Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oot and aboot in Seattle......

Yay...sister trip. Minus 2 sisters(we missed them) :( but still a sister trip! I was so excited to go see Nat! Let the good times roll! Flew into Seattle about 20 mins early. My last text to her before I shut it off was...you better not be late!! Ha! I was jk of course. Texted her when we landed and said we were early and she had just walked in. Ohhhhh boy was she lucky! I told her I wanted her holding a sign up for me as I walked out the gate...she did! It was awesome! Didnt think to get a pic of it dang it! Anyhoo...was happy and excited to be there. It was raining some. We headed to her place where she made me and her bf a yummy dinner. Stuffed chicken quesidillas! They were amazing! She had an itinerary(hilrarious) all ready to follow and we stuck to it pretty good. If anyone(ANDY) asked what we were doing.....answer....look at the itinerary. We ran together, shopped together, ate together, sang together(oh boy did we ever sing it) laughed together,and just hung together! It was grrrrrrreat!!! I did miss my family. I think they missed me too. :)

First day, 3rd item on itinerary....we went to see the little puppy Nat is getting. Hes a Frug. Half French Bulldog/Pug. He is sooooo stinkin cute! I got to hold his little sister.

Next....DTS(down town Seattle) for some lunch and shopping. This was at Pike Place Market. Love this place. So fun!

Tried to get a pic of them throwing fish. I was to slow and these people needed to be down in front!
After walking through the market.
Very first Starbucks ever!
2nd day....On our way home from shopping at the outlets, we stopped to take some pics on Lake Washington. So pretty!
SP(self potrait), but pretty too! :)
Leaving for the airport and had to get a pic of Nats bf Andy for Rio. She has a crush on him and wanted me to take one. Its so funny when she sees him. She gets a little red face and does a shy laugh. Im not fooled! Andy was great! He hung with us the whole first and last day. Made us a yummy breakfast each morning. Was our personal photographer, and well...just put up with us, which deserves a gold star of its own! Thanks Andy...youre mobile!
Thought if I videoed the fish throwing, that would be better.....

Thanks for a great trip Nat!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


So Kirk came home from work one night and surprised me with this beautiful Orchid plant. I had had a ruff day/evening and that made my night. He said it was to say thank you. Thank you for so many things. He told me all the things and it was very nice. I love getting flowers, but they always die so fast, but Orchid plants can last forever if you take care of them right, so I am learning how. So thoughtful that Kirk!
Cuddly, cuddly...

Shes not our little girl anymore. This girl grows like a weed. She is only 4 inches shorter than Kirk and me.
Happy/sad visit.

Inbetween sessions on Conference Sunday, we went as fam to visit my moms grave. Hadnt taken the kiddies to see it for a while. Got there and the grass was all grown over the edge of the headstone, so we all cleaned it up and made it look nice. It was nice to be there and talk about her and answer questions our kids had about her. Towards the end though, the kids were a little sad. We told them it was okay to be sad. It was a very sad thing. I still get sad sometimes. Even though we got sad, we were happy we went.
Just across from my mom, is my Gma Omer. Its nice to be able to visit them both.
About a boy...

AT went a field trip to some place(cant remember) where you can dissect gross things. That day they got to dissect owl pellets. Translation....owl throw up! So gross! He thought is was so cool. So did Kirk, of course. Boys. This is AT showing me all the bones and parts that cant be digested. Hes pointing to the skull. Still gross....
Kirk went to the DI(hes the DI King) and saw these hockey sticks for 2 bucks each, so he got one each for AT and his buddies. Their scout master likes hockey and every time they got to scouts they play street hockey for a little bit. Now they can take their own sticks.
Game on...
Hate spiders, but the sure can spin it!