Friday, July 29, 2011

June.....schools out for the summer!

June 12th, AT's 11th bday!! It was a good day, full of fun stuff. First him and Kirk went to a movie. No girls allowed. They saw the new Xmen movie. Both loved it. (anybodies guess as to what the guy is doing in the background.) presents. Here is what poor AT has to live and deal with everyday. Plus me too!
He opened all his present with his eyes closed. Wanted to guess what they were.
Can you tell this was his fav present?
Best for last....we went to the RMR(rocky mountain raceway) It was so much fun!!!! Totally different crowd there. People watching was great! It was seriously a blast and loud!
Duck butt.....
Love this!
This was like the Zambonie(sp?). Kirk and I tried to come up with a fun name for it to go with the raceway theme. Came up with some funny ones, but they werent very appropriate to repeat. HA!
Getting into it....
Her too....

AT also got his green belt. Not sure the color order, but he is getting very close to his black belt, so WATCH OUT!!
Best Father Fathers Day!!!!

Kirk wearing his Fathers Day present while grilling his Fathers Day food. My father in law. And...ES's teeth that are costing us a lot of money to make beautiful.
The manly Fathers Day meal. Soooooo delicious!!
JC bought him a Boa snake. Why I ask???? I held it. Ew!!!!
June 28th

12 years since my mom died. My kids and I took some flowers to her grave. We dont go there very often, so its nice when we can. I love my kids!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer FUSBALL!!!!

ES tired out for her soccer league Summer Select team. Her first soccer try out ever and her first official comp team. She was so excited! They had 3 or 4(cant remember) tourneys over the summer. For most of the summer she had 4 soccer practices a week. It was crazy/fun!! There were 2 teams(she played for both) for her age group and she was one of the youngest. It was so great to hear the coaches say awesome things about how impressed they were with what a great soccer player she is for being the youngest and for only playing officially for one full season and what a great soccer player she is going to be. Her speed and ability to handle the ball was what impressed them most. What parent wouldnt like to here that right!?

Tourny in Brigham City.

New temple being built there. It is very beautiful.
2nd tourney?? Other team. Celebrating their win for whole tournament.
Waiting to get trophies.
Yay #6!