Friday, September 28, 2007

Gotta love the "Office"!!!

Lynette had an "Office" party last night and it was a blast. Thanks for getting that together, and inviting us! She even gave everyone cool party favors(see pic below). You are the best! You too Joe:) Got this pic from Lynette too. As always...I forgot mine. You can always count on Lynette to take pix! Thanks! Took all the kids with me, and the had a good time. E and A are into the Office too. They dont really get a lot of it(which is good), but they love to hang out with the adults and be grown up. Theyre cool!!! Lynette knows some really nice people and it is fun hanging out and getting to know them. Kind of makes me feel old I am with my 4 kids and out of the baby phase watching these couples just starting their little families with their first babies....who are totally adorable! Makes me remember when we started our little family with E. Good times. It really does go by too fast. Anyways....thanks again Net and Joe. We need to do that again soon. Love you!!!
Party favors from Lynette. The quote at the bottom of the pad says..."This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the hell(Im quoting) out of here." Michael is a completely ridiculous way of course.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A 2(almost 3) year olds joke....

R: Knock, knock mama

Mama: Whos there

R: Daddy

Mama: Daddy who

R: I SAID IT WAS DADDY(said not to nicely) MAMA!!!

Now how can you not laugh at that:) Where did this girl come from! I love my R!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I want to hug the Temple.....

Thats what ES said when we told her we were going to see the Temple for family night, that she wanted to hug it. Shes so adorable. Well.....she hasnt got to hug it yet, but we promised her we would make it happen. We have to do family night on Sundays cause Kirk is never home in time on Mondays. We had such a great time. The kids loved being there and being out, and we really enjoyed the time as a family. We went over to the Conference Center too. We went on a little tour and got to see that they are getting the inside ready for Conference. That place is huge. We were 5 minutes to late to go up on the roof, but we will get that next time. It was a perfect evening, the weather was so nice. I took this pic below. I thought it turned out nice. I am so not a photographer.
Cool fountain! They have to touch the water in every fountain. Like the water is going to be different in each one or something. Why do they have to touch everything!

The cool pool type thing(not sure what you call it) in the Plaza. Of course the kiddies were all over it. E had to wear my sun glasses. It was weird cause they made her look like such a teenager. I caught her totally checking herself out and modling in the bathroom mirror with them on when we took R potty. Hilarious!!!

We took the kids to the spot where Kirk asked me to marry him, just right across from the temple. Theres our proof(one of them) right next to us. She wouldnt move, crazy girl!!! The kids thought that was cool. E was our photographer. She loves it!!!


This is Kirks creativeness(sp?) Not to bad.

Just a fun one of the kiddies and the Temple. I cut off Angel Moroni though....oops! Some stray kid stepped into the pic just as I was taking it and then all the kids scattered after much for a retake. Oh well.

I love this family picture. Some nice man took it for us and I think he did a great job. I love how the sunset is in the background. This pic might just be our Christmas card. We'll see!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The day has arrived!!! The day we have been waiting for for 9 years!!!! Our baby(and our last) is potty trained! How wonderful is that! And in just 2 weeks!! She did so well. She had very few accidents(2 or 3 I think) Shes even got poohing in the toilet problem. Poohed in her undies once, didnt like it, so never did it again. Im glad I waited till after summer to be serious about it, cause she was totally ready. I dont even have to remind her. She just tells me she needs to go, and off we go. Well.....sometimes she wants me to go with her and sometimes she says, "I dont need you mama." Such a big girl!!! She loves it too. She gets so excited when she poohs too. I was out the other evening talking to my neighbor when R goes running in the house and comes back out a few minutes later...naked from the waist down, and yells, "mama, I poohed in the toilet, come see!" My neighbor sure got a kick out of that. The whole neighborhhod actually. I was so happy, that even though she was distracted outside playing, she still went in the house and poohed. So great!!! I was actually expecting her to be hard. My older 3 kids were so easy to potty train, I was for sure I couldnt be blessed with a 4th easy one. Im not going to complain. No more diapers!!! I walked right by the dipaer isle at the store the other day and just smiled. So liberating! Now she is my little cheerleader when I go potty! Its always nice ot have some encouragement isnt it:) On to the next phase of life....the one with no diapers! YEAH!!! Im a big girl now!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hooray for Kindergarten!!!

Well, its finally here. ES's first day of K-garten. She could hardly wait. Watching the other 2 go to school last week was sheer torture. She was so excited to wear her new outfit and pretty sparkly shoes. First thing first.....hang up your backpacks. She was not nervous or shy at all like I thought she would be, and had no problem with me leaving(yah, I feel loved:) We had to go through all her kisses before I could leave though. Theres the normal kiss, the butterfly kiss, the Eskimo kiss, the hand kiss, and the I love you sign kiss. After that, I was free to go. Too adorable. Its weird to only have one kid at home for a few hours everyday. I love the one-on-one time with R. 3 down 1 to go. Where has the time gone. Makes my heart sad:(
Heres her table. She was so proud of herself for finding her name with no help. Thats her teacher Ms. Palmer behind her. Same teacher A had last year. She likes her! Her "table friends" as she calls them. Giselle and....oh I forgot his name already...some boy she told me.

Here are some cute old pix of E and A when they were in K-garten. Oh my heart....isnt she so dang beautiful!!! Still is for sure. This is her friend Haiden. She is in our ward and they are still friends to today. I think in the same class again. Its good to have long time childhood freinds:)

It was only last year that A was in he doesnt look that different yet. Thats my boy...doing the MJ!!