Thursday, May 31, 2007

Were off to see WICKED....the most wonderful musical of all!!!!(hum to the tune of "Were off to see the Wizard")

Well.....we are off tomorrow to see WICKED! We are all sooooo excited! We have been waiting for this day for a long time....and it's almost here! I don't think I will be able to sleep much to night. Then we are off bright and early. So can I just daughter is the most coolest, cutest, bravest and most unshy girl I know. Yesterday was the 3rd grade talent show and E and her little friend Haiden decided they were going to sing to Wicked songs. Well, they put it all together themselves. They had it all choreographed and had costumes and even kareoked(sp?) to it with just the instrumental soundtrack. They were so awesome. Theyt both just got up there and did their thing and weren't even nervous at all. They dang and danced and belted it out. They even had props. I couild not have been more proud. I was so nervous for E, but so didn't need to be. She is so at home on stage in front of people. SHe feeds off it. I think we have a real performer in our midst. I even got totally teary eyed. It doesn't take much for me to do that. They had people coming up tp them after saying they did sucha good job and were totally impressed. I sure had nothing to do with it. It was all tthem.

Here is E as Elphba and Haidena as Glinda. They were the perfect combination.

So serious!

Fun Pix!!!!!!

This girl never poses how I want her to. She has to do her own thing. Here she says "wook at dis mommy." This girl is a goof ball!!! Oh how I love her.

Almost posing how I wanted her to. Cheeseball alert!!!!!!

Look at those eyes. ES's eyes.....not mine. Why do I always look so tired......oh ya.......I have 4 kids that suck the energy right out of me. It's soooo worth it though. Nothing like being a mom. Best in the world.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memeorial weekend Family camping trip!!!!!!

First morning around the camp fire. A said take a picture of him doing this and I said what are you doing with your hands and he said he was starting the fire by doing that with his hands. He said he was the "fire starter." I love that boy. His face doesn't look to into it though. We had such a fun time. Kirks family is so great and we all get along so well. The kids had such and good time with all their best cousins. It was like one giant sleepover. We were all sad it was over, but glad to get back home. We left Friday afternoon and got home Monday evening. The adults, of course, were all exhausted when it was all over. I hope it becomes an annual outing cause it was such a great time!!!

Canoing!!!!!!The kids loved the canoe's. I really enjoy canoeing myself. Its so smooth and relaxing. Kirk and I took it out a few times to get away for a few. It was really nice.

R's first time out on the canoe. She was not to excited. So she wanted off really quick. Kirk took her out later with a life jacket on and she liked it much better.

E loved canoing. The water wasn't to deep so we let her go by herself.....with a life jacket of course. It seemed like she was on a canoe the whole time.

ES waiting her turn to canoe.

Kirk and Gavin out with the babies.

R hugging her little cousin. Totally BFF!!!

Kick Ball

The kids were so cute and wanted to play kick ball, so they organized a game and got us all to play. It was really cute. We had played a big family game the day before and they loved it and wanted to play again.

Here are some cool action shots of the kiddies.

A's turn being the "roller" as h e called it. He was actually really good.

Norda and I were the cheering squad. I clap way to much I realized.

Me trying to get to 3rd base, but A kept moving it so I couldn't. He was trying to get me out(little punk).....but he so didn't. That was a home run for me!!!!

Me cheering ES on to 2nd base. She got so excited when running the bases.

E getting ES out. ES liked tp play for both teams. She didn't get the rules at all. She got that you kick the ball and run, but thats about it. People would get her out and she would just look at them like.....whatever, I'm so not out ans stay there. It was adorable.

Fun times camping!!!!!!

Ttoublemaker!!!!!!!!R found some sun block and put it on. Clear up to her elbows on both arms and on the back of her head. I asked her what was on her and she said "just stuff mommy." She thought is was lotion. She loves lotion.
ES choppin some fire wood. The kids were all over that. Yikes!!!!!!

2 adults were in charge of different age groups for an activity and this was Matt and Angelles. They packed flour in a cup and then tuned it upside down and put a Mento on top. The kids had a butter knife and you had to cut through the flour and if you knocked it over you had to dig throught the flour with you face and find the mento and then you got to eat it. The kids got a kick out of this game.
A found the Mento!!

E playing Crochet(sp?) The older kids really loved this game. They got all crazy with it, putting the little things you hit the ball through all over the yard. My sisters and I loved plying crochet at our GiGi's house when we were little. Good times!!!

This was the cool tree the kids got to play on. Even us adults liked playing on it. ES is standing in the middle of it posing.

This was a cool rock on the mountain next to us. It looks like a fat, chubby face. One of the kids was the one to notice it.

Just wanted to get a picture of our cool tent. Everyone called it the "Castle tent" It is a huge tent and I can even stand straight up in it. We fit 9 people in it.

We never get any pictures together cause one of us is always taking them, but we got a few with us together. This was in the really cool tree that the kids liked to play and climb on.

Just chillin by the camp fire. I love pix of us together. I love Kirk!!!! We look so tired...... we were.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


They look so serious don't they. Oh.....they were. They got all their stuff on and wanted me to take pictures of them as Superhero's. Then they wanted me to take pictures of them jumping out of the tree so it looks like they are really flying cause their capes would be blowing in the wind. It was very entertaining! Love these two!!!

Hilarious!!!!!!!! Love how I has his shirt off.
Super A!!!!!!

This ones cool.....he's purched and ready to jump the bad guys. Thats what he said....not the purched part.....just the "ready to jump the bad guys," part.

Super I!!!!!!!

Fun Pix!!!!!

Love this one! My precious girls. They are soooo beautiful!!!!!! If I do say so myself.
E took this one of me and told me to put it on the blog so people could see how well she takes pictures. She did a pretty good job. She thought it was cool how you can see the brown spot in my eye. I think we have a furture photographer in the fam.

We watched my little nephew last week and R thought she was his little mom. She loves him and would walk around making up songs and singing about him. She loved having someone around smaller than her. Love K's Elvis lip.

Me and E when she got Knighted at school. In 3rd grade, the kids get Knighted when they pass off the big times tables test. 0 thru 12. It's cool for the ones who pass it off, but not so cool for the ones who don't. Makes me feel bad for them. Not sure how I feel about the whole Knighting thing because of that. E worked really hard though, and finally did it!!! Way to go E!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Little pink boots and poses............

She was in the mood to pose, so I took advantage of it. Of course, before I took her picture she says "wait a minute ok mom," and runs into the house and comes out a few minutes later with her little pink boots on. She loves them!!!! I am going to have to go buy another pair when these get to small or she won't know what to do.

She found a leaf. It was very exciting!

Love this one. She said,"wook at me mom, take picture." We are so going to be in trouble with our girls.

Summer Do's...........

My beautiful E!!!!!!

My handsome boy!!!!!

My beautiful ES!!!!!