Friday, November 27, 2009

What can you do in 24 hours..?

How about a road trip and an NFL game!?
A friend I know through Stef had tickets she needed to be used to the Broncos game on Thanksgiving Day. The Broncos are my fav so of course I was interested, but didnt know if I could pull it off being Thanksgiving and all. So did!! I have the best family in the world and they were all cool with it! Woo hoo! So it was me and Kirk and we invited my nephew JC to go and still had one more ticket so my brother in law Ruston(who has the coolest wife ever) wanted to come with. Kirk wanted to be back for his families T-day dinner the next day, so it was a quick trip. We left Thursday moring at 6am and got back Friday morning a little after 6am. Did it all in 24 hours! Woo wee!! Didnt get much sleep, but it was so worth it! That the Broncos won and broke their 4 game losing streak was the icing on the cake!! Go Bronocs!!! So much fun!! So gonna do that again!!! Thanks Anna!!!

We were watching Star Trek and JC had to explain a confusing part to me. 1- It was my first time seeing it, and B- It was way to early in the morning! JC's happy Im not confused anymore! Good movie!
Streching the legs....
Road trip buddies...Me, Kirk and too cool JC in the background.
Me and Ruston. I only distracted him from driving for a second...
Bored. Forgot palying cards! Who forgets playing cards on a road trip!? So we had a stare down..
Hes 15. Need I say more....
Looks painful!
Got freshened up(just me really) and got our tickets from my friend. Getting something to eat before the game. Hard Rock was pretty busy. Guess everyone goes there before a Broncos game. Lots of Gaint fans there too!

JC and I messing around waiting to eat.
Still waiting...
We're in...
After the 2 1/2 mile walk(seriously)...we finally made it to the Stadium! So exciting!! It is huge!! Can seat 75,000 people! Night started out pretty warm, but by the end it was cold!
Waiting for the game to start! Woo hoo!!!
Bronco Cheerleaders. The men I was with favorite part....typical!

Ruston wasnt to happy having his Cheerleader watching interrupted...haha! ;)
Wanted one with the field behind me...

Bronco head caoch Josh McDaniels in the orange shirt in the middle there... Hes just a little guy compared to those big football players.
Giants taking the field. Boo!!

Broncos taking the field...YAY!!!

Coin toss.
Bronco sideline. Does there really need to be that many people there?
Kick off!
Broncos first possession....I think?

All of us! The guy behind me standing with the orange hat...hes my new friend. High fiving me and everything. Even hailed the hot chocolate guy for me who kept ignoring me. Had a nice wad of chew in his mouth most of the time. Yah...thats attractive! Even more attactive was him spitting it into a bottle...gross! Kiss your mother with that mouth!

When we got to Denver we stopped at Kirks cousins house to drop something off and chill for a bit. So to pass the time, Ruston decided to bench press me. Takes total trust from the bench of the presser...The ugly noise you hear in the video, yah...that would be me!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mind the gap...

So I forgot to take a before pic, but heres the after...or almost after widening this kids pallet! We have 12 more days(=24 times) of widening to go. He had no gap when we started 2 weeks ago! This thing really does its job. Totally changing the look of his face too!Went to the ortho yesterday and got this fun little contraption! Yes....its a head gear, but called a face mask now. I am so thankful they dont look like they used to anymore! Though still looks like something from Silence of the Lambs! He has to wear this everyday for 12 hours for 6 months. SHEESH!!!! He only wears it at night thank goodness! Puts it on after dinner and takes it off when he wakes up. He is still being a really good sport about it! Its me that has a hard time. I feel so bad for my boy having to do all this! It is for the best though...
The workin man....

Kirk doesnt have the kind of job(hes a dental technician) where when it hits a certain time he gets to go home. He leaves at 7am every morning, and has no idea when he will be home. I call him everyday at 5 oclock( have done this for almost 13 years now) to see what his ETA is, and 90% of the time his reply is....not sure...its going to be a while. Im so not a fan of that answer!!! So since he works so long, he doesnt get to go with us to a lot of things and isnt in a lot of the pictures and I just wanted to get one on here of him to say husband does exsist!!! Thanks for working so long and hard for us!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stars and Stripes Forever(Happy Veterans Day!)

Took my girls(Kirk was working, AT opted out) to the Veterans Day Concert up at the U of U. I sang in this when I was a senior in High School. We used to go every year, but stopped for some reason? Last year my friend Lynette reminded my of it, so we started going again this year. What fun!!I love hearing that music and singing along. Reminds me of growing up in the Military! Favorite part....when the band sang and played Coming to America!! Lynette and I were singing and shouting TODAY!! Good times!!! girls are so pretty! If I do say so myself....
Met Lynette and her girls and parents there! Love these people soooo much!!!!

6th Grade Veterans Dinner/Program!!

The 6th Graders at Woodstock put on a dinner and concert every year for the Veterans. All I have to say is....Wow! They all did an amazing job. A lot of time an work was put into it and it showed! What they do is each 6th grader interviews a Veteran and gets some pictures and then they put on a dinner and program in honor of them! It was really special. E and A are both in the 6th grade and have 2 Grandpas and a Great Grandpa they could interview. E did her Grandpa Great who was in WWII and A did his Grandpa Omer( my Dad) who was in Desert Storm. My Dad was sick and couldnt come to the dinner and program(so sad) but his pictures were there. It was a lot of fun! I love watching my kids do things like this. And yes....I cried during the program!

