Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boot Scootin Boogie....

Last Friday was we had a Young Single Adult dance at Wheeler Farm. I went solo cause Kirk still had to work. It was fun, but not a very good turn out. They had a guy there who taught us some country dancing/swing. I LOVE country swing. It is quite the work out too. I learned how to do a couple of flips with the dance moves. Kinda scary, but fun.

This is Karriann and I being tough cowgirls with John Wayne. I love Karriann. Shes so fun. She was one of my Young Womens when I was in there like 5 or 6 years ago, and now she is one of our young single adults. Crazy. So far we are really enjoying this calling.
Hangin with some of our Young Single Adults. Thats my nephew Brian Im next to. Hes engaged, so he and I were buddies and dancing partners for the night. Good times!
Birthday Festivities....a few days late

So the big surprise for E's b-day was taking her to get her ears pierced. Shes been asking since she was about 7ish and we told her probably not till she was 12. Well, we moved it up 2 years. Kirk was reluctant, but then thought 10 was ok for E. She was so surprised and very excited/nervous. Here she is picking out her earrings. The birth stone for April is the diamond. Nice!!!
Good old mom being the moral support. I was excited for her!
2nd ear. She was a little more nervous for this one. She knew what was coming.
Finished product. Lobes are a little red, but they look great!
E got to decide where we went for her b-day dinner so she chose Applebees. This was her as they were singing happy birthday to her.
How nice. Sharing the part she didnt like with her sister. Havent found anything yet that ES wont eat. Thats my girl!
kirk made himself a cool scripture case out of leather a while ago. E's broke and shes been wanting him to make her one for a while so Kirk surprised her with one fo r her b-day. She was very excited about that.
E modeling her new scripture case, and the proud creator.
E wanted to go swimming for her b-day party. So here we go....

R doing her usual sassy stance to her daddy!

E with her friends she invited to the party. Poor A. He was the only boy there their age. It was cool though, hes pretty smooth with the ladies. Except the 2 who are his cousins....of course!
Of course they had to be
Love my ES! She smiles like I did when I was little, except she doenst have people telling her shes smiling wrong. I love it!
With those life jackets on, they could just lay there and the river would pull them along. It was funny. Kirk or I had to follow behind. That got old really fast. Love A and I in the background.
There could not be two better freinds, and being cousins makes it even better. These 2 love each other so much!
The only cakes E likes are Angel Food and Pound cake, so we had that with yummy smooshed up strawberries on top. For sure my fav-o-tite desert!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shes a Decade!!!!

Come with me down memory lane....

This was a GREAT day!!! The day our E was born. April 24th 1998! Just ignore that hideous person in the background....YIKES!!! After 8 hours of labor(natural hurt) she weighed in at 8 pounds 3 oz and 21inches. E with her Grandpa right after she was born. I still remember this day so clear, always will. One of the best days of my life. I loved becoming a Mama! We could not have asked for a more wonderful first child. Everything was perfect. She was perfect and still is! She is so nice and loving to her siblings(and parents) and is such a great example for them to look up to! We are truly blessed to have her, and Love her soooooo muches!!! Kirk realized something that made me quite sad. He realized that we could be half way done with E. 10 years from now, she could be outta here. College or marriage or just moving out. If shes like me, then shes married at 19. Thats only 9 years from now.....oh my heart! If only we could rewind and pause!

Sleeping with Daddy! Look at those cute cheeks and nose and lips and...ear. So precious! I miss having a baby around....wait....what am I saying. I do though....uh-oh!
This was after Stef and Lynettte got to her. Love the tongue. So cute!!!!
The night before our kids birthday, after they fall asleep, we put balloons in their room. One balloon for how old they are. This year for E, it was a lot. Kirk asked how long we are going to do this, and I said till they move out! They love waking up to the balloons. They say its a great way to start your birthday! Love the foot hanging out! This girls turning into a teenager already. Im so not ready!
My wonderful 10 year old!!!!
Happy Birthday E!!! We love you! Thanks for choosing us!

Monday, April 21, 2008

First time for everything!

So while I was at work today, I got a call from the school saying they think I should come and look at E. I asked what happened and they told me she got hurt at recess and popped her eyebrow open and they wanted me to come and look at it. So I told Kirk what had happened and ran out of the Lab . Good thing it only takes 5 minutes to get to the school. I get there and shes in the office with a sponge to her head, and the cute little secretaries were working on getting the blood out of her white jacket that she was wearing. I thought that was nice. They said they took care of her first. Of course. I looked at it and it was nice and open. I asked her what happened, and she was doing a trick on the monkey bars called the"dive" by her and her friends. You sit on top of the bars and flip over and land on the ground. Well, as she was flipping, her hands slipped and down she went. Right onto those annoying little pebbles they have on playgrounds. Shes got some other little wounds on her face from those too. We went back to the lab to ask Kirk what he thought. We called our pediatricians office and they told us since it was on the face, to take her to the emergency room. Of course. We got there and the doctor cleaned the wound. and it was even worse then I thought after getting it all cleaned. It was pretty deep and he said she would need some stitches. Up to this point, she was being brave and calm, but once she heard stitches for sure, she got nervous. So the stitching began. Oh my heart...when the doctor numbed her, he stuck the needle right in the middle of the wound. Yikes....ouch. She cries...of course she did, and I said cry all you want, its ok. I was trying not to show anything on my face cause she was looking at me and I didnt want to freak her out. So I just smiled and said everythings ok. He gave her 3 stitches and we were done. It was pretty slick. They said the placement of the wound couldnt have been more perfect(right in the brow line) cause the scar wont be as obvious. Now for her 10th birthday in 3 days she will have some cool stitches to help her celebrate.

