Friday, January 14, 2011

And Tiny Tim, who did NOT die....(let the December festivities begin....)

Whenever Stef and G are in A Christmas Carol at Hale, they always get us tickets. I think one or both of them has been in it for the past 10 years. Its so fun and we all look forward to it even though we have seen it 10 plus times! This year it was just Stef in it.

Some of the girls. (my posture is horrendous in some of these pics...ew)!All the girls and ew again...
I swear, swear, swear that is not a sweat mark on my shirt. Its something casting a shadow I swear!! So ugly though! Ruins the pic!
We dont really know how to be candid.
Being silly!
Concert #1

E is in the Granite Youth Junior Symphony. You have to audition for the. Shes been playing the viola for 2 years. She was excited to make it! Me too! She had her first concert to start off the Christmas season. It was great! I was impressed and pleased at how good they were.

Waiting around for the concert to start. Kirk and his #3 Daddys girl .Its so painful for AT to sit through these things. Asks every 5 minutes when it is going to be over. I like the whole fam to go to each others things(if they can). I want them to know and think its important to support your family. Especially your siblings.
The end. The Jr. Symphony is in the white. E is blocked from sight.
Thats R is the pink vest. She always has to right there in on the action. Love her!
So love that she loves music. Such a worth while thing to learn.
Messin around waiting for E to come out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

All those lights and theyre not twinkling...

Annual go to Temple Square to see the lights night. We could not have picked and better warmer night! It was so great, but Sunday night/warm night=so crowded. Still fun. Stef and G and Gavin couldnt make it. We missed them!They have this lovely scene on the water pond thing at the Plaza. So pretty.
Messing around waiting for everyone to get there. Was just supposed to be me and E in this pic. :)

Love Joe and Net.
Everyone while we were waiting for Nat and Hamlet.
Gav had Stake Pres stuff to do.
Missed Stef.

Always have to get one of me and my girls.
Had to go see the Christus befoe we left. So amazing!
Concert #2...

E is in the Show Choir at the Jr. High. She had to try out for it. She sings alto. Just like her mama! Had to buy the blouse, scarf and hair flower. They practice twice a week after school. She loves it! Shes such a big girl now. :(E is 2nd from the right in the middle row. It was a nice concert. I was impressed with how good they were.

A night with the Mo Tab.

Wonderful Melanie was able to score some tickets to the most coveted concert of the year. Way coveted this year because David Archuleta was the guest singer. So happy she asked me to go with her! It was quite the ordeal to get in....longest lines ever and oh so cold outside. Melanie just used her skills and got us in quick. We made it to our seats with a whole 5 minutes to spear. That little David is such a cutie. He held his own. I was impressed.

Didnt know the janitors were in this blurry pic. Apparently they were having a little meeting next to us. So many janiters.

So Melanie works for the church and she has a badge that gets her in cool places. We have had some good times with that badge. It got us back stage this time so we went exploring and ran into this guy. Who knew Obi Won is a fan of the Mo Tab. Hahahaha! They said Han and Luke were around there somewhere. Never found them. Im sure they used some Jedi mind trick on us....
Im so glad I wore my pretty dress....

Christmas Sunday photo shoot. The kids know that we always have to get a family pic in our nice Christmas outfits. They ask before church if they need to leave their church clothes on when we get home. Yes indeedy!Heres our Christmas card everyone. Ha!

Started out as just a family pic, but turned into a photo shoot this time....Never fails that as Kirk is setting up the timer on the camera he always snaps a pic on accident. Ha! All ES is thinking I want to be done so I can eat.
Beautiful/handosme kiddies!
I think Kirk was making them laugh.
Have to get a silly face pic every time.
Where it all started.

A way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear...

Elementary school kids Christmas program. R was so excited for her first school performance "ever" she said. She would practice and sing to us at home. She is different than our other 3. E always(still does) loves to sing and isnt shy. AT will sing, but isnt into it. ES will sing, but is our shy one. Then theres R. The girl gets into. She is so animated. Opens her mouth big and moves her body and sings with her hands. OMG is sooo stinkin adorable.

R is 3rd from the right on the top row. Sprotin the hat over her eyes. Wish we could have seen her better.Shy ES's turn. She was the leader. She loves that!
AT trying not to look too interested and doing a good job.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Eve

Tradition! So it was our 4th annual Christmas Eve movie and pizza night! We love this and all look forward to it. It is so fun and we had for the first time we had Nat with us! The movie of choice was TRON! Kirk and AT were soooooo pumped to see this. We all were. 2 thumbs way up! Loved it. I cried!

Most of us...A few of us...
More of us...
And more. Bffs.
R loves JB(who doesnt right...ha). They had this in the theater so we had to go get a pic. So cute!
Then we saw this and had to get a pic. How cool to have a movie named after you. ;) Going to see this when it comes out!
Then off to The Pie after for some yummy PIZZA!!! 4 years ago when we started this, no one was out. Now, people caught on to our idea and we dont have the place to ourselves anymore. Dumb!
Net, Joe and some kiddies. Net was having eye problems that night. :)
Stef right where she belongs....with the kiddies. Ha!
Can we get some more pizza please. So good!
Love this pic.
Net got us all the same thing and wanted us to open them at the same time.
Marshmallow shooters! Yay! Look at that cute little hand doin the sneak.
Kirk likes to take candid pics. Stef is not good at being candid(lol) and Bek...well.....cant get more candid than that. Hahahahaha!
Love these girls so much!!!