Sunday, January 22, 2012


Some of Nov and Dec live.....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

December(On the first day of Christmas)

Our December was great. Was busy and went by really fast, but we managed to survive and keep up.

First in the series of concerts for December was Es Choir concert. Shes the 8th grade choir and then the Show Choir. She loves to sing. She is an alto like her mama:). Her and I sing together all the time. It makes us happy! One of my favorite things is hearing Ev sing. She sings all the time and everywhere. In the shower(me too) as shes getting ready. As shes going to bed. Our room is right above hers and I can hear her singing away. Always make me smile.
As festive as Kirk gets.

Next, ATs band concert. He was so nervous. His first concert ever. He did great!! Such a stud! Hes really loving/enjoying playing the sax. Beks IB plays sax as well.

Last was the Elementary kids Christmas songs concert.
My lil soccer playa sportin the RSL scarf.
Asked R if she wanted to wear a pretty dress to school, she said... "umm mom, that would be embarrassing." My bad for asking I guess.

Annual Christmas Eve movie and dinner(a week early)
Stef and G went to Vegas for Christmas, so we did our Christmas Eve festivities early. What the??? and have to think of something else to do on Christmas Eve? Great!!! JK. It was super fun as always. Movie of choice was the new Muppet Movie. OMG....2 thumbs waaaaaaay up! Loved this movie. Grew up watching the muppets and this movie made me sooooo happy. Made us all happy. Even the big tough manly men liked it. First 5 mins into movie, they break into song and dance and I could not have been happier. Had a big smile on my face, and maybe a tear in my eye. Looked at Stef and Net and Bek and they were the same way. Ahhh....muppets! We saw 4 movies from this one to the end of Christmas break. We saw Muppet Movie, We Bought A Zoo. MI4 and Sherlock Holmes. Loved all of them!!!


Too cool JC
After movie, time to head over to The Pie for some awesomely huge yummy pizza!!

Iza loves ES.

I was almost scared.

You can sign/write on the wall. R was really into it. Got down and dirty.
Dinner and movie is always Stef and Gs gift to all of us. They pay for everything. So great and sure love them!
Brothers grim :)
Love my first sweets!
She looks tougher than me.
You can watch them roll and flippin the dough and making the pizzas.

We had Bek and Gavs fam staying with us for Christmas again. Yay! So fun!
ES and R didnt have anyone bunking with them.
AT had some roommates. Playing their DSs waiting for everyone to wake up.
E gave her room to Bek and Gav, so teenagers camped in the family room. Took turns on the couch. AT not pictured(he wasnt decent). :)
I got a RSL scarf in my stocking and Kirk got a ticket package to RSL games. For 2 of course:)

New Years Eve celebration. Spent the night with the best people. Had so much fun! The adults went to an early movie(MI4) and dinner then went home and huing with kids for the rest of 2011. Had fun hangin out playing games, ddr/just dance 3 and being loud and eating yummy stuff!

Kirk spent some of the night finishing up preping his Elders Quorum lesson and falling asleep. Snapped pic just after he woke up. He got his second wind after this.
Net and Joe are the master game players and brought some cool/fun games to play. The 3 of us were in the zone.

The 4 crazies!

Happy New Year!!! Heres to 2012! Bring it on!!!
Giving Thanks!

Thanksgiving was great! Nat and Andy came down from Seattle and we had everyone over to our house for Tday dinner. No pics. Too busy making yummy food!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cal-i-forn-i-a(Family Trip California/Disneyland style!!!!)
Nov 13-20, 2011

We left on Sunday and our first stop.....St. George. We stopped here for lunch and Kirk and I wanted to find and show our kids where we stayed the second night after we were married. We found it! It was tradition in Kirks family for the kids when they got married to stay at the Seven Wives Inn. Its the old house where Brigham Young lived with at least 7 off his wives. Someone turned it into a Bed and Breakfast. We went to California for our almost 2 week honeymoon and stayed here on our way down. Its a cute, fun little place. We hadnt been back for almost 15 years, so it was fun to see and show the kiddies. We stayed in the Julia room.

Also Stopped by the St. George temple. Very pretty. Went to this temple after we were married and were the witness couple for the first time.
Had Nativity up already.

So after St. George, we drove to Vegas where my dad and Denise live and spent the night there. It was great to break up the drive and spend sometime with Gma and Gpa Omer. They treated us well.

We got up the next morning(Monday) and headed for California. Hollywood to be exact. Hollywood was cool/crazy. I liked it. Kirk and I had more fun than kids looking at all the stars. Kids got excited about some. First one we saw was Tom.

Got some lunch, then went star searching. While we were snapping pics of MJs star, he showed the flesh. Someone elses flesh of course. This guy did a really good impression. Abe was sure to keep a manly distance.

