Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our January....

The month started out with(drum roll).... the snack that smiles back(sure puts a smile on my face)! Nat came over to hang and we wanted some puddin, and the kiddies were going to be home from school soon, so we made something for everyone. Chocolate and banana pudding with 2 layers of graham crackers. One of my favs and oh so delicious. When the kids got home and asked whats for snack, I got it out and said...the snack thats happy to see you! Ha! I think Nat and I had a little too much fun putting the bananas on...eyebrows and all....At the kids school, the grade 4's go skiing every winter after Christmas break. AT was soooo excited to ski, and to wear his new face mask he got for Christmas. This was and still is the only time he would wear his puffy coat. We have words about it EVERY morning!!!
ES started up indoor soccer. She was pumped! Shes been playing outdoor for a few seasons now, but indoor is a whole new ball game. She was up for it. They are the Pink Pandas. Coach Todd is showing the girls what to expect...
Kickin it before the game with the coolest dad!
So excited!
Palyin some D! Just like her mama and Aunts!
Focused on the game. I was calling her name, but she was in the zone.
Up top on some offense, where she flies with that ball.
They played boys for their first game! BOYS! Dont have a prob with boys, but for the first game ever for all of them AND these boys are on a comp team and play together all the time? Fair? I think not. Not even going to say the score. I will say, for the girls first indoor game ever, they did a fantastic job!!!
So excited for her first indoor shoes. She picked them out herself.
This girl has been after me forever to put these in her hair. I was sick one Sunday, and she got me while I was down.
Shes so funny, cute and small...
One T-Bird jacket. These are my 3 little buddies. Love them! Look at Tman there with his arm around his girl. He so loves her and she has him wrapped around her little sassy finger.
Kirk and I were out looking at houses and I was running across the road and rolled my ankle. DUMB! Was out of running commission for a week. Dumb again!
We had the power go out for about 3 hours one night. Didnt stop us from our routine. Thank goodness it was before the super cold happened!

Kirk had his 39th bday on Jan 25th and we had our 14th anniversary on Jan 25th. It was great! Kirk and I are celebrating our anniversary later, so he wanted to spend his bday with our kiddies.

He bought these fancy schmancy shoes for his bday.
4 of his favs!
Us and 14 years. We made it...
We went to our fav place for dinner(Noodles and CO.) and then went and saw Megamind in 3D. Absolutely LOVED this movie! Its my new fav! We were all laughing out loud. So fun!
Strike a pose...
E had a showcase at the Jr High and the orchestra was doing country time songs, so they all dressed up and put on a show. E is in the black looking at the camera. After they were finished, she ran over to the auditorium to sing with the Show Choir. Theres nothing this girl doesnt do!