Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just puttin around....

W got invited to go mini golfing by our good friends the Strates(accidently deleted pic with everyone in it dang it!!). Kirk wasnt going to be home from work til late, so we had one last hoorah before school started. It was fun! Realized we have never taken our kids mini golfing. They loved it! Good company=good times!

These guys were my buddies this summer! Love hangin with them! Always miss Dad though...:(

Always felt like I needed to yell fore when this girl was putting...hilarious!
Lost my ball some where in this whole...
Go Broncos!

So glad we love eachother!!

A little pre school prep....

E was a little nervous about Jr. High, so we did a little walk through to get her more comfortable. We went and walked around and found all her classes and practiced opening her locker. After, she said she felt much better and was super excited now! Yay!
Working on opening her locker. Think we shoved and locked AT in after the pic. Poor kid. She is so pumped that the lockers are purple and she gets to locker with her BFF!Look at that concentration. Right, left, right....
Hair cut time for the boy. The way his hair grows, he gets a tail. He loves this thing. Calls it his rat tail. Said he was getting a hair cut and he grabs his tail and says, DONT CUT IT OFF PLEASE!! I was okay with it during the summer and wasnt going to let him for school, but....I did. I figured its just hair, and I think its cool!
Not sure whats going on with the whole tongue thing??
(look at my pretty ES in the background...)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Special day...

OMG I love this girl! She was so excited to be baptized, she was making ME so excited too! Such a big important day. What made it even more special and exciting for her was her best cousin buddy, who is a month older than her, was getting baptized too. Gotta love those 2fers! I spaced getting a pic of the two of them, for COL(crying out loud). I remember my baptism day. I turned 8 and was baptized while we were stationed in Japan. Pretty cool! I even remember what I wore(besides the white baptism dress...Ha!). ;) So proud of our ES for making that first important right choice!

So in love with her Daddy! So glad he has been and was able to baptize our kids. 3 down and 1 to go!
Fam before the baptism...

Have always taken a lap picture with just me and my babies on their baptism day.

Fam after the baptism. Scenery change.....
My Dad and Denise couldnt make it to the baptism. We caught up with them at a family wedding we headed to right after and got a nice shot of ES with the Gparents. Glad ES was able to spend sometime with them on her special day. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

115 vs 75

AT is older than IB by a month and this goes to show that age doesnt always matter and that well....size(40 pounds) does! This was the second take. First one was better cause you didnt know what was coming, but still funny!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Roughin it girls camp style...

Girls Camp 2010! Evs first year at girls camp and I got to go with her! Yay! Its good to be a Stake Leader sometimes. I didnt get to camp with her though. Had to camp with the Stake(thats when its not good to be a Stake leader). :) She was super excited! Cant believe my baby girl is girls camp age. Another bitter sweet thing. I would be excited to see her in the mornings and here and there and she was like, oh hi mom. :( She would still give me loves though. :) Besides being rained on everyday/night and tents flooding and sleeping bags soaked, and a cougar sighting one mile from camp(ahhh!!!), it was a good time! Guess it is called rough camp. Come Friday, we all ready to go home!

Putting up their own tent. They practiced before so they knew what to do.
Wait...whats this? Boys at girls camp! We like boys! Love these boys! They are so great! We had a Luau and they and their mom helped bring up some yummy food!

Me and my Presidency, minus our Secretary. I love these ladies!!
Me and my awesome ward!!
After skits. Melanie and her famous hand....Ahhh! So silly. Love it!
Always silly!
So the Stake leaders and Youth leaders skit involved some Jacob Black(woo hoo! See video below). The girsl went crazy when they saw him!! We had some fun after with him! After though, he was kidnapped and held for randsome! LOL!
Me and Heather! This girl makes me laugh so hard!
After skit night and everyone had settled down, we as a Presidency dressed up as Queens(we are right!) and went around to each ward and read them a Princess bedtimes story because we wanted them to all know they are Princess who can become Queens.
By the last few wards, we were all so tired and loopy, we couldnt even read our words right or talk without laughing.
My ward again. Such cute girls!
Good friends!

This is what we Stake leaders(30 or older) got to sleep in. The rain sure didnt bother us. :)

This is what we are or strive to be....

Stake skit. We got jiggy with it! I promise we are NOT trying to promote poligamy with this skit...
Its great to be 8!!

ES turned 8 on July 22. Woo hoo! All she asked for and wanted for her bday was Super Mario Galaxy 2. Expensive, but easy. She also wanted to go to a movie as a family on her bday. We went and saw How To Train Your Dragon. Loved it! Then on the Sat after, she wanted a swimming party with her favorite friends. Love this girl! She is our super affectionate one and our good eater. She is so so so in love with her dad. She is super shy like I was as a child and she loves hearing her birthing story and loves the fact that she was my heavy weight baby, weighing in at 10 pounds 2 ounces! Can you say FAT!! Loved it!

It was really sunny....
I remember watching her struggle to get these on. Hilarious! Love her!
ES and her 2 best buddies(and cousins).
All of us. Kirk sister Angelle came and helped us with the 9 kids. Yes I was going crazy in my head trying to keep track of them all and making sure no one drowned.
My kids arent big cake fans, so I ask them what they want. ES wanted doughnuts. Yum Yum!! Btw- Reams doughntus are the!!! Peek a boo ES!