Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ES's Birthday weekend!!!

For ES's birthday, she wanted to go to the off we went in 102 degree heat! YIKES!!!! She wanted to take her best buddy and cousin with us. Thats why we have 5 kids instead of 4. They really love being together. So anyways, we braved the heat and went and were there for 5 hours. Even though it was hot, it was still a lot of fun. We were all pretty tired when we got hoe. That didn't stop Kirk and I from taking the kids to the babysitters and going to see Harry Potter. Good movie! Dark, but good!
Es posin on the elephant. We went to the elephant show.....kind of boring. The kids didn't make it all the way through.

Around the zoo they have these huge fans that blow a nice mist. Needless to say....that is where we spent most of our time. It felt soooo good. R loved it. We had to literally pull her away from it. She is so silly!!!

R loved the Lion water fountain.

Their favorite watering whole!!! It was soooooo hot!!

I love the orangatang(sp?) They were being so playful with everyboby that day. The little baby was too adorable. I love their faces. They are huge. I just wanted hug and play with it.

Hiding in some prentend animal house. Forgot which kind of animal.

Opening presents. I asked her what she wanted and she said Ballerina slippers, Sponge Bob movie and a water noodle(not sure what thats about) so thats what she got. Not to hard to buy for yet. Of course all the kids have to be in on the opening of the presents.

She wanted to show off her new Ballerina slippers. She likes to try and walk around on her toes when she wears them. Wouldn't that be crazy if she turned out to be a Ballerina? You never know.

Love my ES!!!

ES wanted birthday cookies instead of cake, so I made cookies and put a candle in 5 of them. She thought that was fun. She woke up the next morning and asked if she was still the birthday girl. Really hated shooting that one down, but she took it well.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Also.....Happy Anniversary to Lynette and Joe. 7 years....way to go. Hey that rhymes :) You guys are the best and a great couple. You have been with us through it all and you mean so much to us. We love you both so much. We need to see eachother a lot more. We miss you! Hope you had a great day!!!
Birthday #5!!!!!

Today is ES's birthday!!! Happy B-day my ES!!! July 22 was a good day. Weighing in at 10 pounds 2 ounces she was my fastest and easiest birth....condering I was doing it naturally and her being so big...I was glad it was fast....2 1/2 hours total!!! What an adorably fat baby she was. I LOVE fat babies....I was so happy!!! She is a sweetheart. She is our kisser. She loves to kiss(we will have to watch this as she gets older) and she has to be touching you all the time if you are next to her. She is very sensitive and shy(so not like her older sister) I was a very shy child. She looks like me, but reminds me of Stefanie in a lot of ways(scary) JK Stef! Her and Stefanie are kindred spirits. Have been from the beginning. She likes to take care of her little sister and LOVES her big sister so much. She always has to be doing what E is doing and followa her around all the time. She says to me, "mama, I love E too much." So sweet. She loves to be around her brother and loves it when he chases her. She can't wait to start Kindergarten. I can't believe it is here already. She is so ready though. She is very smart and knows 24 out of the 26 letters in the alpabet by sight and knows her numbers 1 thru 30 by sight. She can wright her name all by herself and you can actually read it. She likes to walk and run on her tippy toes and I think this helps her to be a fast runner. She really does run really fast. She's impressed quite a few people. We are trying to teach her to not walk on her toes so much. We will see how she does. She hardly ever gets sick, but when she does it hits her hard. She was easiest to potty train at 2 years old. What am I saying, me potty trianing her....she practically did it herself. I was the moral support. She is just so smart and so much fun. I love having her as my daughter and in our family. We are truely blessed to be a part of her life! We love our ES!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


ES wanted me to take a pic of her and R in their matching dresses. One can't wear it without the other wanting to wear it. They think it's so great!!! R calls any dress she has "Cinderella." If she wants to wear a dress she says "I want Cinderella mama." Actually she screams it at me and I wait till she asks nicely. Oh give me patience please! Lots and lots of patience!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th Neighborhood Parade!!!

