Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Photo Shoot=Good Times!!!

Garrick found this awesome photographer on Facebook(I think) and looked at her stuff and loved it, so wanted to do a family photo shoot! Her name is Kami Snarr(Salted Paper Photos) and she was amazing! We loved her! She really knows her stuff! We all could not have been more pleased! Thanks some much G and Stef(Stef says mostly G) for oragnizing all that! You are Grrrreat!!!

Our little family! Not really little anymore! E is almost 11...crazy!! ES was cold and got sad and started crying right before we took this...cant even tell she had been crying! Awesome!!I heart this one!!! So fun!!!
Everyone looks so good in this one! Even the little kids! You never know what those little ones are doing when you cant look at them...but they did great!!! Some of the sitting people had wet, frozen bums, and Stef and I couldnt walk right because of the way we were sitting for a while after, but...Beauty is pain right...?
How fun is this!! One of these kids is doing her own surprise there! Love all their cute little faces!!
Gotta get the sista's!! My BFF's! We werent sure how we felt about this pose, but it didnt turn out to bad at all....
And no...I am NOT adpoted! I am just the odd ball(in more than one way..haha!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh the things kids say....

So...Im bloggin and E and R are next to me coloring, getting along. Its great!! The next thing I hear is R saying to E..."E, E....I cracked my nuts!" LOL!!! I have no idea where that came from? No one was even talking, no nuts were being eaten...nothing! I love that girl!!
NY continued....

These 2 didnt get blogged for some reason, so Im trying again!

Almost to Liberty Island!!The Empire State Building. Not at all like I thought it was going to be, but so amazing once you got to the top!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

When you get caught between the moon and New York City!!!

I told Kirk I was going to sing that to him at least once a day while we were in NY. He said please dont. So I didnt. At least not out loud! Haha! our our NY trip pictures(FINALLY!) We took a trip for Kirks birthday/our 12th anniversary celebration!! It was GREAT!!! We crammed A LOT of things into this trip, so this is going to be a very LOOOOOOOOOOOONG post. Consider yourself warned!

This is us at the JFK Airport waiting for the shuttle. It was like 5:30 in the morning and very cold. I went back inside after taking the pic!So after getting to the Hotel, we slept for a little(when I say 'we', it was mostly me) then we were off! We had tickets to the New York Ballet that afternoon. We hit Grand Central Station, which was right next to our Hotel to get something to eat, and explored a little.
Inside the station. It is huge and very beautiful!

Our kids totally knew what this clock was from the movie Madagascar(sp?) or the video game. Silly kids!
At the Ballet! Took us a bit to get there, and when we arrived I couldnt feel my feet. Kirk wanted to walk, which was fine, but it was a ways and I wasnt wearing the best shoes and it was snowing and very cold outside. We made it, I thawed out and we took the subway back to the hotel!!! Oh yah....the Ballet was great!!
Our seats on the very top ring. It was high(I dont do high), but great seats!

We found this in our room when we got back!!! Natalie had called and had it sent to our room. It was a great surprise! We were hungry and wanted something healthy!
This too! Nat told the person on the phone we dont drink and to just give us sparkling cider....add that Sierra Mist to the cider and you have yourself a party man!!!
Then....we got a knock at the door and they brought us in complementary chocolate covered strawberries!! Can I just say.....YES PLEASE!!! They were so good! We tried to be sexy eating them, but just ended up laughing at each other.( pix of that:) What a great first day!!!
Day 2- We went to church. while we were on vacation! We are good! It was really great! Waiting for the Subway...
Didnt get this pic when we were there the night before. It was just right across the street from the Church/Temple!
The Temple! Its so cool. You come up from out of the subway and the first thing you see is the Temple! So nice!!!
The lobby of our Hotel. It was very nice!
Outside the NY City Library. The one in the beginning of Ghost Busters! We went back later and took a tour. It was cool! Didnt see any ghosts...
A top the Empire State building!!! It is sooo high. I had to keep talking to myself telling me that I wasnt going to fall off and die!! It was such a clear day, but man oh man was it cold. It was so windy too. That sure didnt help. Got the Chrysler Building in the background there.

The pointy building is the Chrysler Building. Our hotel was right next to it. We could look out from our window and look right at it. It was so cool at night. The top lights up!
SP on top of the ESB!! Figure that one out...
K so....we wanted to go find Times Square. We knew we needed to go to Broadway and turn right, and would only have a few blocks to walk and hit Times Square. We got to Broadway and turned left for some reason. After walking like 30 blocks or some ridiculous number like that, and not seeing it, I was like...theres no way we could have missed Times Square. We figured it out...wrong way...duh! We realized that while we were in front of this building. The Flat Iron building. It worked out cause Kirk loves this building and wanted to go find it...we did! very cool building! It was getting cold and dark, so we diecided to do Times Square the next day and headed back to the hotel.
Union Square Park.
Day 3- Inside the Chrysler Building!
Almost to Times Square. Have to get a pic of the NYFD! They were nice! They waved to me:)
Where we saw Lion King..
Times Square! We really liked Times Square! So crazy busy!!
Loved all the Broadway signs!
Went into the M&M store to get warm. They have so many of these filled with m&ms all over the store! All sorts of colors and sports team name it they had it! Smelled soooo good in there too! Not sure why Im doing that...? The guy next to me was thinking the same thing:)
We got on the David Letterman show Monday night. It was so fun! We ended up sitting on the front row! So cool! They showed us on tv for like 2 seconds... Sweet! We were on that weeks Friday night show. They film both the Monday and Friday shows Monday! Dave came out and talked to audience before the show. Hes cool! We saw Zach Braff, some funny comedian and the group The AirBorne Toxic Event. We liked them! Good times!!!
Day 4- The Statue of Liberty! One of my favorite things we did! Oh it was so cold that day my friends!! On the ferry on our way!
Ever since we saw the movie Bolt, I love Pigeons!! The ones on the ferry with us were so fat!! I had to take a pic!!