Graumans Chinese Theatre. This place is fun.
Slab wanst even out yet. I asked the gentleman behind the counter to snap a pic for me.
2 Kirks
Aka....Capt Jack SparrowE
E loved this one.
Love me some RDJ
There were characters all over. This was fun to watch.
Both Capt Kirks
In Hollywood, so you have to find the Hwood sign. I drove us around trying to find it. It was getting dark. I got us a liitle lost. We stopped at Universal Studios(on accident) and asked how to get there. We found it. Was as close as we could get. Kirk and kids were good sports humoring me to find it. Drove to Anaheim after to our hotel.

Day 3- first day at DL and the CAP. We were all sooooo excited! Kids could hardly wait. Our hotel was only a mile from DL so we thought we'd trying walking the first day. Walking there great, Walking back after a full day of walking....not so much. At least for the kids. I ended up carrying R back most of the way. We took the ART the next two days.
ES and R sporting their DL Micky Mouse socks that Gma Omer gave them.

The Happiest Place on Earth!
Week before we got there, they had put up all their Christmas Decore. One of the reason we went when we did. We wanted to see all the pretty/cool things. They really out do themselves.
So magical...and bright looking into that Cali sun.

First ride.....Star Tours. Loved it! R was the Rebel Spy.
Love Buzz. This was a fun ride too. of my favs. So ES and I were in a car. She was in control. We saw a sign that said dont pump the car in front of you. That made ES nervous so I took over the gas. She steered(we were all over the place. it was hilarious). I of course, had to get pics. Foot still on gas. Not paying attention and we go slamming into Kirk and R! Hard! Really hard. Guess I didnt hear ES yelling for me to stop. Kirk looks around like what the heck! All I can do, after I made a very ugly noise when we crashed, is laugh. A lady we passed who saw the whole thing was laughing out loud too.

Finding Nemo ride
ES and I loved to stop and watch these things. ES always had a huge smile on her face. Loved seeing that smile.
To save on money, we went back to hotel to eat lunch. R waiting for the ART.
Getting back from lunch. Ready to hit it again. R wouldnt hold our hands. She had to hold our wrists. Like she was leading us around. If we tried to hold her hand, she would just move it to our wrist. No words said. Love her.
Day 4- Broke up our DL days and headed to San Diego and Coronado. Wanted to see the Temple and show our kids where we stayed the first week of our honeymoon.
Rs fav spot outside our hotel room. BFF Tracy told us about this cool spot in La Jolla. A cool beach spot where seals like to hang out. We were so glad to know about this. It was very cool. Thanks Trace. Love you! :) There were seals everywhere.

Found a little cove where we could go down and get a little closer.

All wet after I told them not to.
My sweets
Kirk always goes off exploring. Found this cool little spot.

Says to me....Mom, it smells like crap out here. Oh she speaks so lady like doesnt she. She was right though. Did not smell good.

What kiddies were looking at. He was talking to us.
More exploring. No ones bum was pushed over and no one went in the water. Very tempting though....
Studdly show down with the Seagull.
ES not exploring. Not happy she got wet.
Really not happy Im taking a picture of her not happy. Her and I went back to van and waited for everyone.
After La Jolla, we went to Coronado. This is the big famous Hotel that is there. This is not where stayed on honeymoon(I wish).
We stayed at this condo right across the street from it. Still very nice. The Coronado Beach Resort. We got to use some of the amenities of the cool hotel. Like their pool and beach access. Looked the same as 15 years ago. Even the old couple in the pic with us. Ha. JK! I like that you can see R running in the pic. She sure wasnt there 15 years ago:)
Coronado Beach. So beautiful. Love Coronado. Would love to live there. So expensive!
(upside down....dumb)

Same rocks we climbed on 15 yeard ago...

Ummm......not sure....what Im doing....
Kirk taking a little jog on the beach. Its wicked hard to run on sand. Wet sand not so much.
Kirk trying to be like Graumans Chinese Theatre peeps.
Cant believe they got int he water. It was chilly!
Such a cool Hotel. Apparently AT doesnt know how to avert his eyes from the sun.
San Diego Temple was last stop. Love this Temple. So beautiful! Kirk and I were witness couple again in this temple too on Hmoon. Steeples got cut off.
Awww....thats better.

Day 5 with the WATTS!!! YAY!!! Back at DL and the CAP for some g double o d good times!!!

This day was filled with lots of pics with characters. E and AT and Kirk not into it. ES, R and I into it and Lynette so happy!!!
Love her. She is magical!!!
I sang at this place when I was in garde 12. Heres for old/good times!
They are so not King Arthur. Worth a try though;) ATs really putting in some effort there....
These cuties got it out! JK was in there pretty good;)

First place we hit was Toone Town. Waiting to get in. Three different looks and Im still confused:)
Love Mads!

