Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The sleeper...

This is how I found ES when I got done running on the tred today. This girl can sleep anywhere, any way and through anything. She actually likes to sleep like this a lot. Freaks me out a little. I dont see how she can do that. I cant stand things over my face. She is my best sleeper. Youve gotta love this girl!!
Happy Birthday Stef!!!

Just a shout out to our sis Stef!! Happy 29th year! Hope you are having a good day. Lame to be at work Im sure. Here are some fun pix I found. Werent we so cute:) Not....well Stef was, not me. Yes...that is me with Stef and not our long lost brother as some people have joked. HAHA..very funny! The hair sure didnt help much. All I have to say is...the 80s were not kind! Love you Stef. Glad you are my sister. I should have done this for Bek and Nat....Im glad theyre my sisters too! Next year. Got some good ones of fat Nat....I mean Nat. HAHA!!!
Yum, Yum. Probably home made icecream...our mom did that a lot. And home made dresses...our mom did that a lot too. Liked it when we were little, when we got into Jr. High...not so much. Yikes!!!
Happy Birthday!!! Love you Stef!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Batman and Cat Woman!

R and B came upstairs and wanted to put this stuff on. They love playing in the dress up chest. Todays pick....Batman and Cat Woman. The kids love the Batman mask. Thanks Net and Joe! They stayed like this for quite a while, then B changed into Superman and went home like that. The kids love that one too. Thanks Stef and G! Sorry no pic of that. Nothing cuter than seeing a mini Superman walking down the street! Too funny!
R's trying so hard to hold him up. After the pic, R collasped and B fell and they both thought that was so funny. Too cute!!!

He couldnt see unless he put his head back like this. He would run like this....hilarious. I love this kid!!!

BatMan and Cat Woman taking a rest.

Getting this girl to pose is a joke. Everything I tell her to do, she does the opposite, or she pretends like she cant hear me. I so know she can. She does not do anything unless it is her idea. So because of all that, this is the best I got.

The big day....1st day of school!!

Well its "finally here" as my kids would say. The 1st day of school. They were soooo excited. They love school. I hope it stays that way. E is in 4th grade...what the??? and A is in 1st...crazy! ES starts K-garten next week...oh my heart, and she can hardly wait. Its nice to have them go to school, but I will miss them. I love my kids. They are all so GREAT and so smart! Little R was so sad this morning though because she wants to go to school too. She kept say, "please mama, please, I go to school." So sad:( 2 more years for her. My kids teachers are all great, so that is nice. E had this same teacher back in 1st grade, so they were excited to see eachother. I hope this is a great year for them!
Young Men High Uinta Camp

Last Thursday-Sat was our wards Young Men camp. The boys really look forward to it and it is always a lot of fun. All I can say is....boys will be boys and I will never understand them. Kirk has told me some stories and....WOW!!! Anywho- Heres Kirk on a fallen tree. They made up some sort of running game and Kirk won cause he was the only one who kept his balance and made it all the way back without falling in the water. No surprise there, Kirk has really great balance. We were up in the mountains hiking around when E was just a baby, and Kirk was holding her while he was jumping from log to rock to who knows what else, over water, and never lost his balance and fell or dropped E or anything. Yah...Im sure you can imagine what I was doing. Thats Kirk for ya!! It was a great campout I was told.
Heres Kirk with 2 of his young men who are 2 of his nephews. I would say 90% of the Young Men are related to Kirk. Either his nephews or cousins. And all the ones that went on this camp out were related to him. Kirk was so in his element here in the great out doors. He loves it there. He had a really great time. I forgot the name of these two peaks or whatever you want to call them are. I think that is Bald Mountain behind them in the first pic, but not sure of the ones they are standing on in the pics.

I love this pic!! My 2 men being manly men. A LOVED shoting the "huge" guns. He is soooo his fathers son. Kirk would help A hold the gun and then let him pull the trigger when he was ready. Kirk loved having him there and showing him all the cool manly stuff. I totally trust Kirk to be responsible and take care of A and A reasurred be he did just that. He said to me when they got home "dont worry mom, Dad knows what hes doing, and so do I." So no worries I guess. A is surrounded by us girls all the time, so I love it when he gets to spend time with Kirk and just be a boy!

