Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kids on Love....

So the kiddies were watching The Brady Bunch(okay I was too. Everyday at 530 while making dinner) anyhoo....in the show Greg was getting all lovey dovey with his girl. Heres the conversation between AT and R...

AT's reaction to the lovey dovey.....
AT- Oh man that is gross! So disgusting(so not into the girl thing right now)!
R- They're just in love. You will be one day.
AT- SO, you will TOO someday!
R- I already AM in love with lots of boys! Lots!!!!

My reaction....OUI!!!!

One of the little boys she is supposedly "in love" with and he with her, she told him the other day that she was,"way out of his league." What the??? What 5 year old says that? Only R!! She is truly one of a kind....gotta love her!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feel like a Monster....

So I have this song on my iPod that the little kiddies love. Its called Monster by Skillet. Got it from JC and we all love it. Its so great to run to! Its a heavy metal rock song and the kids want to listen to it all the time. These 3 wanted to listen to music while eating lunch and requested that song. de Janerio is the "drummer girl" and rocks out the WHOLE time and BB well...if hes not the lead and ONLY singer he does not like it, as you will see. Hes gets some air guitar going on though. Just had to get 3 5 year olds rockin out!!