Every 4th of July our neighborhood(members and non members alike) has a little parade. It's actually not that little. A really great lady in our ward started in years ago and it has been going ever since. We start by her house and you can ride whatever you want or walk and decorate your ride and yourself however you want. People really go all out. Of course my girls want their faces painted. Not A, he says it is way to girlish. This year we had Abraham Lincoln leading the parade. It was great! We go through the neighborhood and people come out and sit and watch and clap and cheer and wave, just like a reral parade. The kids love it!! We finish at the park in our neighborhood and have a really yummy breakfast and play games. It's a lot of fun and a good way to get to know all the people in the neighborhood, especially the inactive and non member ones. We have some really great people around here.

Getting ready to head out!
R's very intelligent face. She's got the Omer look down pretty good.

Waiting for the parade to start. Kirk is wearing his Captain America shirt I bought him for fathers day. What better way to show your patriotism.

This picture needs no words.....

E and her BFF Rebecca leading everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance before we ate breakfast.

1st game of the day.....3 legged race. This wasn't a very even match up, but they did pretty good.

2nd game......sack races. E didn't win, but she didn't fall either. She was proud of that.

Last ball on a spoon. I wanted in on that, but of course let the kiddies win.

Park City...

Kirks parents have a time share up in Park City and each year each Kirk and each of his siblings take turns going up and spending a night or 2. We got to be there for the 4th this year and it was a lot of fun. After the parade we headed up. We had to hit the pool fisrt of course. The water was on the cold side, but still felt good. They had a hot tub....or should I say, melt your skin off was so hot that when I got out my legs were bright red. Yikes!!!! I was really nice to get away and to be doing something different. Our kids are getting to be quit the little swimmers.

R flirting with a little boy and giving him the eye. I must say....he was a very cute little boy.

E and I stayed longer at the pool so we could swim in the deep end. She's like me and loves the water and loves to swim. WSe stayed in till we were nice and pruny!

She totally could have eaten that whole thing herself, and sure gave it a good try.

Waiting for the fireworks to start. It was fun just sitting and playing games and being silly. The kids got a little bored after awhile, but Kirk surprised them with some icecream and they were quite content after that. Not R though. She was like a crazy person. She was running around entertaining everyone around us and giving them a good laugh. She thinks she's pretty funny too. The fireworks up in Park City were great! Just as they were about to do the big finish, we heard this noise that sounded like water starting and everyone was looking around, when all of the sudden the sprinklers came on full force. You have never seen so many people move so fast and snatch up all the stuff and kids. It was pretty funny. ES didn't think so though. She got the most wet of all of us, so she was very sad and cold. We stayed to watch the finale.....totally worth it.
All of this made for a really long, busy and tiring day, but it was so much fun and our kids all said it was a fun, great day and thanked that makes it all worth it!!!!

This is for you Nat and Stef. I put her swimsuit on the other day and she says "mama, I need my boots." I need to get her a bigger pair.

A gal in our ward invited E and I to go to Lagoon with her and her kids and, you know what they say about's what fun is......NOT. We still ahd fun though. First ride of the day.....WICKED!!!! It was a blast. It's on my favorite list. I almost lost my hat, but with my cat like reflexes I snatched it right out of the air. Good times!!!!
Some fun ones on the swings. Kirk wasnt to happy I had the camera out on the ride. I was s0 careful.

Self portrait.

Tomasi wanted me to take a picture of us together. I love this kid. He is such a nice sweet boy. We went on the Tidal Wave and he started to get freaked out so I put my arm around him and he scooted in close to me to feel safe he said. I told Kirk that, and he said he's a smart boy. Nice Kirk.

Action shot getting off the sky ride. Go E go!!!

E and Tomasi. I don't care how old you are never to big for the bumper cars!!