Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is Halloween, Halloween....

So Halloween, as always, was crazy! I really wasnt feeling it this year. Didnt even dress up. I know...bah hum bug. Wait...wrong holiday. Anyhoo...Did the usual dinner together with Bek and her fam. Love doing that, and then we got the kiddies ready together and the hubbies took them out trick or treating and we can sat and relaxed and passed out candy together. Yay!!!

Es last year of trick or treating. Getting too old she says. I agree. She went out with her friends that all dressed up like Ninjas. We didnt see her for most of the night. Shes growing up. Ninja BB and Hannah Montana(who refused to wear the blond wig) R.
ES wanted to be a Goth Pirate. Is this a sign? Should we be worried? Hahaha! JK!
The 2 bros. This is all you will get out of Kirk for Halloween. More than me this year.
Sons of the 2 bros. AT is a dead hiker.
Everyone. Group isnt as big anymore now that the older ones go off on their own. :(
My good, good friend Melanie dressed up as Buddy the Elf. She made this whole outfit. So awesome. We went to see Thriller and she wore it. Love it! Love Buddy the Elf! Halloween was on a Sunday, so she invited us over for a fun Halloween dinner. Theres the old hand again. We love this hand!She was showing off her cool Elf shoes, so I had to show off my shoes. Not quite as cool or festive as Elf shoes. Of course R is in the pic, eating what I think is the leftover kitty litter caserole that Melanie made. Ewwwwww!

# 6....pick up sticks!

So our little "High River", thats what her name means in Spanish, and thats what she wants us to call her, turned 6! Our baby is 6! That is crazy to me! Crazy that we dont have any more. Its been nice enjoying her in all her stages without having to take care of a little one too. I feel bad for the older kids that didnt get that. Theres something to say for being the youngest. We love her! She is a wild card and one of a kind, but how can you not love her. We just had a family birthday this year. We made a cake, went to her choice for dinner and a movie. Noodles and Co for dinner and Despicable Me. Cute movie. It was a fun time!!

This is the card my dad and Denise made for her.Inside of card...

Making the cake. She loves to help cook.

Waiting for it to be done. Peace out!
While we were opening presents, my girlfriends hubby, who just loves this girl, called to talk to her and wish her a happy birthday. So loved it!
Thats all she asked for and wanted! Sweet! Done and done! Bet you can guess how long those gum balls lasted....