Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Day!!!

A and IB are getting baptized today!!! What a great day!!! We are so proud of these two for choosing the right and getting baptized. These two were best buddies before they came to this world I am sure, and they are still best buddies!!! A says we can never move cause, if he couldnt see IB everyday he would just die!!

It only to 17 shots to get this one....
Ah look....they love each other so much!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Watch out Tiger Woods.....

Here comes my boy!! A had his first day of Golf Camp today. My little boy is growing up! We got him into golf a few years ago. He is not a very aggressive, competitive boy, nor is he very big, so we tried golf. The first time Kirk took him out, he came home, finds me and say, 'mom, I was born to golf and I want to be the best golfer in the world.' More power to him I say!! He really is a natural and just gets the game. He came home tonight and showed and told me all about what he learned. I asked him if he wanted me to stay with him this first time and he says to me,' mom, Im 8. I will be alright. Heres what you can do, you can take me to the lesson and show me where to go, then leave, and then have dad come pick me up.' So sad my boy doesnt need me:( No, Im glad hes confident enough not to need me there. I love this boy!!!
Riding in the cart with the big boys!! Just thought he looked so cute sitting in there. I asked him if he liked riding in the cart and he said 'it was cool, but mom, ive totally driven one before.' My dad let him steer one once. Of course...he totally drove one!
Fun in the sun!!!

We had A and I's combined birthday party on Saturday. They are 8!!! It was a great time! Had all of their best buddies(including some girls....ooh....but they were cousins) there. It was hot so we played in the water and got wet. Well soaked was more like it. We played water games, had pizza(had to buy 9...yikes) opened presents(thanks everyone) and finished it off with some cake and ice cream(that melted faster than you could eat it.) I would say it was a success. At least thats what A told me. Love that boy of mine!!!

A and I with all their buddies!!!
E's turn!!
ES's turn!

R's turn. Everybody has their own style!
Now thats the face of a successful slide!!!
You can feel the earth move when this kid runs!! Love it!!!
Look at the size difference. These 3 are all the same age. Look at my lean mean fightin machine in front!!
My turn on the slip n slide. If memory serves...all the adult ladies went down the slide, even the ones fully clothed, but all the guys chickened out. What is up with that! I cant believe we let them get away with that.
Right after I did a face plant into the grass off the slip n slide....kinda scary!! precious!!
Total BFF's!!! Love these 2. Their little attitudes are so much a like, its hilarious!!!
Present time!!! A and I made a haul. I felt kinda bad, but you only have a birthday once a year, so enjoy!!!Thank you to everyone for the gifts!!!
Birthdays boys blowing out the candles. Little M and R(being squished by I) had to get in on that action too. Adorable!!!
Water balloon fight!!
Lagoon...its what fun is!!!

3rd annual Lagoon trip. Every year(well the past 3 years at least) my girlfriend in my ward and her 2 kids invite E and I to Lagoon. She works for Delta, so they invite us for Deltas day at Lagoon. Its always a good time, always hot, but good.

E with her little girlfriend Haiden. They have know each other since they were about 1!!! Im so glad E gets to grow up with friends she will have known most of her life. I didnt get that, so Im glad my kids do!!
Me and my wonderful E on the Wild Mouse!!! Oh... and was it wild!!!
The 4 crazies waiting to get on the Wicked!! Love this ride. Its WICKED!!!
Me and Haiden right before the crazy Spider ride!!!
Enjoying our nice catered dinner. Yum, yum!! Yes....we are cool!!
Me and Susie! Shes so great!!!