Monday, October 29, 2007

Its a dead mans party.....

Went to a Zombie Halloween party on Saturday night! This is me with my cousins husband Johnny. We're buds:) He throws this party every year.He is totally into the Zombie thing. He is so hilarious. Its was a fun party. Me....not lookin so hot. Im a dead runner. Kirk was a dead under cover cop. No pic of him though.
Me and my Uncle Brent. Hes a cool guy.
B was sad the Bek and gav were leaving so they brought him along. In the car on the way there, he kept asking me if I was funny. Bek and Gav told him they were being funny when they were getting ready. Love that kid!
Our ward trunk or treat was last Thursday. R fell asleep waiting for everyone to get ready. Her head kept bobbing up and down. It was too funny!

There is some drool there:)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Go Colts!

J had his last football game on Saturday, so we all went to show our support. He is so into football and is actually really good at it. It was fun to see him out there. He is Mr. Cool! Its really crazy to see how much some parents really get into it. Yikes!

Go number 66!

Sisters! K, so I get to the game and Bek and Stef look all cute and done up and here I am in my beanie with my running clothes still on. Nice! Oh well, Im used to being odd man out. I was after all...adopted.
Stef....I think you are shrinking. Bummer! I dont remember being this much taller than you?
Being silly:)
Before kickoff!
Before J's team kicks off, they do this hand and leg clapping thing. Kinda like a Haka for any of you who know what that is. Its a Polynesian thing. Its was cool!
J's really not taller than Stef.
A beating up Uncle G. We will let him think that anyway!
Flying! Good thing G is strong. I made him throw A like 3 times so I could get a good pic. Cut hi s head off in this one.
No head cut off!
Football stud!
Hat switch!
Nice profile shot. Totally into the game.
If I did thumbs up, J did a peace sign. If I did a peace sign, J did thumbs up. I wanted us to do the same thing man! Ah....the 12 almost 13 year old phase;)
Uncle G is comfy!
Quality time!

The kiddies wanted to mess around with the camera. So I let them and let them tell me what to do for a change. It was fun! I love my kids. They make me happy:)
Love my boy!!!
A says to me no matter how old he gets, he will always kiss me. I told him he better:) Cause I am not going to stop kissing him.
Love kissing this girl. As you can tell....we love giving kisses in our family. cute! Oh....but dont be fooled people, dont be fooled!
After this pic, she spit in my face. She thought it was funny, me.....not so much. I said no more kisses for a while. Spitting....are you kidding me?
Love her! Gotta love the missing teeth pix.
Party Time!!!
Had a fun B-day party with some of R's BFF's. It was a good time. Had some yummy pizza and cupckaes and then off to the theatre to see Ratatouie. Cute show. You wouldnt think so with the main character being a rat, but we enjoyed it.

Opening Anut Stefs and Uncle G's present!
Opening M's present!
Putting on the BFF bracelet!
Out fit from M!
Ah....matching outfits! Too cute. This is the best pic we could get. They were to into what was on the TV!
Blowing out the number 3....with a little help from her friends!(including the Dinawhores:)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hooray for me...Im 3!!!

My baby girl is 3 today. I cant believe it. This one really did go by so fast. Actually, she 3 going on 13 let me tell you. She sure is something else. Not like any of our other kids and great just the same. Shes very independent, has to do everything thing herself. She can go potty all by herself, sing the ABC's, loves to play with her cousins. She can be very sweet when she wants to be...wants to be are the key words there. She only likes to do things if its her idea, so we have to get her to think its her idea so she will go along with it. She is a wpnderful blessing to our family and we are glad we got her. We love our R!!! Happy Birthday!!!
Playing in the leaves!!

We got to have M over on Monday. Yes, Lynette, Im a little slow. The girls had a blast. M had her dance outfit on, so R had to put one on even though it was a little big. Too cute. They discovered the leaves and played for a while outside. M is so hilarious and we loved having her over(even if she did pooh:). We love her! Thanks for asking us Lynette:)
I heard R say to M," I need to take a rest, K." They had been running around for long time, totally understandable. M said(out of breath) OK, Ill do it." They are too cute!

The girls wanted to bury A with the leaves. He was a good sport and let them. They thought it was so great. They were laughing the whole time!

A getting M with the leaves. His no mercy! JK! M thought is was great!

Look at M's cute little bum. So adorable!

A wanted me to get some cool action shots. He is quite the tumbler! He can do all sorts of flips and jumps and rolls. Maybe we should get him into gymnastics?

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Dark side:) I had my sister-in-law Angelle color my hair, all my hair dark brown. What do you think? I LOVE it! I know, I am always doing something to my hair. I like to experiment. Kirk says it makes me look a little dangerous. Cool!! Now he calls me his "Danger Girl." At church yesterday, no one recognized me at first. They were wondering who that woman was sitting with Kirk. I even got Bek at first. Love it!!
Different angle. Kirk says this color really brings out my of his favorite features of mine.
E's photography. She loves it!