Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oktoberfest(or the US version at least....)

Decided to go up for the last weekend of the Oktoberfest! Invited our good friends Bryan and Shannon to go with us! Good times! I do have to say...once youve been to a "real" Oktoberfest in Germany, nothing else can really compare! Not nearly as much beer(or drunk people), not enough crazy rides, food was good but not the same! There was Polka though, so still fun! We ate, shopped and took a tram ride...yay!

On the tram on the way up! Kirk, Bryan and Shan.
At the top of the was SO COLD with quite the windchill factor...

Us with the valley in the background that you cant really see.
And I bought these!! I was so excited! They are so warm and comfy!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ice Ice Skating....

Got invited by a friend and her kids to go ice skating. E's second time, but the first time for the younger 3. Overall...despite some injuries(me included trying to break a fall) they loved it!!! I had forgot how fun ice skating is!

R went right out and the ice....fell....and went right off of the ice! She so didnt like that. Said she just wanted to watch. After a lot of coaxing that didnt work, I handed her to my friend, who is a good skater, and made R go out with her! One time around and she was lovin it! I knew she would!
E and Clair. The last time E went she fell and hurt her wrist, so she was a little timid at first.

Before both our injuries! I hurt and bruised my tailbone..ouch(I only fell once) and AT...well...see the pics below!
It looks like she is helping me, but shes not! Really...just holding hands!
My friend Susan going around with R! R didnt want to stop! Susan was so nice to keep taking her!
This girl was hilarious! She loved it! She would fall, but so didnt care. She told me falling was fun! She didnt want help either. I was impressed!
This is his injury! When he would fall, he kept breaking his fall with his elbows. He went to take a break and showed me this!! What the...this happened so fast! It looked way worse than the picture shows. It was gross! It swelled up and bruised so fast too! My poor boy! I could tell it hurt him, but he was tuff! We got him some ice and he just chilled the rest of the time.
Look at that handsome profile! Freckles and all... By the end of the night he and his arm werent doing so good!
E's new love....Volleyball!

So during the summer E went to a Vball camp and loved it! Shes hooked now, so we signed her up for a season to see if she really like it! So far so good! Shes good at bumping and setting the ball and is working on spiking! Shes ones of those that picks things up quickly! Shes got the height thing going for her too!
Before her very first game! So exciting!!
I think listening to her coach..?
Game time! They played 4 sets with 2 different teams.
Serving....shes got that down!
Nice form! Her team lost 3 sets and won the last one! They were pretty neck and neck intense! I was the loudest parent there...Im so my mom!!
Cheering section...
They wanted a pic sticking out our tounges. Love R in this silly!