so could have downed that by glad I didnt!
Birthday Boy!!!

My turn!! I was being rushed by R. She thought it was hers....of course!
ES wanted Bumble(thats his name) to sign her ball. She was a little timid, but she got it. All the kiddies did!!
A had on a hat and took it off so Bumble could sign it. He thought that was pretty cool!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is GREAT......he's 8!!!!!

Eight years ago today, at 12:29 a.m., our first boy(little did we know he would be our only boy) was born. Weighing in at 8 pounds 14 1/2oz and 21 1/2 inches long. What a great day this was!!! He was such a wonderful easy going baby, that hardly ever complained, was and is a mamas boy and boy was he chubby. I loved it!! I post some pics of that later. We love our boy very, very much. He is so sweet and sensitive and takes good care of his sisters. He is truly an asset and a blessing to our family.

He still lets me kiss him. Even at school, in front of his friends. I hope he always will!!!I love my boy!!!
I love this picture!! Its so A!!!Happy Birthday A!!!