Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Field trippin it!

I promise my kids to go on one field trip with each of them a year. ES wanted me to go to the Living Planet Aquarium with her. I love how excited my kids get when I walk in their classroom to go with them. The night before, ES tells me she told her friend(who is a Denver Broncos fan) that I am a fan too and I have a Broncos shirt and that he wanted me to wear my shirt on the field trip and he would wear his. Haha! I did and he did. Forgot to get a pic of us.

ES's little friend was so cute and sweet! ES has good sweet friends.
Our group=awesome!

This thing was huge. Made me hungry just looking at it. Ha! Yum!

Gotta love Penguins. ES's favs!
These guys were all over petting the sting ray. Not me, but they talked me into it....eventually.
I think I found my new favorite sea creature. Sea horses are amazing! Stared at these guys for 5 mins. Couldnt look away.
Yikes! Prob the only time its cool to be the ugly one. So cool looking!
Call me Coach!

I was released from being 2nd Counselor in the Stake Young Women Presidency a few months ago(sad day. I cried). My new calling(they didnt waste any time. was still crying. jk) is the Stake Young Women Sports Director/Coach. For real YAY! I was excited! Found out that vball time was just about to start, so had to scramble to get that together. Thank goodness for assistants! It was crazy at first and busy, but I loved it! Best/fav part was being and playing with the girls! I love them all so! We made it to...having brain freeze..... the last game before the final game(whatever that is called)! Had a lot of first timers too. I was very proud(the good proud) of my girls!

When we made it to playoffs, my assistant and I went and bought matching socks for our team so we could be unified and one! The girls loved it!
Pretending to know about vball and be a coach ;)

Girls had just come from behind(awesome)! Bringing it in for a group hug huddle.

My lovely girls!
More lovelies!
Love them!
Our 13 year olds goings on....

E has been playing with Murray vball since grade 5. Shes in 8th now. This was by far the best team she was on, with BY FAR the best coach! Loved her coach! Was a player herself and college coach, etc. So great! E learned a lot from her. Es team came in first in the tourney! They were the champs! Yay! After, I was thanking the coach and she takes me aside and said how great of a player E is and how she is a "coaches player." Said she would listen to what she was told and apply the things she was being taught. Said she really appreciated that. What can I say? Just what I always have.....E is amazing!

E and her cousin(in pic) were in the play at her Jr High. Beauty and the Beast. She was the candle seller lady person. She also had a solo we didnt know about, a duet AND a little dance part in a scene we didnt know about either. Those were very pleasant surprises! The kids did a great job! E loves performing. She goes out for all the plays. She plays vball. She plays the piano. She plays the viola in the school orchestra. She sings in the school choir and their Encore choir and has a little part time job as well as being the Beehive pres at church. Again....amazing and BUSY!