Friday, May 30, 2008

She feels like dancin!!!

Yeah!!!! It worked!!! I have been trying to get videos on here for the longest time. Watch my girl move!!! Shes got some pretty fancy foot work, and she loves to shake her bum bum. My girls got some moves!!! Oh yah....the only thing this girl will wear lately are her swim suits. Pick your battles right? At least we have moved on from totally naked and streaking around the house. Oh someone help me please!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Take a hike....

Took the kids hiking up to Ensign Peak last night for Family night. They were so excited and they loved it!!! They were all such good hikers. Not one complaint or fuss. They were all so tough. Even little R did great. Its not that long or hard of a hike, but its pretty steep. It was so fun being with them. I loved it!!!During the week, I am pretty much a single mom, so I am really trying to enjoy this time I have with my kids and do more things with them, and the older they are getting, the easier/funner/more enjoyable it is. They love being together too. They look after, take care of and help each other. We missed having daddy with us. We dont like it when he is not there. We just love him so much! Still, it sure was a good time!!!

Almost to the top....
Tried for the group shot...not ready....
Wanted one with me and the sunset. It was so pretty, but very windy!
Loved being there with my kids!!! What great kids!!! They took good care of me, and made sure I was doing ok. R kept turning around asking..."you ok back there mama?" So cute! Not sure what A's doing...tough guy face I guess, and R will NEVER look at the camera....little turkey!
At the top...with the wind nearly knocking us over. This is the monument thats at the top. It has a plaque on it that says "Kolob." Its a really cool monument. Once at the top...without fail, one of the kids announces they have to go potty...of course...Nice!!! They just had to hold it....sorry!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

They love me....they really love me!!!!

I love it when I leave my kids for a while, cause when I come home, even if Ive only been gone a short time, they are so happy to see me. They all come running and give me big hugs! I LOVE it!!! I love my kids!!! They are seriously the best! The only time leaving and coming back didnt work with the lovin, was when I went to China for 9 days. R was a year and a half old and when I got back Kirk and the kids were waiting for me in the airport and I was so excited to see them. I held my arms out for R to come to me and she would not. She was so mad at me. She wouldnt let me hold her for 2 days.....2 whole days. It was torture! She wouldnt even let me get her out of her crib. I was soooooo sad. She finally forgave me and wouldnt let me out of her sight. I think me being gone for 9 days was to long for her.

E saw us hugging, and had to take a picture. Shes always looking for photo ops!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where's R......

This picture needs no explanation. I dont know what goes on inside this girls head. She says the funniest, off the wall things sometimes. Like yesterday for example. We were driving home from IKEA. It was a nice ride home, I wasnt in a hurry or driving crazy or anything. I turned the corner and R says to me, "Mama, youre driving to crazy, I think you need to let me drive now. " I said you cant drive till youre 16, and she says,"I am 16 mama!" Wow, we are in trouble if she thinks shes 16 already!