Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our March madness....

March started with some hockey! Had tickets to 4 hockey games with our pass of all passes. Hockey games are so fun! I have decided I like hockey!

Within the first 2 minutes of the game there was a fight. Lots to follow after that. I think its funny that after they fight, they go in time out. So where they need to go.
Goos times!

Time for some RSL

First game of the season with our awesome pass of all passes! It was a late game(started @ 8p.) and it was a school night, but we dragged the kiddies with us and braved the cold for RSL! This was my attempt to get us all in a pic. My arms just arent long enough. I had no idea what those crazies were doing behind me. The other pix....hilarious!
Love Kirks unsure face. :)
Wasnt too cold yet.
Poor R got tired. Shes in there...look for the eye. She sure kept me warm. Its really hard to stand up and cheer when you have a sleeping child on you lap. I had to whisper yell and half stand. Ha!

Shes ready for her close up...

E was in the Jr High play. Theres nothing this girl wont do. Its so fun to see all the things she does and see her with her friends. The play was Willy Wonka. It was great! I was impressed. Heres E in one of her characters....a cook.

My Pops came...yay!! Love it when my kids get to be with him! Of course, they all talked him into getting them a treat.
I love it when I get to be with him too! I learned something new about my dad that night. So, I always have to start and finish the applause. The first and last to clap. Stef and I have this battle all the time. Kirk tries to beat me, but please. So, after the first time we were supposed to clap and everyone was supposed to stop, but me, my dad keeps clapping with me. Trying to out clap me. I was like what the??? I looked at him and we both stopped clapping because we were laughing so hard. It was choice I tell you! So this continued for the rest of the night. Stef....we got it from dad! Hilarious. Kirk laughed, but of course was not surprised. He now knows where I get my silliness from. :)Will you just look at her!! I heart her!

More soccer...yay!

Got to go to the first game of the CONCACAF(know what that stands for, but too long to type) semi final game! Woo hoo!!!! This was a big deal. RSL is the first team in MLS history to make it this far in a CONCACAF(love saying that) and they won! 3-0 if memory serves!!! Great game! RLS is awesome. The Watts brought voo voo zealas(sp?)!!

E was sick and stayed home and AT decided he needed to stay home and take care of her, so I invited my friend Susan to go with us. She dose is crazy about soccer and a former killer defense player herself.
The Watts! LOVE them!!
The die hard kiddies. That you have to threaten and make have a good time. JK...kind of....:)


So I had another birthday! Another year come and gone. Am I really STILL 25? That is crazy! ;) It was a good day. Kirk surprised me and came home from work around noon! His present to me was new running shoes(perfect), so we went looking and didnt find anything. We went out the next day and found some. Yay! Kirk also made me the YUMMIEST cheesecake in the world. Chocolate Peanutbutter with chocolate chunks in it. Stayed up late the night before making it for me. What a great hubby...knowing the way to his wifes heart...food...hahahaha! I had to wait and stare at it in th e fridge ALL DAY though waiting for everyone to get home so we could eat it. Kirk said I didnt have to, but funner to eat with company. Totally worth the wait. Then we went to Chick- fil- A(my choice) for dinner and then to a hockey game. FUN!

Some of my friends took me out for dessert the night before my bday to have, what was then my fav dessert at Mac Grill, but has now been replaced. Still oh so good though.

Love my friends!
Hockey game. So they were handing out these posters of the Grizzlie girls as we walked in. AT and IB got them and hardly took their eyes off them the whole night. Seriously!! It was hilarious. Kirk suggested AT tape his to his ceiling so he can see it every night. Nice! Boys! Sheesh!! Yep....thumbs up. ES is too.....hmmmm....jk! :)
Totally ignore the fugly 34 year old and look at that cheesecake! My now fav dessert! First bite....OOOOOOHHHH man!! There are no words really except mmmm mmmm good!!!!!!!!!