Poor Iza was not happy:(

Clever, we know.

All the pretties...minus one. Okay, minus 3(nettie and I too of course!)
PLUTO! The start of the character pic taking.
On the fun little roller coaster in Toone Town. (ES inherited my picture lazy eye/s)
Minnie....yay! And in her Christmas outfit!
Waited in line for 40 minutes to see this guy! (Longest line we waited in for the 3 days we were there).
Goin along on Splash Mountain....
Excited with anticipation...(R was not excited)
Poor R was terrified. Her face makes me lol though. Right?
Went on the Haunted Mansion ride twice. We love that ride. It was all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas(love that movie). It was soooo awesome! Went and met jack after.
Kirk had his eye on getting a piece of this meat since day one there. Just got one to share. NO WAY he was eating all that himself. I did not partake. Meat on a bone= EW!!!

Headed over to the CAP(california adventure park). Found us the Chip-n-dales....I mean Chip and Dale. They were fun!
OMG!!! ESs favorite character is Donald Duck. Our goal that day was finding him for her so she could get her pic with him. 10 mins in the CAP and Lynette spots him, grabs ESs hand and starts running to get in line. R and I follow right behind(btw....they dont like you running). You have to hurry cause they dont stay for very long. We made it and ES got her pic and she was sooooooooo happy! Look at that happy face!!!!! I had a little tear in my eye watching that.

We love Donald Duck!!

On way to The Toy Story ride. Fun ride. Even Joe and Kirk liked it(cause you get to shot things) Found this fun thing .

Had to meet Buzz!
California Screamin=awesome!!!! So fun! Went on this 3 times!! Best part of ride right here where they shoot you off!
Tower of Terror. Prob my/our fav ride of both parks! I was sooooo scared(had my brave face on of course) at first. ES was pretty scared too, but we braved it and are soooo glad we did! SO scary/fun!
ES was holding my hand so tight. Didnt know she was that strong. For me it was either laugh or cry, so I did both. Was laughing so hard I cried. Couldnt help it. Went on this ride 3 times too!!! By the second time, kids figured out where the camera was and did funny the three people in this pic. Haha!

Kirk likes Sulley.

Just chillin with the ladies waiting for the Castle show to start.

So pretty. At the end, they make it snow. It was so amazing. Really!!! Lynette and I cried. of course we did. We are/love cheese. Our hubbies just humor us. Good hubbies!

After show, we had to hurry to make our dinner appt at Goofys Kitchen. We hit the tram they have at DL and it took us to a different part of DL. That palce is huge! We splurged on this dinner. Totally worth it! Was a buffet and the food was fantastic! AT is always flashing the gang signs ;)
Saw Chip and Dale again.

Pluto was the only one AT would take a pic with.

Oh, pretty Snow White. She was very lovely and so Princess like. She heard that AT didnt like Princesses, so she went over and flirted with him and played with his tail and embarrassed him. Was pretty funny.

I danced with the Chip-n-dales. Ha! Music game on and they came over to our table and started dancing, so some of the girls and I joined them.

Joe and Kirk had to get a pic with "hot Snow White."
Snow White showing us how to be Princesses.
Day 6- Last day(sad) More good times with the Watts! Yay! Started at the CAP. Guess AT gets his gang sign throwin from me. :)

R and Mads got picked for Jedi Training. It was too adorable. Both got to fight Darth Maul!

R is middle with yellow on and Mads front left with pink on. They were so excited!
Hes my fav!

After Jedi training, we went back to CAP for dinner. We ordered dinner with the World of Color show. So fun! We ate dinner and then went and got our place for world of color.

Waiting for show to start... Iza is too funny!
Prob one of my fav times just sitting here with everyone having fun and waiting. We arent a quite bunch thats fo sho!!

AT wanted it to look like he was holding up the wheel.
After the show, which was amazing!!! So glad we saw that. And yes....I cried. After, we all went on the Little Mermaid ride and then said bye to the Watts(who were flying home the next day. Luckies! Hate them. Jk!) and parted ways!


We went back to DL to hit a few more rides and could not leave without having the most amazing treat ever......whipped pineapple!!! SO good, but made us so cold! Will be getting that every time we go there.
Got up the next morning(saturday) and headed back to Vegas to stay at my dads again Sat night. My Dad always has a flag hanging. Hes proud to be an America. Me too!

We were home by early evening Sunday. We had such a great trip! SO fun to do something like that with our kids. Who, are the most amazing, completely awesome kids in the world!!!! And who we love very much!!!