Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 09(fyi....this post is a doooooozy!)

3rd annual Christmas Eve movie and dinner! This is so fun! Stef and G buy everyones movie tickets and dinner after! Its their Christmas present to all of us and its so great of them! We saw Planet 51(not so much), but it was okay. Bek, Lynette and I fell alseep. Too funny! Stefs purse there was FULL of candy!! Thats what Im talking about!
After we go to The Pie for some HUGE, yummy pizza! These two are hilarious!!
Stole the baby...
This was Netties Christmas present to all of us! Icecream bowls with a scope! Love it!!
G's daughter Aurora.
Love this baby!!
Kirk stole the baby!
Joes serious face...aaahahaha!!

Everyone! JC is the flash. He thought he would be clever and go outside behind the glass...cant see him! Thanks again Stef and G! Love you!!!
Christmas Eve bedtime story courtesy of my friend Shan and fam! How Murray Saved Christmas...Loved it! Very funny!
Picked Nat up from the airport after the kiddies were in bed, so when they woke up she was here!!! Kirk, Nat and I were up before the kids. Whats up with that?! Too excited!! Not sure why we are laughing...wait I know....we are funny!!!
Kirk drew E's name and shes been needing glasses so that was his present to her. She was sooooo excited!! So nice to be able to see too! de Janeiro is already bored....hahaha!!
AT had ES.
I had AT
ES had me. Love my awesome bowl!
de Janeiro had Dad
E had de Janeiro
Got the kiddies a DS. ES opened it and E asked....are there 4 in there? Aaaahahah...nope! Have to share.
de Janeiros bling bling that E got her!
Christmas breakfast!
She was Nats little shadow!
Barrowes Christmas party. So many people in such a little space. We all miss the big house! Over 60 people. And thats just Kirks parents and siblings and their kids!!
Uhh...keep your hands off my basket! :)
Sit on Aunt Angela....
I can handle it!
Christmas Dinner at D and D's(aka...Dad and Denise)

Love my sisters! BFF's
Being sillies!
Sunday dinner with the best people! We never stop laughing!! E dressed herself...

OFCP( Omer Family Christmas Party)= best party of the year!!!
So look forward to this party! I have the best family ever!!! Always have a little program and each family does a musical number. The song my sisters and I sing was by request from my Gpa. Didnt plan that one...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Everyone look at the door. Someone came to the door right when Kirk was about to run to be in the picture, so this was the shot. Just a funny...
Our lovelies! Poor boy has such a hard time smiling with that thing in his mouth.
So for the gifts for our neighbors, home/visiting teaching, people we serve with, kids teachers(primary, school, piano, katate etc...) Kirk made his famous granola! Keepin it healthy! We did it last year and everyone loved it so much, thought we'd do it again! Keep telling him he needs to market this stuff and sell it! It is really yummy! Took sometime making, baking and packaging, but we love all these people, so it was worth it!!!
Big Mamas!

de Janeiro has always given me these long hugs and kisses and calls them big mama hug and big mama kiss. She will say I want big mamas now. I LOVE IT!! Pay no attention to the child popping in and out of the video...;)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Curly Q...
I bought a new curling iron and LOVE it! Its the one where you wrap the hair around the funnel! Its the BEST!! I can curl each girls head of hair in 25 mins or less, and when you have 3 girls, oh man that is WONDERFUL!!! So now I dont dread having to curl their hair. Funny story....both E and ES would lock their knees while I was curling their hair and they almost passed out(k...maybe not that funny). They said they didnt feel good all the sudden and got all pale and sweaty. Note to self...sitting while getting hair curled is a must! Live and learn... would it be to be 7 and be this pretty!? When I was 7...yah....not so much!
Just one of the little people in my life that make me sooo happy! This girl is me in so many ways...
One way is big eyes! Kirk calls us his big eyed girls! She loves this and reminds me often!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Who" dat....

We had our ward family Christmas party last weekend! All I have to say is wow!! It was so fun and so well done! Kirks Aunt was in charge and her and her helpers sure out did themselves. It was a Whoville theme. Our cultural hall never looked so good! So fun!! Everyone came dressed up like a Who. Except Kirk. His Aunt asked him if he would be the Grinch. My hubby being the nice guy/good sport that he is, went way out of his comfort zone and said yes! He did a great job too! They did a little program and he sang the Grinch song!

His sister Angelle came over and made him all green! Fake eyebrows and everything.... Thats like the worst, most brightest wig ever!!!
Gel even did E's hair. She put a hanger in it and braided around it! Shes a genius!!
Love this family in our ward!! The most adorable kids! I just want to eat them mushy!! Most of the little kids were afraid of Kirk.
In character. Thats his wonderful/talented/creative Aunt!
Ooops....he broke character! Didnt know the Grinch liked to give kisses!?

Cute Who kids!
Couldnt help but laugh a little when I looked at Kirk! He looks different green!