A helping load the gun. These are 2 of A's favorite guys. Mike and Ben. They are Kirks cousins and A just thinks they are so cool! They are cool guys, and so nice to A.

Bishop Gavin(Kirks brother) in the front. He is a great Bishop!!!

A petting a horse with one of Kirks young men. He got to ride a horse with Kirk, but Kirk forgot to ask someone to take a pic. A said is was way fun riding a horse. There was a lot of dirt being kiced up in the air by the horses, thats why the picture looks the way it does.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last night we took Stef out to celebrate her B-day. Its not till next Tuesday, but since we were all going to the play anyway, we thought we would do a girls dinner. It was SMF as always. I love these girls(youre included in that love Nat.) It is a total laugh fest. Good for the abs. Next year Net and Stef are going to be 30 and then we will all be in our 30s, so we talked about doing a 30s girl trip to New York and see some Broadway shows. So it is in the works. Ladies....I am serious...we so need to do it. So start planning and saving. Good times!!! P.S. Ladies....the guy in the pic behind Beks head, was checking us out the whole time. Since he had to turn around to do it every time, it was pretty obvious. Cant blame him.....HAHA!!! JK!!!
In the waiting area of the theatre they have this outhouse sitting there....so of course, we had to take a picture on it. We thought it would be funny if we all looked like we were...you know...doing our buisness...but really kidding...well Stef thought we were going to and ended up being the only one. HEHE!! I thought she did a great job...I was totally convinced! Looks like it hurts though:) Hilarious!!

The Gang at Desert Star. We had so much fun at the show. It was making us all laugh so hard. Kirk even had tears from laughing so hard. G did a great job as usual. Thanks for the tickets G!! After messing around after the show, being silly and all, we went out and checked out G's new motorcycle. He took Bek and I on a quick ride. I love motorcycles!! Seeing G's, made Kirk want to get one even more. He will have one again someday, no doubt. G said he would bring the bike over sometime and leave it for the day so Kirk can have fun with it. It was such a good time last night with everyone. We all always have such a great time together. I love good friends. As always, we missed you Nat and Steve and Joe!!!
Thanks for providing the camera Lynette. I always forget mine.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun on Stilts!!!

A couple of years ago, JC made these stilts in Scouts. So AJ brought them over the other night and we had some fun. Stilts are cool, but man are they tricky. All the kids had to take their turns and Kirk sure got a workout holding everyone up. Good thing hes strong. We made it through all the kids with zero injuries...not to say there werent a few tears. It was very entertaining!

R was totally scared, but had to be like the big kids.

Whenever I wear a skirt, R likes to get under there and walk around with me. She thinks it hilarious and just laughs the whole time and says, "wook Im mama." Not quite sure what the neighbors were thinking if they saw this.....oh well.

I was like the kids, and could only do it if Kirk was holding on. Kirk let go(jerk...JK) and I fell(gracefully of course). Its way harder then it looks! E thought shed be tricky and turn the camera sideways and take the picture. So tricky!

Kirks the only one who could do it without help. Show off....JK!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh how lovely is the morning...

