Thursday, March 31, 2011

This isnt the wild world of sports.....

Spring sports have started. E started volleyball again. She is awesome at it. ES and R have started outdoor soccer again. ES was so excited. She played indoor all through the winter, but prefers outdoor. Im with her. R told us shes not playing soccer this season for the snacks. She likes soccer now, "because, I like score the most goals." Thats a quote. Ha!

First game.
ES loves Coach Mike(kneeling by ES). He is a great coach! They only lost 1 game last season. Lets do it again Titans!! For some reason whenever I yell go Titans, it sounds like Im saying go tight ends. Haha. Those around who hear, have a nice little chuckle. :) Im funny!

To Blaaaave....

I mean.....the Blaaaaze! Another cool thing we get to see with our pass of all passes, or POAP if you will, is go to the Blaze games. It was fun. Have never been to an arena football game before. Pretty cool. Bummer that Lynette and Iza coudnt be there, but we still had good times! They won...Yay!!!!

Had to get a pic with the bull. Love ATs impression.

Kirk and Joes fav part Im sure. ;)
During halftime, these guys came out. It was cool. One of the guys(I think the blurry guy in the air) on his way down from his stunt, landed wrong on the bike(like not on the seat) and really hurt himself. He was limping off pretty bad. After the show was over, before the game started again, they were cleaning up blood off the floor. Yikes. I wish they would have said if the guy was okay or not. I was worried about him for the rest of the night.
All of us. :)And this is what we all look like blurry....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lost in love....

And I dont know much... Went and saw Air Supply in Feb, but it was so awesome, it needed a post of its own. My friend Melanie called and asked if I like Air Supply. I said umm....YES! She said good. I have 4 tickets to see them in Wendover, do you want to go? YES again!!! Yay!!! Road trip!!!I was so excited!! I am such a cheesy love song geek and not afraid to admit it!!

Saw this on the back of a car at one of the Casinos we hit. Its PERF!!
On the way to Wendover. This is the Tree of Utah I was told.
Melanie booked the hotel a few weeks before our trip. When we pulled up to it, all we could do was laugh. So ghetto. When we checked in, Mel asked if there was a complimentary breakfast. The guy said, oh yes, there is bread and juice. We went in the morning and yep....he was right. There was for sure bread for toast and juice. We laughed and went and got breakfast at a casino.
Saw this on the ceiling in our room. Dont want to know...
Melanie thought it would be fun to dress up 80s style for the concert. So we did!!! We had quite the supply of 80s clothes too. Good times! My inspiration was the girl on Napoleon Dynamite. Ha! My outfit under the blue off the shoulder shirt(it was a sweat shirt) was a one piece outfit. Ha, but EW!!!!
AIR SUPPLY!!! Such a fun concert! They are old, but still got it! They came into the crowd for one of the songs. Melanie pulled me with her and we went down. I touched the lead singer one(the short one)! Got a pic too, but not with my camera. Bummer. After that Mel and I stayed closer to the stage and the lead singer guy pointed at us and blew us kisses multiple times! MULTIPLE TIMES I tell you for all you non believers out there! Heres a little Air Supply trivia for you...they have been based in Utah for the last 20 years and all their band members are from SLC AND they live in Park City. The 2 singers that is. Pretty cool. Me and Kristy. Love her! She is funny!
Melanie loves to pose. She is such a poser! She had me laughing all night. I have had 4 kids AND the outfit I was wearing was a one get where Im going with this.....
They were coming out after to greet the fans and sign stuff. This was them coming out. Was trying to get the famous ones behind me....

Here he is. The tall one. The lead singer guy(short one) didnt come out. He was feeling sick. There were girls waiting for them to sign their shirts right on their you know whats. Nice. Not.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

February fun....with some pain.

For our 14th anniversary, Stef got us room at her awesome hotel for a night. The Hotel Monaco! It was fun! The service there is great! On the employees name tags the have funny names under their real names. It is their guilty pleasure. The man who helped us check is was chocolate chip cookies. Stefs is Barry Manilowe, I think. Mine would be donuts for sure. Anyhoo...we got to the hotel, then we to my fav place Zeigfreids(a german place) for dinner, then down to BYU to a Carl Bloche art exhibit. Loved that. Then went to breakfast the next morning at a fun little cafe called the Lambs Grill Cafe. Yum! Thanks Stef! Good times!

Room was very nice. Loved the headboard.
I got me a mug at Zeigfreids.
Yummy stuff you had to buy. We didnt.
Had this in there with all the fun snacks. Thought this was funny. Good to prepared and have options eh?

My friend told me about this ice castles display up in Midway. Actually, she asked me if I have heard of ice castles? Of course I thought she was referring to the totally cheesy, but awesome 80s movie called Ice Castles, so I said of course I know that movie!! Who doesnt right!? Well....shes only 22 so I should have known she wouldnt know that movie. Anyhoo....we got on the same page. Hadnt heard of it, so we took the kiddies to see it. It was pretty awesome. Some artiist guy does it every year with water(of course) and PBC pipe I think.

Big enough to walk through.


ES opted out of the family trip to go to a bday party. :(
Shes so bendy.

I have never been able to do that. I think after soccer season, we will get her into gymnastics.
R had a tooth that needing pulling and she DID NOT want to go to the dentist(our kids teeth are stubburn and have to be pulled by a dentist most of the time. HATE it) again and get a shot, so she wanted me to pull it. Yay for me! This tooth was a bugger to get out though and it hurt her "real bad." I usually do just fine with that kind of stuff, but it took me a while to recover from this one because it hurt her. She was super tough and brave though. When she gets nervous or scared or is embarrassed, she does this really silly laugh and smile. She laughs til she is red in the face and crying. I joined her this time(to show my support and all).
Ta da! FINALLY! Sheesh!!!
After living in our house for 12 years, we had our first TPing. You would think it was some punk kids or friends right? Nope. It was one of my sister in laws messing around. So needs to work on her TPing skills. Really?

Left us some nice wholesome, feel good messages...

And then there was this beauty. So knew who it was when I saw this. :)
Our Vday love notes. :)

R was playing ball at school and jammed her finger.
ES and R got invited to the BDay party of the year!! Party favors for everyone were gold fish. Fun!
ESs was dead the next day. She was sooooooo sad. She even made me sad. When she was ready(these things take time), we had a flushing funeral and reminisced our time together. Bought her two more fish only to have them DIE too. Rs goldfish is still kickin it. Weird.

Third grades to a report every year for Black History month. This year ESs class had to do a 5 PAGE report. Which means I had a 5 page report to do. REALLY!!?? 5!!? They pick a famous African American and do a report on them. ES chose Condaleezza Rice. They make a poster and then have a wax museum and talk about their person. She did the poster all by her lonesome and did a fantastic job!!! This is her little boyfriend Gabe. Hes a cutie!

AT is on his way to get braces and had the first set of brackets put on this month. Hes wasnt quite sure how he felt about it. He didnt want to go back to school that day because he wasnt ready for his classmates to see him yet. Totally understandable and the softy that I am, I let him stay home.