Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I forgot to add this pic of the kiddies in their Easter outfits. I was so happy I was able to find the same dress for all the girls. The older E is getting, I am having a hard time finding all the same dresses. A was such a stud and agreed to wear a pink tie to match the girls. I asked him if he would wear a pink shirt, and he said no way.....to girly, but he did agree to wear a pink tie cause it was a special occasion, and cause 2 of Kirks cousins(who are 19 and 18) who A thinks are soooo cool, said it was studly. As Kirk was helping A get dressed and telling him that it was a real tie, and showing him how to tie it , A grabs the tie and says,"ah....I get a mans tie." I love my boy! Kirk was not to excited about the pink tie, but did admit it looked cool. It did! Couldnt get Kirk to agree to a pink tie....oh well...

I love our kids. They are truly so wonderful and good(yes.....even R) and really are good friends, and love and take care of each other. Kirk and I are very blessed.
"Hoppy" Easter fun....

We had a good Easter. Even though I knew it was early this year, it still kinda snuck up on me and I wasnt as prepared as I wanted to be. We had a nice Easter egg hunt and dinner at my house on Sunday. Had a lot of people over and had a good time. The kids love the egg hunt. J is too old and cool now to hunt, so he is in charge of organizing the hiding of the eggs. Our grass wasnt as green as it usually is for Easter, but when it comes early....what do you do.

And shes off.....Love this girl!
I wanted to get in on the action. A beat me though:)
I cant believe my E is almost 10. She is so great!!!
Look at my cute little G-ma(my moms mom). I love this woman. She is so fun. She has been through so much and is such a strong, feisty little woman. Dont let her size fool you. She seems to be totally into what Im saying too. HAHA!
Just a cute pic. I think someone hid the egg to high and nobody wants to go get it.
Yeah...big A with his sweet loot!
Stef wondering whats up with this girl.
Kendall and Nordas little fam:)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bye-Bye Daddy-o :(

Well....my Dad left today for Afghanistan(shed a tear...seriously) He got a job offer there, and will be living there for a year or more. To sum it up.....he will be training the Afghani(sp?) Army on how to improve their own Army's security and intelligence. When he was active duty Army, he was with Military Intelligence(you know...I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you), so he has the credentials. He was sent to Desert Storm all those years ago, so hes been there done that, but its not that scary where he is going. We will miss you dad and will pray for your safety and protection. We love you very much!!!