I love the mornings. Probably my favorite time of day. Kids still asleep, house quite, can actually hear myself think. This morning started out with a great 5 mile run. Ran it in 48 minutes. Im happy with that. It was a fun run. I felt like I could have gone 10 more. No time, have to get home before Kirk leaves for work. Save that for Saturdays. Got home, got Kirk off to work and had some time to myself. Not for long though, R woke up bright and early. Never fails. I like it though. We get some one on one time. When she came downstairs she asked me, "mama, wheres daddy?" I said he was at work and she got sad, so I told her we could call him. She liked this. So she callled him and asked him why he was at work. I couldnt hear what he said, but she then said, "I need to kiss you daddy." Oh my heart. Too adorable. He must have said you can kiss me when I get home cause she said,"K daddy." She can be so sweet when she wants to be. Now for the best part. I told her I needed to take and shower, and she said she wanted to take one with me. Now this is the best part because she never wants to shower with me. I used to shower with her when she was a baby...and can I just say...I LOVE showering with my babies. So cute and small and squishy. I will miss that. Anywho....Ever sinve she figured out she had a choice of who to shower with....its been Kirk(smart girl) She loves to shower with daddy. So when she said she wanted to shower with me, I was so happy. We had a great time. She sang to me almost the whole time. Just made up songs like...."I taking a shower with my mama. We getting all clean. I washing mama. Its so fun." She would say, "Sing with me mama." I was totally improvising, but it worked. We did fight over the water though. She is a water hog, but we managed. Got out and all the kiddies were up and my day started. I loved my time with R. It made my morning lovely!! Thanks for letting me share all that with you.

Me and R after our shower. All clean! She said she wanted a robe like me. I dont think they make black silk robes for kids....anyone??? Yes...this is my complete el naturel look. Lookin good I know....NOT!!!
1st tooth!!!

My ES lost her first tooth last night. So far my earliest tooth looser. Its been loose for awhile and the new tooth was already through, so we needed to get it out quickly so the new tooth wasnt damaged. E and A were real easy to convice to let me pull it out. ES.....not so much. Lets just say, she does not have my threshold for pain. Can you say scream much. Kirk had to hold her and I did the pulling. This one made me feel bad. 2 pulls, and it was out. She thought the blood was cool(totally my daughter.) 10 minutes later, she finally calmed down. Finding the money in the morning made it all better! I love my ES!!!
Wow!!! What a very nice tooth fairy, wouldnt you say. And for such a little tooth. The tooth fairy wanted to give her 50 more cents....are you kidding me! Heck, for a tooth that size all I ever got was 25 cents, maybe 50 at most. I think she scored!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Girls night out!!!

Last night was Denises last night in town, and G's daughter is in town, so we had a girls night out. It was a blast! We did dinner and a show. We went to Lone Star(have to say it like on Space Balls) Steakhouse. Yum, yum! And after dinner, we went and saw Hairspray. Can I just say.....LOVED it!!! It was such a cute, fun, happy, hilarious, right up my alley, make you feel good kind of movie. I couldnt sit still, it made me want to get up and start singing and dancing. And you know, its wicked hard to sing and dance at the same time(right Nat and Stef, haha.) I just thought it was so adorable. I am going to take E to see it. She will love it. Shes my musical buddy. Anyways, it was a fun night. Stayed up way to late though. Made my run not so much fun the next morning.

Me and Denise!
All the girls...my sis Stefanie, G's daughter and Stefs step daughter Aurora(sp?) Denise, my sis Bek and me. Yummy food and fun, fun, fun. I love girls night!!! No Natalie though....sad, sad, sad :(

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Daddys girls and some random...

After we got back from the Zoo, I found Kirk asleep on our bed. He was tired after helping his parents with their new house and moving stuff, so I tiptoed out so I wouldnt bother him and went downstairs. When I came back up, I found some adorable little people had found him. These girls are such daddys girls. E is too, she just wasnt home or she would have been in on this too. I feel kind of left out sometimes, but Ive got my boy. A has always been a mamas boy. Love it! I asked Kirk if he wanted me to take them out, and he said no way....he was lovin it. Im glad he likes being a dad. He is for sure a wonderful one.
Kirk loves his girls! Says they make him happy:) They really do! He says that includes me too of course. Good to know!

R had to have one with ' just me and daddy, k mama.'

I put R in her bed for naptime, and this is where she always ends up. I ask her why she gets on the floor, and she says 'because I like it better there mama.' Such a big girl!

Kirk and A on their way to play 9 holes. A loves to golf. He said to me one time, 'Mom, I want to be the best golfer in the world.' And 'I was born to golf.' Kirk likes to take him as often as he can. This was the first time they actually played a game. A l oved it!

Me and Kirk at the Zoo. Picture courtesy of E.