Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are you ready for some Fusball!!!!!!

Had a little break from her Summer Select comp team, now time for regular season play. She was so excited! She loves soccer! Not just saying this as a proud parent, but she really is a little star on her team. Shes great about it too. Helps the girls who arent as experienced as her know what to do and where to be. Took her to get new shin guards the other day and she told me shes going to be a professional soccer player one day. Okay by me!! We love watching her play! Go Blue Lightning!!!

To school for cool...

First day of back to school is always a bitter sweet day. Another year is here. E in grade 8, AT grade 5, ES grade 4 and R(drum roll) grade 1! Cant believe my baby is in school all day. Made me sad to think about. Been enjoying the quite time though. Sometimes I miss having a buddy at home with me. Sometimes....:)The walking elementary gang. They got a brand spanking new school this year. They were so excited!!!!
New school has lockers even.
Getting everything in. Said she didnt need my help. Said, Moooooom no!
Has her bff beside her(left) and her cousin(diagonal and behind) her.
ES has ATs teacher from last year. She thought that was pretty cool.
AT, by the window(who is hiding not acknowledging Im there of course) has Es 3rd grade teacher.
Oh say can you see....

Our Fourth of July was filled with lots and lots. We saw fireworks three different times(Kirk and E only 2). Growing up in the military an Army brat, I love this holiday. I keep my flag up all month long.

Our 4th started on Friday with fireworks with Kieffer. She made us a yummy dinner, then we went and picnic'd and waited for the works to start.

Working on this girls smile. So how I smiled when I was a kid.
Chillin and eatin
You know....just in case
Kief played tag with the kiddies because I was, well....too tired. I know, bad mom.
Played cards while waiting. Our our our poker face. Our our poker face....es.
Even though they know fireworks dont start til it gets dark, they still asked a billion and one times when they were starting!!!
No, she does not need to go to the bathroom.
Sparklers are fun/make me nervous.
Then on Saturday, we joined the WATTS=BFF's for their 4th and works! Yay! Good times for sure!
Had these dropping from the sky to keep everyone entertained.
Kirk and Joe(love him) kickin it. Caught Kirk playing with his cell phone that he said he would never get. HA!
Coooooookies! (yack)
Umm.....should we be worried?
Kirks candid pic
Was a beautiful Utah sunset for us!
Love her so much!!! Always go away with my sides and abs hurting when Im with her.
Kids pic.
She was so excited about this.
Kids waiting for sparklers. Getting the safety lecture first. Dont let R's look fool you. In her head shes saying yada yada yada, Im going to do what I want so lets just do this. Seriously!
AT cant wait!
Oh yah!
The 4th was on a Sunday, so we had our neighborhood parade and breakfast on Monday. Good neighbors and food and fun! Have a live band and everything.
Heading up to parade.
AT and his buddies we in charge of the flag ceremony.
Fun games. Water baseball I think.
Made it to a base...yay!
R with my little nephew. So love this kid! He is hilarious!!
E and her friend were in charge of face painting.
My little tiny niece. Kirks youngest sister and hubby had been trying for years to have a baby and they finally got her!!!! So precious!
Happy Birthday America!!!

Girls Camp 2011

Little did I know this would be my last girls camp as a/inthe Stake YWS presidency. This makes me so sad. One of my fav things about YWs is girls camp. Especially now that E goes. I wasnt able to stay up there over night at all this year, so I drove up everyday and back down every night. Took ES and R with me. Here is am with all the Stake and Stake youth leaders. Great bunch of gals. We have a good time together. Waiting for skits to start. R was all over it.

My wards lovely ladies!
We were about to head down to go home, when R saw these girls playing a game. Its called Big Booty. She had to get in there and play. Everyone thought she was so cute and were so cute with her and she thought she was so cool to be playing with the big girls.
Shes so funny, cute and small
On our way down, we saw a Moose. Not the greatest pic(cell phone cam), but it is a m
oose. We saw lots of animals going up and down those 4 days.

Better late than never...

E's 13th birthday fell right on Easter this year and we didnt really get to have a party for just her. So...about 2 1/2 months later(yikes), we did it. The Barrowes have a time share condo up in Park City every summer, so this summer for our families turn, we did a girls night and E invited some friends and we celebrated with swimming and pizza and lots of unhealthy stuff. Yuck!

R makes me lol in this pic. She wants to be and do things like the big girls sooooo bad. She followed them around all night. So cute!

After swimming, we hit the store for the unhealthy stuff. I never let my kids eat like this. Ever! Yack! Had to get the carrots in there...
Being silly
My buddies that night
Watching my all time favorite childhood movie.....Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The original.