My poor baby girl.
Her knee got it too, and no hole in the pants.
On her way down, she put her hands out to break her fall, and she hurt them a little. They look worse then the picture shows. Shes so smart for thinking to put her hands out to protect her face. Im sure that lessened the blow.
Still a cute profile.
Still my beautiful girl. At least shes still smiling.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Theres no business like show business like no business I know.....

Went to Stefs show at Hale Theatre last night. Annie Get Your Gun. This was an amazing show and it was so fun to watch. They cast the whole show very well. Everyone did such a great job. It is always fun going and watching Stef in a show. She is so our mom out there. E has been singing the songs ever since we got home. Thanks for always giving us your comps Stef. It is a fun tradition! Loved the shout out to Robs....hilarious! Thanks Norda for watching my kiddies so E and I could go!!!!

Thanks for this pic Nettie!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I got invited to go to Atlanta Georgia with my hubbies Aunt last week. She was going there for work and needed an assistant, so she invited me. Her and I are buds. I loved Atlanta! I is a very beautiful city all those Southern folk are oh so nice. I love that southern drawl. I have never been called Mam so much in my life. Am I old enough to be a Mam? It was very respectful. Suzanne and I had a few days to go have some fun and see the sights before we had to "officially"work. So we went exploring and saw some pretty cool things and had a good time!

Me and Suzanne in the car. Love her. She is a blast! She reminds me A LOT of my mom actually. From the singing to the long fake nails and red hair of course.
Found the Atlanta Temple. It is one of the smaller ones, but very beautiful!

At the Atlanta Aquarium. It is the largest Aquarium in the world I believe.Touching some sort of hard shelled ray. Kirk would be proud:)
Touching different kinds of shrimp. I ate some of those for dinner that night. Not those exact ones....probably some relative...maybe the Auntie.
I love Turtles. This guy liked me. He would follow me when I would walk back and forth. Fun!!!

The Piranha. Dont let this guy fool you. After I snapped the pic, he flashed me his pearly whites....YIKES. They dont eat humans though I learned. They dont like the taste of our flesh........few!
This is the Spider crab. They were ginormous and the way they walked creeped me out. Just like normal spiders....YUCK!!!!
Loved the Balooga whales. They are huge and so gracefull.
This is the only male. He had the 2 females all to himself and they said, he enjoys it. Funny!

These are Sea dragons. never seen or heard of these before. Very interesting.
This was the glass tunnel that was under the football stadium size aquarium. It was cool. I felt just like in the movies Jaws where the people were walking through one of these and Jaws comes breaking through, except Jaws didnt come breaking through. Yes...I have seen way to many movies
Almost cut off the best part of the Hammerhead.
Sting Ray. He even smiled for me:)
Forgot this guys name, but I bet if he could talk, he would have a very deep, very low southern accent. He was huge!
This was in front of this huge, huge glass window where you could sit and watch everything swim by. This is the Whale Shark. So awesome. These things are huge. This is the only aquarium that has the whale shark and the Balooga(sp?) whales I think. The whale sharks are very gentle creatures.
#1 . This Jellyfish was cool. It had what looked like electrocal currents running through it. Cute little things. favorite Jellyfish
Love Seahorses!
Forgot the name, but cool!
This is the Coca Cola Factory. On the plain, Suzanne told me we were going to the Coke factory. I asked her which kind of funny. I knew which one.
Yum, Yum. Actually, it wasnt that good. Tasted like my finger.....haha!!!
This guy was very stubborn. He wouldnt give me my drink.
At the end they have this room with these stations where you can taste a punch of different coke products from all over the world that you can taste. Some were really good, some where ok, and some where really gross. It you did it like a shot, it wasnt to bad. The gross part was that your feet would stick to the floor.
Some more flavors....
At the end, you got to take a free coke. How nice:) You know what they say.....Always Coca Cola. Oh and FYI...I learned that when they first came out with Coca cola, it actually had real coke in it. Not sure if thats how you spell that kind of coke or not.Yum, Yum!
While looking for plantations, we stopped at the Chattahoochee river. I love saying Chattahoochee.
We went out to look for some cool old plantations to see. This was one we saw and we took a tour of this one. There were actually 3 plantation homes there. This one was what they called a "working plantation" 3 generations owned. It was so beautiful on the inside and out. It had all the original everything from the furniture to the windows to the floor to the slaves quarters....everything. It was so cool to learn how things were done back then. I want to live on a plantation. Now a days, not back then.
Had to get a pic of me actually working. This was at the highschool where the music festival was. We got there on Wednesday and didnt have to work till Saturday and I would call and talk to Kirk and tell him what I did that day and he would ask when we were going to work. We were working actually. Suzannes work told her to go out and get to know her city, and got o all the attractions, so we did. That was hard work, let me tell you.