Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Taking a sick day...

This is how my boy spent the day yesterday. Poor guy woke up sick. He HATES being sick. Feels so picked on. Dont like it when my kids are sick. Breaks my heart!!This is how I ended the day. Well...almost. Never a good idea for me to lay down with the kiddies(love it though). I will be completely useless in minutes! I did manage to wake up long enough to go and plop on my bed. Almost again... Kirk convinced me to get up and get ready for bed and then plop in it. Good idea!
Sledding(if something gets in your way....turn.)

A bunch of us went sledding New Years day! Always forget how fun sledding is! Went to a new hill! It was great! de Janeiro loved it! She even did the jumps! Would catch air and everything! Freaked me out! Kirk thought it was awesome.....it was! Everytime she would go to sled she would say "see ya suckers." Everyone looked at me. What? Didnt see AT the whole time. He was with the big boys doing the big jumps....of course!

Poor Claire! It was slick up top! I dont blame her for clinging to the fence....I was!!! It was pretty hilarious actually! Me...not Claire ;)
All I see is white socks! How tacky! Does it count when you are wearing snow pants sledding?? I think ES's trying to do the peace sign...haha!
So Kirk and I were gonna go down together. I decided to jump on him before he was ready and we went down alright. Backwards, sideways and...backwards! He was screaming...I cant see, I cant see and I was laughing! Just glad we didnt hit anyone on the way down!

For dinner we took the kiddies to one of our favorite places to eat by our house! We have great, fun, wonderful kids!!! Kirk and AT look thrilled...haha!
Love my boy!!