Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28th....8 Years

It's been 8 years since our mom died. Can't believe it's been that long already. Each year does get easier and you grow and learn to live with it, but sometimes it still gets me. It's hard not to replay the day over again in your head and in my head it feels like it just happened with the memories being so vivid. I'm glad it's not just happening though cause it was the hardest day ever in my life so far. Even though this will always be a sad day.....there are still reasons to celebrate. Today is Natalie's Birthday!!!! Happy B-day Nat. This was such a hard day for Nat and she decided to turn it back into a good day and married her wonderful husband Steve on this day. As dad likes to say(and thinks he's funny....he is) Happy Birthaversary Nat and Steve!!!! We love you both so much and thanks for making this day a day to celebrate!!! That was a great day! Also Happy Birthday to my Step brothers wife Sarah. Also another reason to celebrate!!! I am thinking of all of you on this 28th day of June! I love you!!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We love you Dad/Grandpa!!! You're a nonrude-cool-dude!!!

Sorry this is late. We love you Denise/Grandma!!! You're great!!!

We miss you both.....hope to see you soon!!!

P.S. Fun game......see if you can find Jacob in the "HAPPY" picture.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I love Soccer!!!!!

Last night Stef and I went to a Real soccer game. Her good freind/Realtor had some extra tickets, so off we went. The Real aren't that good(they don't went that often) but soccer is soccer and it was fun. It was fun spending some time with Stef too. I forgot how worked up I can get watching soccer. Good times! Even though they aren't the greatest team, they are all really good players. Very talented. Thanks again Stef and thanks again to your friend Ali.

Introducing the teams.

Right before kick-off. We had some pretty sweet seats. One of these kids is doing his own thing(hint, hint.......yellow shoes.)

Game over. They lost 1-0 in the 3 minutes that they added for injury time. Lame!!! The ref's they had......Lame-o!!! The one in the middle there of the 3 with the yellow shirts was really making some bad calls. I always hated getting bad ref's. Sure did bring back some fun memories watching that game. Made me want to start playing for real again.

Bathingsuits and flowers......

I love my little girls in their swimsuits. Especially R. Her little(chubby really) thighs shake when she walks........LOVE it!!! Not quite sure what she's doing in the picture. All I remember hearing is "wook mama, I slilly." Silly doesn't even begin to describe this girl.

Getting done with me taking pictures of her. She sooooo does not care about the camera. She is her fathers daughter.

Wednesday Stef came over cause we were going to go see G's dress rehearsal at Desert Star. My kids love it when she comes over.....they get all excited. Es and R kept bringing in flowers(that they kept picking off my pretty plants ughhhhhh) So Stef wanted to take some pix of them in the girls hair. R usually doesn't hold still long enough for you to take a picture. You got to be quick with this one!

So cute!!!! She smiles like I did when I was little. My granda Billie would always tell me to open my mouth and show my teeth. I hated it! I found myself telling ES to do that and quickly stopped and have never said it again.

So pretty!!!

Mine and Stef's turn. So fun to be a girl!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to my boy!!!!

My A is 7 today. My little boy is growing up so fast. Can't believe he is getting so old. He is the best boy in the world. He is sensitive(that will be big with the ladies) he loves to give hugs and kisses, is very smart, is good at riding his bike( self taught) and his scooter. Loves Transformers and Superheros. Likes going to church and is very obedient. Looks out for his 3 sisters and makes sure they are safe whenever we go out somewhere(even his oldere sister.) Has always been very sweet and loving to his mom. He is a neat freak........perfectionist sounds better, is very particular. He likes to go golfing with his dad(Kirk bought him his own set of clubs) Likes doing "manly stuff." Loves, loves, loves, playing with his best buddy and cousin IB. He loves doing cool flips and head and hand stands and is actually quite good at it. When he runs he is very quick and light on his feet. He likes to eat things that are good for you and never puts sugar on sugarless cereal. He says its better for you that way. He likes to do what is right and has just been a real blessing to our family. We're glad we got our boy and we love him very much!
Silly Girls!!!!!!!!

