Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March...the month of Angela (not really)

Turning 35 wasnt too bad. :) I think I will like being 35 just fine. Had a good day! Had a lot of fun things going on my bday weekend(not really pertaining to my bday), but I counted them all as part of my bday festivities. Good times! Kirk and kiddies made sure my day was great! I got our first season tickets to the RSL season! A new TV for our room. A new purse(gift to myself) AND......this in the pic below!
Read all 3 Hunger Games books. Loved them! Couldnt wait for the movie. Bek got me the MockingJay pin for my bday!! Made me soooo happy. This is her card......
And this is what she wrote on the inside. She really would too. Made me cry a little. Love it so much. Love Bek! We planned on wearing them to the movie opening weekend. Yah, I forgot! Was so bummed I forgot! Bek remembered. Still have two more movies to make up for that!!!
Not just RSL season has started. Outdoor season for ES and R has too. They were so excited. R decided to play again(we think its because she remembered they get a slurpee if they make a goal). Ended up having the same uniforms. R thinks its cool. ES....not so much. Pretending to listen to her coach....jk!
Prob telling someone what to do. Jk again. R is great. She is a super fast runner! Watching this girl mark up on a throw in is hilarious!!!!

RSL home opener and we were there second row to see it!! Oh man....love going to these games! So fun!!!
Kirk keeping his old man receding hair line head warm. Hahahahaha!
So cool to be so close! Nick(RSL keeper) in one of my favs!

Lynette invited the girls and I to see a movie while the men were at the Priesthood secession of Gen Conf. We saw Mirror Mirror. It was cuter and funnier than I thought. We all liked it. Always fun to be with Nettie and girls. R had a little friend there with us. Cuties!
Dark. my Blackberry has no flash! Dumb!!!!
Love this girl!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

February(a good and bad month)

FINALLY went snowshoeing with Mel. Again. Our snow fall this year was not impressive, but we managed to find some up in the mountains to shoe in. I have decided I really like/enjoy snowshoeing. Need to get my family doing it every winter now. As always, we had a great time!
(no worries, we obeyed the speed limit and watched for children and didnt bring our pets).
Im ready to go....
Mel is ready to fight. :)
And take a nap.
Still ready to go...

Always laughing.

All the sudden, there were "people" after us, so we had to hit the deck. Didnt want to be scene. We ran from and after said "people" for an hour. In the end, we got away. Never laughed so hard and almost wet myself so many times!
GNO with Trace and Ry. We took the girlies bowling. First time for ES. R had been once before and thought she was a pro. She really likes to talk trash. So funny to watch them get a running start and chuck that ball. Fun times!!!
ES not listening to me trying to give her some pointers. R telling me she will help her. I was just there to pay for everything I guess. ;)
Telling me she didnt need help.
Does the tilting help? :)
Ummm.....maybe they should have taken my advice. Im just sayin....
Had to have surgery on my left foot. I had a bone spur and the only way to get rid of it is surgery. Feb 16th was the big day. Started off bright and early...had to be there at 630 am. Good to get the drs when they are fresh. Everyone was very nice. So far so good....
Still good. Dont let this pic scare you. I loved it. Nurse said its time to get the IV in. I said(with a big smile) oh good, my fav part. She looks at me like I am kidding and says it will be okay. Kirk says no, she is being serious. Its her favorite. She then looks at me like I am crazy and says in her 20 years, that is a first. She gets the vein, but didnt get the tube attached in time and my blood starts pouring out. It was AWESOME!!! She goes to clean it up and my husband, who knows me so well, I didnt even have to tell him, says wait, let me get some pics. Sweet! Shes apologizing and Im saying no worries, she just made my day. We all had a good laugh.
(blood even pooled on the floor a little....YES!)
Drs art work. Hw wrote yes on my foot. Gotta make sure you they get the right one. Phew....other foot is already fixed. What they do to fix it is, Im not sure of the order, but the bone is enlarged and inflamed and pushes big toe over into other toes. So they go in and file bone down, break(cut is medical term)bone, straighten toe out and screw(2 screws) toe back together. Good times!
Just out of surgery. So it you/I thought me bleeding out was cool and made my day, I got an extra bonus coming our of anesthesia in the surgical room.... I was coming to at the end of the surgery and I heard voices and talking so I looked up and saw the surgeon and his helpers were having a nice chat, I looked at what they were doing and saw him stitching up my foot. I put my head down(still out of it) and thought....was that my foot? I looked up again, and yep, thats my foot. I laid there and watched him finish stitching up my foot!! Made me so happy/excited!! Was so cool! I know, I am weird/gross/crazy, but I love that stuff! Was wheeled out with a big smile on my face. So bummed I forgot to give them my camera to take pics. So bummed!!! Having my little snackies after. Obviously couldnt decide what I wanted, so I had all three.:) Drink of choice...water of course.
Home from surgery. Left at 6am, was home by 10am. Ended up wearing this air cast for over a month. So put a cink in my wardrobe attire. Was very glad to have had it though. It saved me big time and you will find out why. Had to stay completely off my foot for 4 days. Dr only wanted me up to go to the bathroom. Kirk had to carry my everywhere for those 4 days. Little did he know he was going to get a workout. He was also my slave for 4 days. Sweet! Jk! He was Mr. Mom for a while and I am very grateful to him for all he did for me and our kids while I was down.
This was where I lived for a while....lame!
Nat and her boyfriend Andy(and Hamlet...Nats dog-whose name was also on the card) sent me these yummy get well cookies. Cookies to eat while I cant run for 3 MONTHS!!! Loved the surprise! So nice and thoughtful. Made me(and kirk and kiddies) happy!

Kids would come and hang with me in our bed. I loved that part of not being able to function. ES fell asleep during FSR(family scripture reading).

Two days after my surgery, I got the flu(someone got a hold of my camera). It hit me so hard, was horrible for almost 2 days, then gone. Kirk and Rio got it next. It gets better....

First check up after surgery(5 days later and no washing of the foot). I was excited to see my wound. I have sausages for toes! So wasnt as gory as I wanted it to be, but it will do. Had three "simple stitches" on the surface and one long running stitch under the incision.

Gotta have a close up.
Heres the "it gets better"part....4 days after I had surgery, I find LICE in Rs hair. Yes...LICE! Are you kidding me!? She was infested with it! So so sooooooo gross and the WORST TIMING EVER!!!!! Not something you can take care of later. I call kirk, tell/ask him he has to come home from work to help me, and I treat R right then. So not supposed to be on my foot, but I had to. This is where I am so grateful to have my air cast. Saved me from a lot of pain and damaging my foot. Could not have stood up for as long as I needed to checking and treating hair if I hadnt had it. Found it on R. Next day, found it on AT and ES. Few days later, Kirk and I found a nit in our hair. EWWWWW!!!!!!! I dont care how clean you are, having lice makes you feel dirty and gross. Our kids were so super great about having to be checked everyday and treated.

The checking ritual. Everybody line up!
Having to do this EVERYDAY really did not make me happy.

This is how we REALLY felt about it! After 3 weeks and ES, R and I cutting our hair, it was gone! Hated those little buggers SO MUCH!!!
After Kirk checked me. This is what having lice does to your hair. Ha!
Second foot apt. I got the top 3 stitches removed. Toes and foot not as swollen. Everything looking good. After 3 weeks(ew), I can FINALLY wash my foot. Yay!!! Felt sooooo good!