View from Liberty Island. The skinny pointy building in the far away background in the Empire State Building!!
There she is!! She wasnt as big as I had always imagined, but still huge and a sight! I loved Lady Liberty! We both did. Did a little tour and learned a lot! She was such a sight for so many people!!
They let people climb the stairs to the top of the pedestal and go out and look around, but no one is allowed up to the crown or the torch since 911. Once you get to the top of the pedestal, you can look up and see up Lady Liberties skirt...haha and see the spiral stairs you would take to the top!!
Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange. You are allowed no where near this building anymore. It is completely fenced off!
Ground Zero...we walked around trying to find some sort of memorial to look at...nothing! It is completely fenced off with tarps all along the fences so you cant see in. I was sad about that. I really wanted to see the area. Walking back around we found this opening someone had made/torn to see in. Worked for us! It was a solemn feeling being there where so many people died....
The Brooklyn Bridge! We loved this bridge! It is so huge and so cool! You can see so much from this bridge! We walked it for a bit. I wanted to run it, but didnt go prepared!!

Just a view from the bridge.
Day 5- The Guggenheim Museum. Kirk Loves this building too! Its the building in the openning scene in Men In Black that the alien guy runs up and jumps off of. Its right next to Central Park.
Outside the Met...the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent like 4 hours in there and probably didnt even see 1/3 of it. It is a very nice, huge museum! And it was warm....
On our way to the UN. Just a cool shot...
The United Nations Building. Not to impressive without all the flags out in front...
Inside was informative. They have this humanitarian video going of things going on in the world and what the UN is doing about it....yah....I was crying! It was a sad, yet touching video. All I have to say is....we've got it made living here....
Day 6- Our time with Natralie.....(I know its really Natalie, but thats what we call her sometimes...I think Gavin started that...?) Anyhoo....Nat flew in early Friday morning( and boy were her arms tired she said) Seriously...thats what she text me when she landed. I laughed...She stayed at the same hotel, so we met and took off for the day. At Rockefeller Center. Pretty cool!!
Tried to make it to the outside taping part of the Today Show, but just barely missed it! In this pic is Natalie Morales(sp?) and Ann Kurry(sp?)
Matt and Al
And William H. Macy! Well.....his backside anyway...!We were walking towards all these really nice black tinted windowed luxury cars and I said to Nat and Kirk, I bet there is someone famous in one of those and right then one of the doors opened and out came William H. Macey. I am actually a fan of his. I told Kirk to camera me and yell hey Shoveler(from Mystery Men) , but he did and by the time I got the camera out all I got was this....Oh well....we saw him!!
Radio City...we tried to go in, but it was closed....whatev!!
Museum of Natural History. Very cool! Again...didnt even see probably 1/3 of it!

Central Park! This is a very awesome/great park! I wanted to run it, but it was so cold and far enough from our hotel that I would have froze getting there. This park is so huge!! We saw it from the top of the ESB!! Loved it though. Walked fast through it cause it was so cold!
A tower in Central Park!

Famous fountain. Dont know the name. Its the one in the movie Enchanted! Our kids new that one too!!
Going to see Lion King!!
View of Times Square from inside the Lion King theatre. LOVED Lion King. Probably one of my favorite Broadway musicals. Of the ones Ive scene. It had me in tears at parts it was so good! Very excellent!!
Got a pic of Grand Central Station. The shiny building next to it was our hotel!
FAO Swartz! Had to go find the Big piano! They do a little show where some of the workers play actual real piano pieces . Its cool and quite a workout for them. Then they give people time to play on it. Yah....I was the only adult playing.
I played fun!!

What the....human size Lego Superheros....!!! Kirk loved it! They were really cool!
Oh no... not the Darth Vadar strangle hold! Haha! People were lined up to take pix! I love Chewy!!
On our way to the Off Broadway Show Alter Boys. Loved it!! It was laugh out loud hilarious! We had front row. It was so fun! I tried to sneak a picture after the show, but they caught me and watched as they made me delete it! This is the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink.
Had to get NBC Studios! It started snowing on!!
Well..thats our trip! It was a great time! We did some much walking, my feet hurt for a week after we got home. Its all good though. New York is a great city! Would never want to live there, but its a fun place to visit. Crossing that off the list...One thing I would change...going in the spring or fall....