The other night after we put the kids to bed , we kept hearing all this giggling and playing, so I go in there and see this in the middle of the bed. ES and R share a bed and E stays up reading in her bed(yes.....all 3 girls are in the same room......can you say squishy) A lucked out, he will always have his own room. Anywho......if E stays up reading the other 2 like to stay up and mess around in bed. I thought this was pretty cute. They were having so much fun together. Siblings are great!!! I love that our kids love eachother and get along so well. I really hope it stays that way. When they heard the camera click you saw there liitle heads turn and them say.....what the!! Funny!!!!!
R thought she was sooooo funny. She even said, "wook mommy, I so funny." Like she was the first person to ever put a ball up her shirt. It was cute.

Yes.....I have an announcement.......JKJK!!! The kids wanted me to pretend. To bad I don't look that cute when I'm really pregnant. When I'm really pregnant.......Yikes!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wicked Roadtrip!!!!!!

Well the day arrived bright and early. I was up at 4:30 to be on the road shortly after 5a. Lynette and Bek met at my house and then we headed out fo r Stef, who surprised us with Nat. We thought NAt was meeting us at the hotel in Denver.....but no.....she was here to surprise us. It was great!! So were we all together for the roadtrip and it was a blast and went by so fast. Of course we jammed to the Wicked soundtrack on the way down. We had to get Bek up to speed. SMF!!!!

Hanging out in the room while all us girls were getting ready. E was glued to cartoon network whenever we were in the room.

Does she look like me.....I don't know. She for sure is mine though. HAHA!!!!

Before the show we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Can you say yummy and could we HAVE more food. We got so much much that I felt bad for having it all. None of us could even come close to finishing all the food on our plates. Of course we still ordered 2 cheesecakes and icecream for dessert....of course, and we sure ate it all. I totally wanted to run back to SL to burn off what I ate. Yikes!!!! I sure don't look like my sister's do I. Look at their beautiful curly hair and then look at mine. Where did I come from? I don't know.

E and Nettie. So adorable!

Bek and Stef. So pretty!

Me and Nat. Love her!

When we came out of dinner, there was this cool horse and carriage. We have them in Utah so it's not like we haven't seen these before, but we were in Denver and it was cool!

Here we are just before we went into the theatre. Oh man were we ever so excited! I was already getting emotional and we weren't even in our seats yet.....which were great seats might I add!!

Here we are waiting for autographs.Before the show when we were buying our cool keepsakes, the lady helping us said after the show the cast signs autographs in the back buy the stage door. So of course we were so there. We were waiting for a while and then some of the cast starting coming out saying it was going to be a while cause they were meeting withthe directors for notes. Well.....E got pretty sad and started to cry, but was trying so hard not to show can you say no to that. So we stayed and I'm glad we did. It was a lot of fun! The best part was seeing how happy and excited E was.

Getting Fieryo's(the scarecrow) autograph. Can I just say......hottie!!!! Oh ya!
Getting Nessa's(wicked witch of the East) autograph.

Heres the one we waited for.......ELPHABA!!!!! It was worth the wait. Almost didn't recognize her without all the green makeup on. JK!!! E was so excited!!! Elphaba is her favorite. Mine too!!!! She was so pretty that Elphaba.

I had to jump in there with them. Hey.....I was excited too!!!

Getting her Elphaba witch doll signed. She was so cute, when Elphaba(the actress, don't remember her real name) gave the doll back to E, she told her how she had just played her in her 3rd grade talent show and sang 2 songs. Elphaba(the actress) thought that was so cute and told her way to go. E just soaked it all up. After this we went back to the hotel and went to bed around 12:30p. We were all so exhausted from the whole day and from being so excited we all fell right to sleep. It was seriously the best night ever!! It took me a bit to go to sleep cause I had to come down from my Wicked high that is! E went out the minute her head hit the pillow, and that never happens.

E wanted a picture of us at the hotel before we left for home. She is so great! It wa salot of fun and it was great to be with my sisters and Lynette( who is one of the sisters) and E. I loved having that time to bond. My sister's are the BEST!!!!!