Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just a funny...

R came up the other day and says, "Hello mama, do you like my pretty party hat?" She then says to me," Mama, now you say, no....I do not like your pretty party hat." Its from Go Dogs Go. We had just read it the night before. I didnt think she was even listening. Guess I was wrong. She thought she was pretty funny.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthaversary!!!

Today is Kirks 36th B-day(old man:) and our 11th anniversary! Yes....I married him on his birthday. What better gift could I have given him:) HAHA!!! My dad made up the Birthaversary word. How so Gerry Omer of him. Its catchy though eh? Happy birthday to my wonderful husband! And a great husband he is! Our dating/engagement was not your typical story (long story short...to late...haha....movie sistas?) totally went on faith, and it has worked out. It has been a great, wonderful, and happy 11 years. Of course, we have had our ups and downs(mostly because of me and all my issues and baggage) and disagreements, but still wonderful. He is so loving and patient with me. In the 11 years we have been married, he has taught me so much and makes me laugh in his way...the Kirk way. In the 11 years that we have been married, I have taught him to be a punk. At least thats what he says. I wonder what we will say in another 11 years. Im sure it will be just as good. Im thankful to know Kirk and to be married to him. To know Kirk is to love him!

This was 4 months after we were married....so 11 years ago. Man we were youngins!
I love you Babe!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Im a model, you know what I mean.......

So E had her firet photo shoot at W- Talent. The first of many they told us. Oh....and was she ever sooooo excited!! They told us to bring practically her whole woredrobe and they would pick the outfits for the looks they wanted. They even went as far as to ask us to cut her hair. She didnt care, so we did. It was so much fun. Kind of weird at first. This stuff is so not our world, but still lots of fun. Stef went with us and we just hung out and watched. We were there for 2 hours. E was in Heaven. She is loving this W-Talent thing. I think we found her bag baby. Of course, she says she doesnt want to give up the piano and violin. I was glad to hear that:)

Here she is getting all primped for her shoot and loving it! Shes 10 going on 18. Yikes!!!!!

1st look and shoot. She was nervous, but totally excited. It was fun watching her. She is a natural they told me:) Very easy to work with.

In this one, the photographer told her to give him a serious look. Almost like she was mad. She did pretty good I think.
2nd look and shoot. I liked this one.
So pretty!
3rd look and shoot. Cute....but not my fav.

Just messing around before the last shoot!!

This was my favorite look and shoot. I loved how they got all crazy with the couch and the chairs and everything. Love all the red too!

Oh my...

Love this!
Thats our beautiful girl!!!