Friday, June 10, 2011

We like to run and run.....

Started May off with a nice little run. :) My friend Susan and I ran the Provo Half Marathon. I thought I had signed up for the Provo Canyon half that I have run before and loved, but no. I signed up for the wrong one. Didnt realize this til a few days before and handt been pushing my training since I THOUGHT I was going to be running DOWN A CANYON!!! Blast!!! Oh well....was still a nice half and I didnt do too bad. I like the halfs. Think I will stick with those.

Mile 5 and still feeling fresh.

Right before Kirk snapped this pic, a police man in his car, on the loud speaker said...."stay inside the cones runner." Yah, that runner was me. Ha!!!
7 and feeling good! I lent the man in the pic to the left my outfit. Hes owning it!!!
13.1 and done!!!! YaY!!! Had to pull the good old Eye of the Tiger out for that finish!!!
After, we were served a yummy french toast breakfast! G double O D GOOD!!
Had to get a pic of our camera boy. Im BatMan(whispered). He was great to come down and support us! Nice to have support. He brought up his bike and rode back and forth snapin pics for us! Good job Kirkums! Thanks!

Runnin w/RSL!

With ES and R's soccer league, they got 2 free tickets to an RSL game. We had to buy 2 for Kirk and I. 4 for the price of 2...SWEET!!! The kid players got to line up and run out on to the field with the players for the National for the National Anthem and all that. It was cool!! Parents were not allowed on the field(dang it), but I was not about to leave my precious girls by themselves so I waited with them. Trying to get a pic....

ES still waiting. It was quite chilly. No R in this pic. She had opted out by then. Bummer. Batteries ran out before I could video ES running out on the field. Frick! It was so fun/cool to see ES run out. She was so excited!!
Still waiting....
Just before all the kids ran out....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kindergarten Grad!

R with her teacher, Mrs. Johnson. R liked her. I did too. R knew and improved so much. Fav kgarten quote of R's...."R, hows was school today? "Horrible! The longest/most horrible day of my life." "Why?" "Because my teacher tells me what to do all the time." I had to remind her everyday as she was leaving that she wasnt in charge. Ha! Cant believe our babys going to be a first grader. Hurts my heart a little. :(Had a lot more pics and video to take, but I forgot to bring new batteries! Dumb!
ABFCT(annual Barrowes family camping trip)

Every Memorial Day weekend we do the ABFCT. Our kids always look so forward to this. Me....its fun, but after camping for 3night/4 days, I am done. It is good times though with good people. Our van was so jammed packed with stuff, our kids had to hold things on their laps. Trying to get everyone.....
Face rock that we like to hike to.
Our kids loooooove canoeing. Didnt know R had hijacked one herself. Thats good parenting. At least she has her life jacket on.

She looks way too excited to have that ax. :)

BB is so cute! He was like..Angela, take a picture of me doing this....:)
R and her little gf's. They are all the same age. 6.
ES and her buddies. They are all 8 almost 9. Not BB in front though. Hes 6.
E with her girls. They are all.....not the same age. Ha, bet you thought I was going to say the same age.
3 Amigos. Yes, they are the same age. 10 almost 11.
What is with our kids and canoeing solo??
Not liking getting his pic taken. Hes threatening Kirk.
So each couple is in charge of a meal and they have a group of kids(preferably same age kids) assigned to them to help prepare and clean up. This is R "helping". I had to watch and make sure she helped. She has a way of disappearing. Shes sneaky.
Playing a game the older cousins made up.
Setting off on our group hike to Beautiful Cascade Springs. What we thought was going to be a short hike ended up being to and from.....12 miles!!! Haha...oops! Some made it. Most didnt. I wanted to, but R and her little legs just couldnt do it. She did make it half way though.
Trying to get a pic on the hike.
Our camp sight is behind the biggest clump of trees.
Our turn. We are good to go out by ourselves. Look life jackets.
ES's fav game was checkers. I think we played it 10 million times! I let her win...I mean, she won most of those. :)
AT is so good at jumping off of things and landing perfectly. Kirk tried to get a shot..yah, not so much. I think AT would be great at street running, aka..whatever the French word is..
Preparing the breakfast Kirk and I were in charge of. We had to do most of it the night before. We had good/hostile(IB with the knife) helpers.
My job was the sausage. I can do that....
Happy Memorial Day~
Provo half...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

April= Easter, Bunnies and Birthdays!

Our good friends the Watts and new friends the Davies, invited us to their Easter egg hunt party. Yay!! E had to work, so we went without her. It was good times! Good way to start off our Easter weekend.
AT was feeling to old and cool to participate.
ES was a good finder.
Missing E and Kirk.....(I cant braid my own hair, so Kirk did it. Ha!)
Theres kirk.
One of the guests brought a real bunny. Big hit!
Still Mr. Too Cool.

R's turn.

Shes 13!!!!!

Easter and Es bday fell on the same day this year. Kind of lame, but what do you do? Even though Easter is important, we were sure to make Evs day just as important. It was a big one! Our baby turned 13!!! What?! Cant believe she is 13! Im too young! Haha! I guess when you get married at19(kirk likes me to say 20) and have your first baby at 21, thats what happens eh? E is a wonderful girl! Total self motivator and over achiever! I am so thankful for her and I tell her that all the time. I do not know what I would do with out her. She is fabulous and we love her so much!!!! This was going to be her bday present, but we decided we are getting her a cell phone instead. She is so okay with that! R made her the little egg. :)
She has been wanting to go on facebook since she turned 12. We wouldnt let her. Made her wait til she was 13. So when she turned 13, she was all over it.

Never know what youre going to get when you set the timer.....