E and her bf Rebecca! Been friends since they were about one! Cant believe they are in Junior High next year!! Oh my heart...
E with her other bf! Been bf's since..oh about.....conception!!! I win! Haha!!
Sorry for the blurriness.
My nephew(Beks boy) in the front middle! What a stud!
Kirk humored me(what a good husband) and got a pic of the cute boy Ben(top row) E has a crush on! He likes her too she is told! I love it!!! You never forget your first crush. I remember mine. 4th grade...David Usher! E and I have so much fun talking about Ben!
E with her Grandpa Great(my Dad's Dad) and her Grandpa next to him(Kirks Dad)!
Can see Kirks Dad a little better in this pic.
Bek and I with our cute Grandpa Omer! Love him lots! It was so fun spending that time with him!
E singing! This girl loves to sing!! Wonder where she got that from.....?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Metal mouth(is so dont call him that)
So back in October I took AT down to Kirks Uncle who's an Orthodontist in Spanish Fork to have him evaluated. We've always known he was going to have to have work done, but we really had no idea what we were in for!!! They have 3 classifications for how bad a mouth is class 1 being not too bad and class 3 being the worst! AT was...of course a class 3! Basically his mouth is to small for his big teeth. Crowding and aligment problems on top and bottom, front and back teeth crossbites, and other terms where I just say oh and shake my head, but I am learning! To quote Kirks Uncle..."We have our work cut out for us". Bring it on!! So every week for the past 4, AT and I have been driving to Spanish Fork beginning his treatment. We are in this for the next 5 years people! The drive down, the money spent and the peace of mind having Kirks Uncle do it are so worth getting our boy fixed! I was thinking the drive down with just AT and I would be some good visiting and bonding time, but hes like his father and isnt much of a talker. So we listen to music together! At least he doesnt complain and ask me not to sing....

What is that little contraption in his mouth you ask? Its the 2nd step(first was spacers between the teeth for 2 weeks) in his treatment...called a RPE(Rapid Palatal Expander) translation....the thingy they cemented to his teeth that is going to widen and expand the top of his mouth. He has to wear it for 6 months, and we have to click it twice a day to widen it. I feel so bad cause it hurts him everytime! He has a hard time swallowing, eating and talking, and he slurps a lot, but once his mouth gets used to it he will be almost normal. Theres a lot of good stuff he cant eat too! Anything sticky, candy, gum, nuts, popcorn...etc for the next oh....5 years! Think I need one of those in my mouth...haha! All the other stuff he has to have Archwire(?), face mask(aka....head gear...dont laugh) full upper and lower braces and retainers! Poor kid....sheesh!! I just remind him when hes ready to date he will be all good! Since hes so not into girls right now like that, it doesnt really help him...These 2 tools we are going to be using for the next little while. The one on the left is like a seringe to get the food out that gets stuck in that thing. Wouldnt believe how much food gets stuck in there....annoying! The one on th right is what I used to click and widen his mouth. I put it in a little hole in the RPE and push it back towards his throat to widen his mouth....ouch! So this is AT's life for the next little while....good times!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All Hallows Night....
Tried something different this year for Halloween night and trick-or-treating! Tracy invited us to her party and trick-or-treating! Kirk and I had to split up cause E and AT wanted to stay home go with their friends. So Kirk stayed with them and I took the 2 little girls with me to the party! Woo hoo...good times! Cant wait for next year! Kirk forgot to take pics of E and AT....bummer! E was a Vampiress and AT was an Asassin.

I put way more effort into to my costume than Tracy did! Took a lot of time to get that one together and put it on! Haha! Did some trick-or-treating for R and had some guy tell me I didnt need candy...I was candy! At first I was like...are you getting fresh with me, then I looked down and remembered I was an M&M...haha...awkward!Had to take the M&M off cause it was getting int he way of my eating! Cant be having that...
Love Rys(Tracys daughters) face! She is a crack up! Need to work on ES's smile.
R's hat only stayed on...oh...about 5 minutes! She wanted to run with the big kids and that lasted about as long. Had to call Tracys dad to bring the wagon...
Triple the fun....
Since Kirk and 2 of his brothers all have kids born within weeks of each other...why not have a combined, huge Birthday bash? Turning 5 is a big deal, so thats what we did....and what a mad house it was! We had about 20 kids there! The kids so loved it! BB wanted to have a costume party since it was so close to Halloween. We played games, busted up a Pinata, ate yummy food and got lots of presents. Bek and I felt bad because we didnt really think that all the parents would have to buy 3 gifts each.... So fun to have everyone there!!

BB born October 4th. Coolest wolf youve ever seen!Lovely Neena born October 12th. Adorable Bee!
de Janeiro born October 19th. Wacky Witch with half her costume off...of course!
Beautiful E as a Vampir....ess!?
Getting ready to play Hot Pumpkin. When Stef and I worked at the day care, to get the kids attention and to get them to be quiet, we would tell them to eat a bubble. So Stef told all the kids to eat a bubble....still works!
Even for the kids!
Trying to get Hot Pumpkin going...
Love fun Uncle G! So great of him and Stef to come!
This is de Janeiros little boyfriend! Love this kid! Hes the little boy Bek and I tend and R has him wrapped around her little finger!
All the Dads were great sports and let the kids mummy wrap them....
Uncle Gavino
Silly Uncle Ruston
Good one of Nettie and her precious..
Opening of the presents! Was a crazy part, but the best part!

Singing Happy Birthday!